[Build] Maya the Twisted Pimp

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Thanks for the kind words, I’m glad your enjoying it


Really enjoyed the videos! Very informative. I’ve adjusted my build and ventured further into harmony to life tap and out of quicken with use of a BOA and L. Siren com based on your advice and loving it! Put the grog and chain lightning back in the backpack and loving the freedom to work with different setups! I have all pimps but no twister :pensive: sadly. Need to work on that next. Thanks again!

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Thanks and good luck with the twister, I got mine during the loot hunt, its a bitch of a farm.

Also I added my op8 playthrough with this build to the OP, I forgot I didn’t have it linked there

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All 5 rounds at finks, I love that place

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Absolutely amazing build, works very well for mobbing. Great job :]

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You do realise that if you are spec’d into sustenance when you go down Immolate becomes useless and doesn’t actually do anything, so the points there are useless.

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Are you sure?

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Oh I am sorry, I was sure it did. It did say on the wiki it does and a few others have told me as well I apologize.

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No prob, thats why I made that video. I’ve heard it all over as well

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I will be respeccing very soon.

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Continuing the op8 series

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Maybe I just suck, but this doesn’t seem to do well vs. varkids. I’ve been Vermi farming in the caustic caverns, and the pimp can’t really multi-hit those varkid spots. I keep going back to beehawking…but that isn’t much fun. Any tips?

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Not really I despise varkid farming and do my best to stay away from it.

(Jakobs Public Relation) #74

Have you consider the ricochet fiber? They are great against targets close to the ground. Varkids, Stalkers, Spiders, Skags…

Since you are Vermi farming, I imagine a lot of those varkids are fully grown, so the pimp should do wonders.

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Yeah, I have a ricochet fibber. I’ll have to try it. I just brought over all my Loot Hunt lady fists, so that is simplifying things too.

I can’t seem to get the pimp working at all, except sometimes on Vermi himself. All the others just move too quickly and the spots are small.

(Shure) #76

Is there a trick to using the Veruc because I’m finding it less than impressive with my Maya? I seem to down enemies quicker with a Scorpio (both Shock versions).

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My preferred weapon against varkids is the Heartbreaker + (fire) Bone of the Ancients. I use Thoughtlock to group them, then lay waste.

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This isn’t the thoughtlock thread

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My bad. No disrespect intended.

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The Scorpio can do a bit better with a single enemy but the veruc does well with crowds after converge.

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