[Build] Maya the Twisted Pimp

(Sheriff) #21

OK, so it’s less about it being shock than just packing a mean punch at point blank. What about the ROM then ?

Not trying to get the Twister out of your lineup, it works fine, but it seems to me that other than being a really good gun on it’s own, it lacks specific synergy with Maya’s skills and strengths.

I doubt we’ll find anything better, this is just mental workout :slight_smile:

Swordsplosion ?
… How does the Swordsplosion’s small secondary swords interact with CR?

(Duk3ed) #22

How would a Blockhead work with your build? In case you run into some baddies with shock immunity?

Oh and yes, SwordSPLOSION gets quite a large splash damage too. A tad harder to control though.

(Sheriff) #23

Pimpernel, Bekah

The Twister is already a backup weapon of sorts, so shock immune enemies shouldn’t even warrant a swap in the first place.

(Duk3ed) #24

Ah, I get it. Nice.

(Where's lucky?) #25

This is where you are wrong, penetration is massive to maya and has a ton to do with her skills. Restoration and Chain Reaction in particular but also converge and ruin by grouping them up or lining them up to hit multiple enemies with one shot. Also lifetap, shoot an enemy, kill it proc lifetap and the twister bullets keep going and hit another enemy and heal you. It’s the synergy with her skills that make the Twister so strong with her.

It’s partially about being shock, this slot would have to be either shock or NE because it has to be a universal gun.

The ROM is strong on maya but it doesn’t have the sheet stopping power of the twister and since the Twister is kind of an emergency button on this build in many cases the blowback from the orphan maker can be a bad thing.

Again its a mid range shotgun, use it point blank and you will kill yourself.

With chain its pretty good, because if the original swords proc they put out the child swords again but the child swords are grenades and do not proc chain reaction.

Great shotgun but doesn’t fit in this build with these guns.

You know me, I enjoy these things.

It’s great but there is way more immunity and resistant to fire than shock. Almost nothing in the game resists shock and once again the blockhead can blow up in your face and I’m using this gun for just that range.

These are all guns I love to use and even use with this build, but with different loadouts for fun. They are all in my bank, but in normal play none can do what the twister can do.


Ahem…Omen is capable of replacing the Twister. High damage, extra splash, bullet penetration on target, and works very well in close to mid range.

(Where's lucky?) #27

I never tried the omen in place of the twister. Il give it a shot.

(Sheriff) #28

I did forget about the pseudo B0re. Fair enough. :smile:
Also, I didn’t know the Omen did that too!

Another thing my mind just came up with speaking of pseudo B0re: Does shooting with a Logan’s gun trigger CR? And if so, does it mean that you get the explosive release on the enemy even without a hard surface ?

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(Where's lucky?) #29

I would have to try it by I don’t think so. Rockets or grenade projectiles dont do chain reaction.

(kenloe) #30

My thanks to Derch for putting this up…I’ve been thinking about a similar build and now have a pre-made template to go from. I still have some farming to do since right now I only have about half the gear needed, tho…finding a Bekah may take awhile.

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(Spark Seeker) #31

I usually use the Omen at mid range because of the bullets converge effect, I dont know if it can outperform the Twister at point-blank.

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(Where's lucky?) #32

Started doing the skills, I’ll try to finish tomorrow.

(Jimmy_cornflower) #33

The best shotguns that could probably compete at point blank range would be the the Omen, Blockhead and Sledges Shotgun.

Sledges Shotgun won’t get the penetration effect unfortunately, but I’d have to think its power is pretty much on par, especially when matching elements. Also puts out tons of projectiles on a single shot with the double shot gimmick.

Haven’t really tried the Omen on Maya, but on Axton it destroys at point blank range. I want to say that the projectiles start out in the tight cluster before the pulse effect starts to widen and contract them, but I could be mistaken. Of course Axton gets some nice buffs on it with some of his skills and Metal Storm really helps to crank up the fire rate, but I think it would still murder everything with Maya.

Two very underused/underrated shotguns by most, but still I’m not sure if they can outclass the Twister for the type of utility that it contributes in your setup.

(Spark Seeker) #34

Omen and Blockhead are both amazing shotguns, but I do not think they can outperform the Twister in this particular set up.

(Sheriff) #35

I was initially suggesting other stuff that would mesh well with Maya’s skills at most ranges, not a more powerful point blanker.

I’d be really surprised if we ever find something that beats Doc’s Quad, Ravagers, ROM or Twister at point blank.

…Maybe Teeth of Terra.

Omen is underrated, but Blockhead is in almost all Top Gears. It used to be underrated though.

(Where's lucky?) #36

With 2 pimps and a bekah I don’t need a 4th gun to compete at those ranges. What I did need was a point blank gun.

I used this build to test top gear for Maya for the sake of consistency and yeah shotguns work amazing but just don’t fit with this particular loadout.

I do swap loadouts often for fun and this build can use a wide variety of guns.

I started this build 3 pimps and the twister was as close as possible to a perfect fit to help the shortcoming of the pimp and will have amazing synergy with Maya. Then after awhile I realized my shock pimp was not really used and I was searching for something better in that slot. I tried alot of guns but the bekah was the only one that had a real reason to use instead of the pimp.

The closest guns to the twister are the Harold or ravagers but both have less synergy with Maya and neither are guns I love to use

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(Spark Seeker) #37

Omen is one of the best shotguns in my opinion, but I would rather use it with Axton or Krieg. It is good with Maya because of Phaselock, but almost all of the bullets would hit the body instead of the crit spot at mid range so having some bonus to splash damage is a good option.
I could suggest the Jolly Roger, tough. It is really good at point blank with all of its pellets, but dont have penetration like the Twister. Also, using the Pimpernel, Jolly Roger and the Sandhawk makes you almost a pirate. Yo-ho


My fastest and favorite mobbing build involves Thoughtlock and a pair of Omens. You can get as close as you need to with Maya then.

I also rock them on Axton, Krieg, and Salvador.

Sorry @Derch, I uttered the unmentionable in your thread but just pointing out that close quarters weapons actually function well with that particular skill.

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(Where's lucky?) #39

Lol if you watched the video I even said nice things about thoughtlock.


Pimpernel is the one sniper I can use with Thoughtlock. Only problem is the lack of synergy with Chain Reaction. It works because of the number of Sub-Sequence activations.