[Build] Maya the Twisted Pimp


Amazing work. And you’ve got a solid PC? Nice!

What’s up with the Hyperion stocks, though?

(Where's lucky?) #42

More stable on the first shot. I don’t like the Dahl sway, causes me to miss to many long range shots. Dahl is better on the second shot but not by much. I moved to Hyperion stocks on most of my snipers.


I see, I’ll try them on my Pimps.

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(Man Of Low Moral Fiber) #44

I’m thinking of revisiting Blurred Trickster Maya with more Quasar…

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(Where's lucky?) #45

Quasar is quite fun with her

(capnslapabich) #46

I picked up a Barking Pimp the other day (corrosive) and I found that It works much better with a purple Blurred Trickster COM. I know there’s a video of it on youtube of the guy eating through Saturn as long as he has something to phaselock.

My questions are:

  1. Do you have a preference to which element is best? I figured either shock, corrosive, or slag, but seeing as how it’s been so good for me I thought I’d get an experts opinion so I could be fully loaded.
  2. My current build is basically similar, except I don’t have restoration, sus, or scorn. I can link my build if you’d like, but does the legendary siren make that much of a difference over a blurred trickster? I’ve played a build similar to the one you’ve got up there but I actually feel like my survivability is better with KR, Inertia, and LT. I don’t find myself needing the +53% cooldown since I use an ancients relic with ~45% cooldown and whenever I PL someone and unload with the Pimp, everything dies pretty quickly.

I know they’re stupid questions and kinda hard to answer, but any insight is appreciated friend!

(Where's lucky?) #47

There isn’t a “best” element, corrosive is best on armor fire is best on flesh. If you one one neutral one then its shock. But really you want both fire and corrosive. Slag is great but maya doesn’t need it. So I would go for 2.

In mind mind yes, because it does so much and relies on so little. The Trickster is great fun but your 2 survival skills are both dependent on kill skills, solo this is not an issue but co-op and even worse 4 player co-op it can be a very big issue. The Legendary Siren is pretty much passive on everything it does. The only part of the com that isn’t passive is the increased speed on phaselock. So it just works and works always. If you wanted my first video in this thread you see me one shot a marauder, without a fire bone on (i left the corrosive bone on by accident), no phaselock, no slag. Just shoot and kill. The blurred trickster needs phaselock active and kill skills to be active to reach its potential. I still love that com but there is a lot of time in between phaselocks. The cooldown with the Bone and Com are so good that even when there are a ton of enemies you get it back plenty fast. Lastly there are times where you don’t have anything to phaselock, threashers, some bosses, etc… In all those cases the Legendary Siren does a lot more. Even on bosses with something to phaselock you don’t have great chain reaction synergy and the Legendary is better. Remember 40% chain reaction with the pimp is still there, and its not nothing.

They were not stupid questions at all, in fact they were really great questions.

Again I should say, most the time I play with this game now is co-op and that plays a big role, I do where the trickster and I love that com but its hard to beat the Legendary Siren because it does so much and it does so well in all situations. Being able to handle anything at any time without swapping gear and respeccing is kinda why I settled on this build and this gear. I still can use other stuff for fun but my primary stuff can really just about do it all.

(Where's lucky?) #48

I think its done finally, I’ll come back for a little formatting and maybe some more playstyle tips as I come up with them but thats pretty much it. I also might do another video or two showing off some different gear (flakker/hail set up)

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Interesting choice of the L. Siren for a Pimpernel build. I want to try it! I’ve always liked Scorn, but never took it because I wanted the extra cooldown when using the Blurred Trickster (my build for reference), which is what I usually use with Pimpernels.

Also, this’ll give me an excuse to finally use something other than a Sand Hawk for mobbing. It’s getting boring. XD

(Where's lucky?) #50

I used the sandhawk for a long time and I think the peak ruined it for me. I got really bored of it when the peak first came out running so much. Once I dropped it I never looked back. When I now see people using 24-36 ammo on a single trash mob target I just shake my head and say why.

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(Man Of Low Moral Fiber) #51

Recently used a variation of this build for Digistruct Peak. Went well.

(Where's lucky?) #52

I saw and any peak run with such limited bee run is impressive, not going into ffyl even more so.

(Man Of Low Moral Fiber) #53

I think it’s definitely stupid that I didn’t max elated, when all I really need is one point in lifetap. Oh well.

(kenloe) #54

I watched your Hero’s Pass vid last night…is that this build as well?

(Man Of Low Moral Fiber) #55

It’s close.

(Where's lucky?) #56

Added a video of me playing in the dust

(kenloe) #57

I’ve been using this build for a couple of weeks now; it took a bit of rethinking on how I play Maya (I had used a Leg. Cat and bunch of smgs to basically throw tons of DoT damage downrange…effective usually, but not always efficient or elegant), but even without all of the recommended guns (still hunting a Bekah and Twister) it’s a hell of a lot of fun.

  • I never even thought about Scorn before this…that would have been my loss. And it sounds cool as hell.
  • I was a bit worried about having to put points into the co-op’centric skills (Restoration and Res, and Elated to a certain extent) to reach Scorn when I’m almost exclusively solo…I haven’t noticed a thing aside from her being rather healthy rather a lot.
  • Not needing to put points into Quicken and yet having a faster cooldown rate via the COM (mine does 48% vs the 30% max from Quicken)…best day ever!

I’ve been using Verucs, corrosive and fire, while hunting a Bekah and am rather liking them (they do crits rather nicely), and I may just keep the Swordsplosion she has if spawning whasshisface is too much of a pain, but overall I’m really happy with the build.

Kudos to Derch for sharing.

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(Where's lucky?) #58

Glad your enjoying it.


Same here, gonna have to try it when I get that far, (level 60) .

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(The Buttstallion Whisperer) #60

I’ve been running this build for a while now, and It’s working incredibly well. The damage output is huge, and the healing you get back is more than enough. Hats off to ya, Derch!

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