[Build] Maelstrom Mistress [Raid/Mobbing Build]

A Little Backstory:

During my playtime of BL:TPS , I had started to realize that my builds were really only successful in one category. I could either Mob, or Raid. I never found build that had seemed to fulfill my desire to both aspects of the game. My raiding builds often lacked the survivability of my mobbing builds, and my mobbing builds often lacked the pure DPS that I needed to quickly, and efficiently farm raids and bosses. Now, with that in mind. I tried to make a build. My first attempt had me use The Doppleganger. While that had been succesfull, spamming the quad made for quite a nasty cramp in my finger. So, that had been quickly discarded.

After that, I had went to Athena, and much to my joy: She was everything that I had hoped for. Not only did her shield offer the sustainability that I wanted, Ceraunic Storm offered amazing DPS potentially, and naturally. I was in love. Now, onto the build!

The Build:

  1. What I personally use [Updated]
  2. An Alternate Spec [Updated]

A noteworthy skill is Flash freeze, as it does help with maintaining stacks of Maelstrom over long periods of time. But since I tend to skip over Cryo weapons in my build, it’s not something that I use.


  1. The reason I go down into the Xiphos tree is purely out of personal preference, it doesn’t impact the build in any way. So feel free to relocate those skill points to elsewhere.
  2. The second build can give an added boost to the Aspis’ damage, since a lot of of the skills I pick do boost the Aspis in one way or another. The Aspis can certainly not only be used as a defensive tool, but as an offensive one, I’ve lost count of the times I’ve went into FFYL only for the Aspis’ canceling throw to get me back up again.

The Gear:

Main Weapons:

  • Miss Moxxi’s Heartbreaker [Fire]: It’s been around long enough for the weapon to speak for itself. Personally, when it comes to raiding, I use this weapon as a Maelstrom stacking tool. With it’s high fire-rate, and health steal capabilities, its the optimal weapon for stacking against something like EOS. Not only is it excellent as stacking, it’s frighteningly adept at murdering regular mobs, and badasses alike. However, due to the gun never actually being released in the TPS, the Practicable Thinking can be used as a more than adequate replacement.
  • Practicable Development [Shock]: The Hyperion Quad might seem like an odd choice at first, as it’s ammo efficiency certainly isn’t the best. But, with a little a bit of stacking beforehand, and the combination of Storm Weaving, Unrelenting, and Elemental Barrage, it makes the weapon a frightening bullet hose.
  • Thunderfire [Shock/Fire?]: This weapon is effectively a Laser blaster on crack.The initial beam/bullet is Shock, but once it hits an enemy, or surface, it creates a small AOE “Explosion” Which deals Fire damage. And yes, it’s as amazing as it sounds.
  • Badaboom [Corrosive]: To be honest, there’s really only one reason that I use this weapon. Raiding. Much like the Practicable Development. This weapon turns into an absolute bullet hose with enough stacks, and with a weapon swap to proc skills right before. This weapon is used on EOS’s first form. (After taking down the shields, of course)
  • The Mongol [Shock]: Much like the Badaboom, this weapon is a raid killer. But unlike it. It’s mainly used for EOS’s second form.

Alternate Weapons:

  • Practicable Thinking
  • Practicable Bullpup
  • Maliwan Laser Blasters


  • Naught: The shield with 0.00 Recharge Delay (Yes, Really.). An undervalued shield. This thing is excellent for survivability!

  • Prismatic Bulwark: For when you feel like going crazy with lasers.


  • Storm Front: An excellent grenade for both damage, and stacking. One can never go wrong with a storm front!

  • Data Scrubber: Good damage, and shield regen. What’s not to love?

O2 Kits:

Tranquility Oz Kit: Certainly more Raid oriented (With the increased damage and all). But can definitely work for mobbing.

3DD1.E: Best used with the Prismatic Bulwark. Offers both survivability, and the added damage to lasers!

Class Mod:

  • Surging Storm (+6 Unrelenting, +5 Storm Weaving): This mod is the build’s bread and better, and what makes it be able to work so efficiently in both boss killing and mobbing. While the Celestial Gladiator COM is certainly effective. This one’s skill boosts are much more useful for damage.

And Finally, an EOS Demo Video:

A not-so-recent video, but one that shows off the build quite well.

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2 quick things.

  1. Zeus’ Rage and Smite are both awesome for Maelstrom stacking for 1 point each. I’m sure you can spare the points from somewhere.

  2. I hate to be that guy, but since it’ll come up anyway, we can’t really mention the heartbreaker since it hasn’t been released in the game yet. You may be able to do so in the PC subsection, but I’m not so sure about here. Gibbed can rustle feathers, so just letting you know.

BTW, you may want to check out @khimerakiller’s speedkills on youtube. You may get some ideas.


Good point(s). I haven’t personally played around with Smite, and Zeus’ Rage too much. But I will include them in the build after a little bit of testing.

And as for the Heartbreaker, I was unfortunately unaware. After so many hours of playing borderlands (In the hundreds), I tend to skip over the farming, and just start messing about with builds and such.

Thanks for pointing those things out! I’ll probably come up with an alternate or two for the heartbreaker.

EDIT: I have checked those skills out, and made some minor adjustments, and relocated a few skill points. Thank you for pointing those out! I’ve also added a note for the heartbreaker.

Ideally you want a shock Practicable Thinking paired with the Heartbreaker or Development. Shock is key because of Conduit.

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