[Build] Maya the Twisted Pimp

That was the prevailing wisdom and in the past I would have agreed for the reasons you state, but a forum user awhile back tested Flicker and found that it did not increase the slag chance at all (edit: as Derch points out later, 5% increase, but I think that’s variance) under any circumstances and so therefore the only conclusion was that the skill is unfortunately useless. In the UCP this might have been fixed, but I’ll see if I can find that post.


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Didn’t that show it did work, sure a 5% increase but that’s an increase? Also flicker can make guns 100% slag chance and the increased dot chance.

Dot healing is also a big part of the build with lifetap to be able to play aggressive.


I took the 5% change as just small variance and the same as no change, same as if it was a 5% decrease, though you’d have to repeat that test a lot of times to verify that. I’d be curious to see the same test repeated for weapons to see if any significant change there, but hard to ask people to do something that tedious.

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The issue with helios remains unless you boost it the damage it adds is so tiny, but the damage you miss when you can’t see a crit is huge.

I take it as a DPS loss unless you are 10/5 and have SS.


Where are you putting the next 8 points with the new DLC? Love your guides, thanks.

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Based on this https://youtu.be/FRTRC8A3neM

Here is Derch updated skill build