[Build] Maya the Twisted Pimp

This build is set up for fast and fluid play where you don’t have to stop for almost anything. You are equipped for just about any situation, you don’t have to stop to get ammo, you don’t have to change your load out for maps, you can run about anywhere and fight anything with little to no changes. The only exceptions are really soloing a few raid bosses.

Click here for level 72 build


  • Pimpernel (fire and corrosive)
    This sniper is not only one of the most powerful guns in the game but it almost seems like it was made just for Maya. Although Maya does not have a sniper tree like zer0 she is very efficient with this gun. Chain Reaction can reactive the bullet split with every proc, the splash damage is one of the rare types that gets reaper applied to it, with the AOE of the gun restoration works incredibly well with it. Then you have the fact that the easiest way to sweet spot enemies is with this gun is to hold them still with phaselock. It has as much or more synergy with Maya’s skills than any other gun in the game, and it just happens to be one of the best guns in the game.

  • Bekah
    If any gun rivals the Pimpernel for synergy with Maya’s skill tree it is this gun. The Bekah is the perfect pearl and maybe the only one in the game that deserves the rarity that it has. Not only is it full of special effects, it has not penalty for all of them but in fact the opposite it gained a damage bonus instead of a penalty for all its glory. The bekah everything chain reaction loves, bullet split, penetration, high fire rate, and high damage. Penetration also has great effect with Restoration. Lastly add in the fact it has high crit with both type a and b crit bonuses, something that Reaper and Minds eye both appreciate. This not only has great synergy with Maya like the Pimpernel but its also one of the strongest guns in the game and possibly the most ammo efficient gun in the entire game, yeah even more so than the infinity that doesn’t use bullets.

  • The Twister
    If the two guns above have any weakness, its the fact that they are not great at extreme close range with enemies in your face. That is where this comes in, at point blank range there is no better gun in the game than the Twister and yup once again it has great synergy with Maya. Chain Reaction and Restoration once again are in love with guns with penetration, and the Twister does penetration better than almost any other gun in the game with its wide slow moving lighting pellets and so many of them. This gun simply fits the bill perfectly.


  • Legendary Siren
    While all the Legendary coms for Maya are really good if not great, this one works best for me and this build because of its balance. Having Ward for survival, 3 DPS skills, and the lack luster but useful flicker is nicely rounded. Then you have the card bonus’s of upto 53% cooldown which is massive, a really solid gun damage boost that is always on, and movement speed while you have an enemy phaselocked. The DPS is enough and enough is a key word, if you watch the video (coming soon) you notice that this build can kill enemies in op8 without slag with 1 shot. So if you can do that the Cat com is really overkill and you waste points putting that much into DPS, and while the Binder is also balanced its more around SS builds which this is not. The combination of survival, dps, and utility this com brings to me is unbeatable.

  • Blockade/Bee
    While I just went on a mini rant above saying this build has enough DPS, then why a bee? Well you still have times you need that boost, like Raids, Digi Peak, or sometimes your friends are running with crazy set ups and the Bee keeps you more competitive with them. These 2 shields are both opposites and cover pretty much what you need. The Blockade can tank so much, and with ward and inertia it really goes into overdrive and running this build with the Blockade is generally easier than with the bee for most of the game because you can take so much punishment. The bee though fills those gaps because maya does not have the highest DPS in the game and while she has more than enough for mobbing, some bosses, pretty much all raids, and places like the peak you want that next level DPS that the Bee provides.

  • Bone of the Ancients
    Cooldown is the thing, even though you don’t really need it with the Legendary Sirens massive cooldown its nice to have, and the damage it adds again is not needed but welcome. There is a reason most builds use these and while I’ve used other relics with this build at the end of the day they are just not as good as this.

  • Quasar
    The only thing better than one singularity is multiple singularities. Between these and Converge enemies have a hard time staying on there feet long enough to even attack you. I use this both in-between phaselocks to buy me more time but also to get more enemies into Converge and Ruin range which also helps Chain Reaction be more potent. Maya also loves shock grenades because with Ruin/Scorn she doesn’t need slag and since so many enemies in OP8 have shields why not rip them and just match elements. To me the Quasar is the ultimate grenade for Maya.


  • Flicker 9/5
    This is the “5” points wasted in the Cat tree but its not really a total waste become of lifetap and scorn. While Dots do little to enemies, Dot damage compared to your health is a lot and lifetap’s lifesteal works well with dots and with guns like the Pimp you can put out a lot of Dots. Also it seems to help scorn’s slag chances but to be up front this is speculation and not confirmed.

  • Foresight 10/5
    Extra reload and magazine size is amazing and its well worth 10 points. Even if other skills in the Cat tree still scaled I would still max this out. 40% mag and 50% reload is a big buff to DPS even in a non DPS build like this.

  • Immolate 5/5
    This is one of those skills that does more than it seems like and while I don’t plan on being in FFYL often when I do go down as long as an enemy is in range this pretty much means I’ll be able to get up, even more so since I have Scorn in the build.

