[BUILD] Maliwan Tim (WIP)


Hello everyone! So I’m relatively new here in the forums but I wanna share my new build and take some advice as to how to improve it. This build has not been tested yet aside from a few things but I have put a lot of thought into this build, and I’ll be starting to play with this build maybe tonight or tomorrow, if I won’t be busy at school.

Anyway, this build focuses on Maliwan Lasers. Why Maliwan? Obviously, its because of the continuous damage bonus. I kinda like the concept, however I haven’t used those lasers extensively because I just love shotguns. Theoretically, this build should work with any Maliwan Laser, as I had created this build with no specific type of laser in mind. Also, lasers from other manufacturers and even other weapon types can benefit with this build. So, let us move on to the gear setup

## THE GEAR ##


As I stated in the above text, all Maliwan lasers should theoretically work with this build, however, I’m not really one of the experts when it comes to any aspect of this game so suggestions are very welcome. Just please don’t suggest anything that involves using anything other than Maliwan lasers as the main weapon because it ruins the whole purpose of the build (though it already is obvious). Also, I’ll only be listing weapons that i currently have at this moment.

[size=15]Main Lasers:[/size]

  • Maliwan Blaster/Thorny Ol’Rosie - :zap: :fire:
    I’m putting these two together because based on my calculations and tests (these, along with the splitter are the only things that I have tested with this build) the Blaster and the Rosie has almost similar damage per shot when counting the continuous damage bonus. I actually prefer the Blaster since it outperforms the Rosie when the yellow and blue glitches are active. I would not like having the red and green glitches because it lowers the fire rate of my Blaster and I don’t like it.
  • Maliwan Splitter - :zap: :fire:
    This actually does more damage per shot than both the Rosie and the Blaster if all three pellets hit (and should do more DPS, but I don’t have calcs). I still prefer having the blaster though since I like the rapid firing ability of the blaster and I wanted to try something other than shotguns/shotgun-like guns for my Jack.

[size=15]Main Laser Alternatives (a.k.a. Things I Don’t Have In My Backpack):[/size]

  • Absolute Zero - Seriously, if only I had this one in my backpack right now I would be listing this on top of those weapons above
  • Maliwan Beam/Railgun - The Beam’s just an inferior Rosie but it should work. Even the Railgun should be viable too but I just sell every Railgun I see because I hate them.
  • Vibra-pulse - The beam which has a lower damage than the Rosie but heals you.

[size=15]Other Weapons:[/size]

  • Practicable Thinking and Critical Development/Any Hyperion Shotgun
    I actually use Hyperion shotguns here because I just love them and Derch’s Deputy Jack Build (How do you tag people here?) just really inspired me to play Jack. These also add Company Man stacks which is very helpful and are also great guns when in FFYL.


  • Prismatic Bulwark - Laser damage bonus on a laser build. Hyperion item gives Company Man stacks. What’s not to love?
  • 3DD1.E - Read Bulwark statement. Also, restoring shields and health is always a great ability.
  • Quasar/Any Hyperion Singularity - Company Man stacks is actually all I needed for this but the singularity is extremely useful too.
  • Celestial Doppelganger Class Mod - I tend to overload all my points to the Greater Good tree. Using this mod will make me have 6/5 in both Collaboration and Teamwork while still having enough investment on the other trees. The boost in Best Foot Forward is very useful since i was used to playing with 9/5 for that skill. Critical hit damage bonus is also very welcome.


[size=15]The Hero of This Story[/size]

  • Best Foot Forward 10/5 - One of the most useful Jack skills. This is part of the skill combo that lets you have your kill skills active all the time.

  • Just Compensation 10/5 - Not really a needed skill, imo, but it’s boosted by the COM, has also its uses, and is better than both Bolster and Take their Freedom.

  • Jack’s Cache - I removed Marginal Benefits from the build but Just Compensation and free Grenades are enough to make this skill stay

  • Lean On Me 5/5 - I was planning on not taking Believe when I first made this build so I took this to compensate for the fire rate loss from not having believe, and the corrosive bonus for the digi-Jacks is nice too. I ended up getting Believe though.

  • Resolute 2/5 - Not really needed but bonus Gun Damage and Damage Reduction are nice. Don’t worry about your Digi-Jacks becoming tankier because your main way of killing Digi-Jacks are by increasing your distance from them and their passive health drain, which is percent-based.
    [size=15]Greater Good[/size]

  • Integrity 5/5 - Multiplicative damage bonuses are always nice and this skill is really useful against bosses and badasses.

