[Build] Maestro Moze, All Class Mods, Mayhem 4

I created a new build for Moze that is universal AND powerful. I play strictly on TVHM Mayhem 4 and this is my new go-to. I love that I can simply swap class mods on-the-go. Mobs, slaughter, bosses, general game play, you name it, it does it all. Bloodletter, Mind Sweeper, Blast Master, Green Monster, all work very well with this build. Most weapons and gear items are interchangeable. Take your favorite guns, your favorite class mods, your favorite shields and artifacts, and you won’t need to go back to Sanctuary to re-spec. Without further ado, here is “Jill of All Trades”:

Edit: updated skill trees to reflect 53 skill points. Now even more powerful!

Here is a video compilation showing the abilities of this build with 3 different class mods, Mind Sweeper, Bloodletter, Blastmaster, AND a 15 second Graveward take down. All done with the same skill set, just different class mods. I chose not to use any anointments, to show how powerful and universal this build is. The best part is it only gets better with anoints!


Nice! But how does it do against anointed? I watched the whole first video but didn’t see any. Just curious since I’ll give it at try.

Anointed can be easily dealt with via hopping into Iron Bear. I like to use the splash damage machine gun for both action skills. That should take an anointed out, if not, finish him off with a flaker or use the Alchemist.

Was what I was thinking but wanted to clear it up first. Great setup, will give feedback when I use it later. Thank you.

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A spin would be to take the point out of Some For The Road and put it into Specialist Bear. That will boost IB’s damage an additional 25%. I like to use Some For The Road for Crit Swapping. A useless point if you don’t crit swap, IMO (except for Lyuda :))

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Will definitely keep that in mind. Also I noticed you use a cryo recurring, I have a shock, will that work?

Yup! Both have their benefits. Shock will let you eat through their shields faster. I like Cryo for crowd control, limits the bullets coming at my face.

Ok but if I need to go the cryo path any suggestions on a farm?

I can send you one if you’re on PSN. I’m pretty sure I got mine from Graveward.

On xbox but thanks anyway. I’ll farm him if it comes to it tho.

I’m having a lotta fun with this build. Thanks for posting this. I had been looking for something a bit different for Moze, this is fun!

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Thats awesome to hear. What class mod and guns are you using?

Solid build, but I have one question – why put points into Stainless Steel Bear but not Deadlines? Are you just looking to do burst damage with IB? If so, you may want to try the base rocket pods (or the fire railguns if you have perfect aim) over the chainguns – they will eat through your fuel quicker, but you don’t have to wait for the guns to spin up.

I prefer Stainless Steel Bear over Deadlines purely for Oh-Sh*t situations or when you’re faced with an annoying Heavy or Anointed. Hop in, destroy what’s bothering you and get out. This is not an Iron Bear build by any means at all.

I like to use exploding bullets because it is powerful, quick, and procs MoD. Personal preference catered to my play-style.

Sorry for the late response, I hadn’t checked back here in a couple days. To answer your question though, I switch between a Mind Sweeper and a Green Monster , with a Transformer shield and sometimes a purple annotointed turtle shield, Shocking Trained Kaos AR, Adapting Feral Boomer SMG, non elemental Choodeessny ION CANNON, and rotating between a Arctic Disciplined Night Hawkin and a Searing Nemesis. I’ve been rotating between a purple transfusion nade, a cryo Cloning Hex and a Ghast Call. When I use the turtle shield it has an action skill cooldown increase of 20% after action skill end annointment. What I like most about this build is the randomness it allows me in using multiple types of gear rather than being gear specific. For the most part I’m still trying to find what I like best with this build gear wise. What I’ve listed however, is what I’ve ran the most of to this point.

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I like Coms that do dmg to a specific weapon type, like SMG, Shotgun or Assault. Bloodletter with SMG boost can be a lot of fun, same w/blast master using Kybs or other splash SMGs. The shotguns on Faisor assault rifles work really well with this build, with the right rhythm you’ll never re-load and deal a ton of damage.

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