  • Chain Reaction 5/5
    This is one of my favorite skills in the game and a big part of this build even without the Trickster Com. Every single gun has one or more of the properties that excel with Chain Reaction like penetration or bullet splits. Toss on the Trickster com and one shot UBA constructors or Saturn.

  • Cloud Kill 1/1
    It’s stupidly good now so of course I’m going to get it, synergies great with Converge and Quasars also kinda helps CR since enemies just die faster combined with this.

  • Reaper 5/5
    40% multiplicative damage yup but even better with high crits which the Bekah and Pimp both have, and even more when the Pimp has Reaper friendly splash damage. What else to say but this is maya’s best DPS skill and the passive gun boost from the Legendary com kicks it up a notch.

  • Ruin 1/1
    Slag on a stick is nice, saves you from having to swap for a slag guns and well why am I explaining this, its ruin.


  • Mind’s Eye 6/5
    While this is a nice DPS skill made a bit better with 2/4 guns having a type b crit bonus, the melee is a waste and more than 6 points is not needed. Its still great that its on the com because it does help your damage but its also nice having skills you don’t need to invest 5 points in.

  • Sweet Release 5/5
    At this point I shouldn’t have to explain this skill, one of the best healing skills in the game and its tier one.

  • Restoration 1/5
    I don’t have one point in this skill because its bad but because its that good. Your damage compared to enemy health is so good that even one point can allow you to heal your teamates to full with a single shot. Every op8 co-op build should have at least 1 point in this just like Res. Every gun in this build has a lot of synergy with this skill.

  • Wreck 5/5
    I don’t really utilize this skill that well with this build but its still very nice. With the Pimp most of the time I am shooting single shots at a time and not holding the trigger, the fire rate is also totally wasted on the bekah. With that said the extra damage is very welcome and when I need the fire rate its very welcome.

  • Elated 5/5
    I hope you are starting to see a pattern, I love healing. I love healing myself and my teammates. I don’t care much for the grog/rubi style of play. Like I’ve said many times swapping to heal when you don’t need to at all is slow and dull. Pace is a big part of this game and healing skills like this allow you to play at a fun pace.

  • Res 1/1
    It’s res nuff said.

  • Sustenance 5/5
    People say this skill sucks because its too slow to get you past healthgate reliably. That isn’t what this is for, passive health regen saves you from something more common than the occasional heatlhgate attack and thats DOT damage. Also combine this with all your other healing skills and you laugh at those that say you need a grog to play op8.

  • Life Tap 2/5
    Like Restoration this is one of those its so good you don’t need 5 points skills. Who needs moxxi guns when you can just make all your guns into moxxi guns.

  • Scorn 1/1
    More slag without guns and grenades means I don’t need slag guns/grenades. But this does more than just slag, blows up barrels and loot piles, you can use in it ffyl, use it to track enemies behind cover, etc… A ton of utility allowing you to use your gear for better things than slag.


  • Ward 9/5
    I originally had 10 points in here but I removed 1 point so I could get 4 points in Inertia and I really like that trade off. 72% recharge delay is enough and its amazing. The capacity is good sure but this is one of those skill for me that puts the Legendary Siren over the top. As amazing as lifetap and Inertia are for survival they are kill skills in a co-op game. Sure solo mobbing no issues but if you play with 4 friends or even solo on a boss with no adds then you can be in trouble. I can’t say enough about how much I love this skill.

  • Accelerate 6/5
    This like minds eye is a point saver for me, 1 point with the com is enough and lets me get my other skills. While the damage added is great for my guns, bullet speed is not. All 4 of my guns are altered in some ways from this but the speed isn’t nearly what Zer0’s Velocity is so the damage added helps more than the bullet speed hurts. The Pimp is really fine with it once you adjust, the bekah’s split is a bit further. All in all its good and to give up the free 5 points would be a mistake since no other 1 single point could add what 6 points in this skill adds.

  • Suspension 5/5
    More phaselock time goooood. Next skill

  • Converge 1/1
    Another no brainer this skill is largely what makes maya work so get it.

  • Inertia 4/5
    If I could max this out I would, great survival and great DPS. The 40% reload speed seems to be forgotten by many and reloading sucks so why spend more time on it. Between this and Foresight I can reload really quick and I try to reload between enemies and before I empty my mag quite a bit so its full for the next round of enemies. Then you have the shield regen which is amazing since during the 7 seconds post kill it keeps going even if you are getting hit or if you have a DOT, once again DOTS in op8 are terrible. Don’t underestimate what this skill can do for you. But also don’t make it Inertia vs Ward, at 72 you can get both and both are better than one.

  • Every gun serves it’s purpose

  • Pimpernel
    This is used for most enemies and having it in fire and corrosive lets you match elements most of the time. Normal mobs with shields are not an issue for it to get through, on BA enemies or Bosses a quasar or two should do the trick unless its a raid.

  • Bekah
    This fits on the few enemies that the pimp isn’t great on or is just better on some enemies. Surveyors, Constructors, Crystalisks, Fire immune/resistant skags/spiderants, Scorch, Captain Flynt, and others I’m forgetting. It also does well in ammo heavy areas where you might run low on your pimps like the mobs in the peak, save your pimp ammo for the big enemies and use the Bekah for the rest.

