[Build] Marshal Moze and Deputy Bear

Marshal Moze and Deputy Bear

Out in the wilds of space, there’s just one way to handle the killers and the spoilers… And that’s with a gunner, her robot, and the smell of…gunsmoke.

I don’t really have much to say an intro for this build other than it emerged incidentally from my tinkering with top-tier weapons that are not currently part of the current splash meta – in this case, the Bloom and the Lightshow.

Skill Tree



The only real requirement here is Short Fuse as it will significantly boost the DPS of the fast-firing pistols at the core of this build. I like using sabot, but if you don’t, feel free to move the points out of Vladof Ingenuity into the Green (Stoke the Embers, RO) or Blue (Deadlines, SSB). You could also shift points from Scrappy to Stoke the Embers without much of a net loss to overall DPS.

Class Mod

You have a couple of options, depending on how much support you want to have from Iron Bear and Auto Bear:


The Rocketeer is your best option for combo Moze/Bear gameplay.


The Mind Sweeper is your best option for infantry-style gameplay, both in terms of its skill options and its legendary effect.


The Raging Bear is going to be your best option for those who like to mix more piloting into their gameplay.

There are no real hard-and-fast requirements for stat rolls on this build, but I would recommend looking for pistol damage, Jakobs crit and reload speed (for the Bloom), Vladof accuracy and fire rate (for the Lightshow), splash damage and action skill damage. Charge time can speed up the Bloom’s charge time ever so slightly, but I wouldn’t seek it out.


To quote T.I., you can have whatever you like. I tend to use a Snowdrift Victory Rush with pistol damage, but I also sometimes swap it out for a Pearl or even the Electric Banjo.


Same rules apply here. I tend to swap back and forth between a Transformer or a Frozen Heart with IB cooldown reduction anoint and a Recharger with amp shot anoint.


You will need two guns for this build, the first being a Bloom with 300v2 anoint. It will be your bread-and-butter gun for deleting trash mobs. It has fixed parts and drops pretty readily from the Ruiner, so it should be easy to farm for.


The rest of the guns in your inventory should be Lightshows. These will be for taking down badass mobs and bosses. I would recommend having one of each elemental damage flavor and as well as a kinetic one. Consecutive hits is the best general anoint for the Lightshow, but the 300v2 anoint can turn the kinetic and even radiation variants into mobbing beasts.



This shouldn’t require any explanation.


A quick MTTD run:

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Name and Link: Marshal Moze and Deputy Bear
Type of Build: HYBRID
Level of Build: Level 60 - Mayhem 10
Specific Gear Needed: Bloom and Lightshow (DLC 3)
Class Mod Used: Rocketeer
Special Notes: DLC required
Architect: roboteconomist