  • Collaborate 6/5 - I did not really feel like I need 10/5 for this since it’s already a pretty strong skill at 6/5. However, this might change depending on how i fare in my playthrough.

  • Synergy 5/5 - 30% weapon damage and crit damage active everytime? YES OF COURSE!

  • Teamwork 6/5 - This skill is so strong that 5/5 already makes you near unkillable with this. Nuff said.

  • Winning 5/5 - Because I win. I have insane health regen with teamwork and this gives insane shield regen. Movement speed is great too.

  • Optimism 1/5 - A part of the unli kill skill combo, along with BFF and Leadrship. That’s all I need from it.

  • Accountability - Between this and Commitment, this is just better. Not really needed but it’s a good one-pointer.

  • Delegation 1/5 - I’ve always been a fan of this skill and even if it’s just 5 %, I already feel like I’m so tanky.

  • Believe 5/5 - So I had 7 extra skill points when i put all the skills that I wanted. I put two on You Have My Shield and On My Mark. The next five was supposed to be on Resolute but I liked this more because it’s like you have a second stack of Synergy.

  • Potential and Leadership - I’m putting these two together because these are the two skills that really struck me when I started playing Jack. Everyone knows what this is.

[size=15]Free Enterprise[/size]

  • High Frequency Trading and Incentives both at 5/5 - I had Marginal Benefits before but I decided to remove it because Glitches did not seem to be so important for me in this build. These two are just what we need to go through the tree, since CI sucks. Weapon swap speed is very useful. I had only one point in Incentives before but after dropping Marginal Benefits, it automatically gets the remaining points. Fire rate is nice especially now that I’m considering to drop ToTR.
  • Money Is Power - Every Jack build that uses guns MUST get this build, imo, since your damage output just goes up even without you noticing. It’s not as useful in this build as it is in AA builds though.
  • Company Man 5/5 - 45 % accuracy and 60 % critical damage with 6 Hyperion items is really useful, so why not max this skill?
  • Taxation of Trade Routes 5/5 - I decided to not take AA because I’m not using a COM that boosts AA and the difference between 40% and 80% is just huge so ToTR is the next logical choice.
  • Sponsored By - The bonuses are nice but this is just the icing in the cake.
    So thanks for reading my post, hope you guys liked the build and if you have suggestions please reply to the thread because i know that the build is not refined yet. Feel free to use this build if you want :smile:

Two weeks and no reply :cry:. BTW, I just finished the main game in UVHM with this build and only died once (at Deadlift because I got dumb). I made the following changes with the build:

  1. Remove the point from You Have My Shield. Absorbed lasers that hit the shielded Digi-Jacks don’t add to your backpack so this skill is useless. The one point was put into Resolute which will be explained later
  2. Remove points from On My Mark and Marginal Benefits. I mainly used Marginal Benefits to extend Glitch durations but in my playthrough, I did not really depend on Glitch Effects to kill stuff, so I decided to move those points to Incentives. The extra point from On My Mark is put onto Resolute.
  3. The extra points from YMHS and OMM are now put into Resolute (2/5). So I had 4 choices: Bolster, Hero Pose, Persistence and Resolute. As for Bolster, I did not feel like taking it because I was kinda stuck on the BL2 principles where health stacking is not recommended if you’re mainly using lifesteal for healing (Life Tap Maya, Moxxi weaps). Hero Pose just don’t add much at 2/5, Persistence is good but I did not need it in most situations. The extra damage from Resolute is nice, even though it does not add much.

I’m now considering removing ToTR and Sponsored By in favor of maxed Resolute or AA, I did not need much of the bonus fire rate and the Sponsored By bonus wasn’t also needed for mobbing, but it helps a lot in boss fights so I might just leave resolute at 2/5 and put the points into AA.

I mean I can see why nobody’s taken a serious look at it. It’s a “Maliwan build” that still uses the same CM engine as every other build. It’s more or less the same build as everyone else’s but switches out the normal main gun/Com with a laser and CD.

That being said ofc it works its the core Jack build with insert gun here and a passable Com.

I would definitely take the totr points out and put them into aa. Idk if ur on console or pc but Mali lasers can’t ever really hit 30 regardless of FR boosts, the base is too low, so 90% of the time the totr FR is wasted.

Hello, I know its been a while since you posted this thread, but hopefully this will help you out. This is a Maliwan build someone posted, maybe it’ll give you some ideas.