  • Twister
    This is your emergency button for the most part, when you get stuck or let enemies get to close this is an easy out, also a great FFYL gun with close enemies. But its not just that, stalkers, treasures, or close enemies that are grouped close from phaselocks die easy to it. So it does more than just fit the gap that the pimp leaves.

  • Aggressive or Passive?
    You can do this build either way, up close and personal or from afar and snipe. In co-op I like to play back and watch my team so I can both heal and res them if I need, keep and eye on the battlefield and use phaselock on the biggest threats. Solo many times for fun I’ll just rush in and test the limits of my survival. In co-op you have to be cautious of your kill skills if you are playing close, if your teammates are wearing the bee, shamfleeting, or some other way that makes it hard to keep up with kill skills you might pay the price if you are not careful.

  • Kill the phaselocked enemy or everything else?
    This can depend and it also takes you knowing how much damage you can put out in a single phaselock. If there are no really scary enemies out there, phaselock the biggest one and shoot everything else on the ground but if there is a enemy with an elemental gun or a big BA enemy just phaselock them and take them down. This build doesn’t need phaselock to kill, or even slag. So many times I pick the most threatening target, phaselock and kill. If you have a big enough group then even if the phaselocked enemy is really scary I just spam chain reaction. The point is each case is different and there isn’t one way to play it with phaselock. Your cooldown is fast enough with a BOA that you can phaselock quick enough to just kill what you put in the bubble and one properly timed quasar is often enough with your kill skills up to survive to the next phaselock.


Not enough flakker.


First its not done, second there is flakker coming.

Patience young padawan for the flakker runs strong in me, and soon you will see the true power of the flak side.


Flakker should have been first.

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Added video with skill and gear descriptions as well as gameplay in lynchwood

You sure took your sweet time porting this. My Deputy Sal build already has over a thousand views, you’re gonna have to play catch-up :wink:

Seriously though, it’s great to see you bring that to the new crowd. :slight_smile:


I kinda thought bl2 was done and the bl2 thread I did port didn’t seem to get attention, so I just stopped bringing them over.

I didn’t realize how much the handsome collection would do to keep it alive on consoles and on steam I checked this weekend and it was number 29.


Nice vid, good job.

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Thanks man, its nice having a PC that can handle it.

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Enjoyed the videos! A good listen for any new and experience maya player!

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He didn’t talk about the flakker enough.


Did I say I was done?

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It should have been mentioned more at the first.
This is a rip off of my build the twisted flakker after all.

Just because mine was done after your and wasn’t even thought of until we were doing the chain reaction testing doesn’t mean it’s not a copy of mine… Because flakker said flakker.

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I ran through the Creature Slaughterdome with nothing but the Pimpernel. Trust me, with all those Rabid Skags, that thing handled its own on close range :slight_smile:

The sentence makes it sound like the Pimp is not one of the strongest guns in the game… eh, that implication sounds a little silly.

Other than that, great post man! Nice setup

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeell, you had me until there…

Blah. BL2 shall never die. You should know better than that.

But yeah, Flakker.


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Capable and great are two different things, I know the pimp quite well.

I flat out said “its also one of the strongest guns in the game” How does that make it sound like it is not?

Dude, you just said it was not great. Your sentences go back and forth. That’s all I’m saying.

You say it’s capable, but not great. Then it’s one of the strongest guns in the game.

Back and forth.

And, you forget I said it was a good post. Accept the compliment :stuck_out_tongue:

Its called nuance. The pimpernel is a great gun but that doesn’t mean its great or the best for everything. Both the twister and bekah do things better than the pimp, doesn’t make them better guns just better in those situations.

Yes I can run maps with just the pimp, but I can do that with a lot of guns. I’m still better off having a loadout that is balanced for many things.

The Pimp is one of the best guns in the game, but that doesn’t mean that it’s one of the best At everything in the game.

@Derch Have you ever tried replacing the Twister with another shock shotgun that might benefit more from your fire rate increases and increased mag size ? I know this build has been polished to a mirror finish, but still… Not playing for a while puts things into perspective sometimes.

I was thinking of either a Butcher or CC.

They have less single-shot damage, but more sustained DPS…

Maybe an Interface, since you have a lot of control over distance with Maya.

Yeah have, I have most the great ones in my backpack. The twister is only used at really point blank range and at that range its hard to compete with it.

The Butcher comes really close but it didn’t work as well for me in the space that the twister did.

The interface was kinda bad because its terrible at point blank range and is bad with ammo.

The cc is good but is more a mid range shotgun.

Like you saw in the video in lynchwood how often the twister could one shot, even without slag. The others don’t do that. Also what it does with restoration and chain reaction are hard to replace. Its also better with converged groups of enemies than those ones.

In the end DPS doesn’t matter for the utility it does in the build. I don’t need midrange dps
. I need a point blank stopper of a gun