[Build] Maya survivor

Hi :), this is my build which focuses on ducking behind cover and playing smart using Phaselock to actually ‘control the battlefield’.

Lets just say that this is pretty much gonna be you… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_T45JSvp7nE


:fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: http://bl2skills.com/siren.html#150501300055050105413550510511 :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:

Main Gear

  • Sand Hawk (shock and corrosive)

  • Nukem / Norfleet

  • Hyperion Plasma Caster (fire)

  • Pimpernel (shock and corrosive)

  • Antagonist Shield

  • Longbow Quasar

  • Legendary Siren Class Mod Cooldown + Gun Damage + Increase movement speed when phaselock

  • Bone of the ancients (shock and corrosive)


  • Interfacer
  • SWORDSPLOSION which i quite frequently swap out for the plasma caster
  • DPUH
  • Grog Nozzle
  • Stormfront
  • The Bee

I have played Borderlands 2 since it came out non-stop and I have found that this build works really well with Maya.

I know that the Sand Hawks are quite generic weapons, but the main focus for the build is to get behind cover and play smart because with this gear and spec, you have the potential to melt faces with ease.

Please feel free to criticise this build because I would love suggestions for improvement! All criticism is appreciated.

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So, this is just a teaser then? The suspense is killing me! :confused:

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I wonder if there is purpose to some of the choices (flicker over chain reaction, and 5/5 blight phoenix)
will be watching this

Indeed an unexpected choice. I wanna see where this leads. Next week on BL2 forums: The Conclusion


Unless something changed, before the edit I saw shock and corrosive sandhawks and a grog as gear

I will be making some edits before it comes out

The build is finished :smiley:

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Overall, good build, here’s my criticism (fragile egos beware)

If I were you, I would move 3 points from ward or Inertia to the middle tree, so that you can pick Scorn…seriously. It’s not a big departure from your build and it really adds a great weapon to your arsenal. You can get used to using it pretty fast and you will not want to go back to playing without afterwards. @Derch made a guide on how to use that skill effectively, you should check it out.

With Sustenance, life tap and sweet release, do you really need to carry a Grog ? I don’t and I have less healing available than you. Might be an extra spot for a Fire gun, which you don’t carry.

Corrosive guns on Maya are just about useless now since cloudkill was buffed, you’re better off simply shooting with a slag or shock gun and let it do all the work. Especially since you already carry a bone around anyway.

Otherwise, a pretty nice and sensible build :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tips, I’m actually going to take those tips on board and edit a little…the Grog, im going to swap for the fire plasma caster and ill use scorn.

When i was playing with this build, i did notice that the Grog was a little over the top.

Thanks for the advice

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I changed the build a little, I really appreciate the advice :slight_smile:

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A very sensible build, as others have pointed out. Because of the necessity of Ruin and Converge, most “normal” Maya builds spec with some similarity (@Derch’s tank builds and specialist solo Raid Boss/Raid Boss support builds excepted) especially when using the awesome Leg Siren COM.

I would recommend a few minor tweaks, though perhaps these reflect some of my own biases into how I spec my Maya versus what’s the absolute best. I think 5/5 Life Tap is overkill as on OP8 you’re getting a lot out of 2/5 or 3/5 and then you could put those points into Elated. However, I normally spec into Suspension over Kinetic Reflection, so Elated benefits me more. I understand you are going for a survival based build, so KR makes sense for you with this idea. Personally I don’t rate KR very much at OP8, but it’s not like it’s a bad skill. Similarly, I don’t rate Mind’s Eye very highly, but it is boosted by your COM so perhaps at 10/5 it’s useful.

I would certainly put at least one point into Ward, taking it out of Accelerate. It’s boosted by your COM, and 9/5 versus 10/5 won’t make any difference so why not pick up 6 Ward points to boost your survival with your already awesome Antagonist or Blockade shield. After watching Derch’s videos, I’ve changed my mind on Accelerate versus Ward, even though I don’t use his Twisted Pimp skill spec very much (I’m a Leg Binder/Subsequence fan personally). I now prefer to boost Ward more and that might fit more here with your overall idea of being more defensive rather than offensive. That said, Accelerate and the Sandhawk go very well together.

I agree with the others’ comments on Scorn, it’s much, much better than having a random point in Inertia.


Since I’ve been mentioned twice here I thought I would stop in and say hi

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As you are a Maya expert and have produced excellent videos and posts that contain both theoretical and practical numerical calculation (and kickass gameplay), it seems remiss to discuss Maya builds without mentioning your work :grin:


I agree. Doesn’t really matter where you take it, but a single point in Ward would be a good idea since your COM boosts it.

I personally love 5/5 Life tap, but I have had good results with 3/5 too. YMMV

I play a very different build and playstyle so that might just be me too

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Hey Bro! :smiley:

WARD HAS BEEN BOOSTED…Thanks…i cant believe that i forgot about ward…I recently changed the build without playing in game and forgot about the COM

Do you have any tips / advice for me regarding this build?

Since you have Res, I assume you’ll be playing with friends. Life Tap and Sustenance are great, but why no points in Elated? Your friends heal off that too.

10/5 in Accelerate…? You’re gonna benefit from that on the Sandhawk and the PC, but it will seriously mess with the Pimp.


I mostly agree with what the others have been saying so not much new to add

Seconded. Also, if you do play with friends, a single point in restoration can be VERY helpful by transforming any stray bullets into healing for your friends.
Here’s how I would put the points http://bl2skills.com/siren.html#150501300015153104513550510511