[Build] Maya the Twisted Pimp

(Where's lucky?) #183

I have almost 600 videos and some are 2 hours long, might take awhile

(Wownircohen) #184

ill be watching the ones related to maya/BL2 ^^

(Sheriff) #185

I remember the one with alternative gear. Lots of good suggestions.

The Twister can be replaced by a coach gun, a Quad, the jolly Roger or a Ravager.

The Bekah can be replaced with a hammer buster, a Gatling, a Dahl Minigun, the Veruc, the Bitch, lady fist, the Striker… Anything with good mid range accuracy… Even a Droog or Lyuda could do if you don’t mind sharing ammo with the Pimp.

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(Where's lucky?) #186

I thought that was in the op, adding now

(Wownircohen) #187

just finished watching the Alternate gear and 5 top tips videos
liked and droped a comment

time to get back to my sexy siren !!
Thanks Derch!

(Carlton Slayer) #188

I’ve been lucky enough to get 5 Bekah’s - still searching for a Twister though :smile:

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(Scatterblack) #189

Derch, this is my favorite build. Mainly because I don’t have to Grog like every single other damn person in the game lol. Thanks for the hard work you put into it, still enjoying it!


Derch, would you be so kind as to share your thoughts on the 1.79 RD Blockade, in comparison to that which is in your save file?

Thanks in advance, and kindest regards.

(David A.) #191

I seem to remember it being mentioned that because of boosted Ward, the lower RD variant can be exchanged for the Bandit-parted version that gives more capacity and recharge rate.

(What does it all mean!?) #192

he talked about this in his video, for the reasons given above


Also @David_Ayy

Thank you both very much.

Do you recall precisely which video he mentions this in? I don’t recall hearing about it, although I’ve only seen the Guide and the Alternate Gear ones.

(What does it all mean!?) #194

I think it’s this one

also, if you do a youtube search for “Derch Blockade” he’ s got several videos that come up

(Legendary Lunatic) #196

Could Inertia mitigate the self damage from the Orphan Maker?

(The Buttstallion Whisperer) #197

Nope! Inertia is a kill skill, so you need to kill something first to activate it. Preferably not yourself !:wink: It’s a skill that’s really great for keeping your Bee up, and also to help you through a DoT. If you wanna use the Orphan Maker on Maya, I’d suggest a purple Tediore shield instead. That way the shield will catch most of the damage.

(Legendary Lunatic) #198

Yes, but if the thing I hit with the OM dies, then i’d pretty much get back the damage immediately? Just curious, haha

(Maxageddon) #199

It’s not instant, it’s shield regen per second, but pretty much

(That, Sir, Is a Richard Relocation) #200

I’m not questioning Derch, i’ve watched a lot of his skill videos and think they’re great, however would it not make more sense to put 1 point in Flicker, and the other 4 in Helios? I’m only wondering, I know Flicker is not particulary great. Just wondered what people thought.

Edit: Just noticed the date of the post was before the patch, so it makes sense why now, and also no cloud kill. Apologies.

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(Bearer of Pie/Best user of English/Flat earth expert) #201

IIRC his reasoning for flicker>Helios was he didn’t like the visual effect of it making it harder to get critcals with

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #202

Derch twisted pimp 2.0 has cloud kill on it. He put only 4 points in flicker and move it to cloud kill. That is somewhat the same build i was running.

(Idiosyncratic Wannabe.) #203

As Piemanlee has said he found the visual pollution to be detrimental to scoring critical hits and thus post patch stuck four in flicker and one in cloudkill. Furthermore he said subjectively the extra reliability Flicker gave scorn was worth more to him than the small amount of fire damage that 3 points in Helios would give. Remember with such powerful weapons most enemies have their health fall in chunks and so minor dot damage doesn’t change how quickly stuff dies.

In my opinion Helios only becomes considerably more useful than Flicker in Binder setups. In a Binder setup you generally pack sub sequence and 10/5 suspension and thus Helios has a chance to activate multiple times on slagged enemies, not to mention 9-10 points in Helios makes it potent enough that it has a noticeable effect that is worth sacrificing a bit of vision for the damage it will provide.