[Build] Maya the Twisted Pimp

(Where's lucky?) #81

I WA joking, but the heartbreaker wont do that well on UBA’s and Vermi.

(Shure) #82

Good video, thanks. Will give it another look. Gotta go find myself a Quasar!

I think it may have been you who pointed me towards an Antagonist, too. If so, many thanks! I’ve binned my Hoplite and I’m getting a lot of fun out of it. It’s a fab shield.

I notice you don’t seem to use KR much. You don’t find it helps when you’re surrounded by mobs?

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It’s not that I don’t find it helpful, its that in the motion tree there are so many great skills.

Tier one, both are great and since I have a com that boosts them both I split it so I get both.

Tier two, Suspension just gives me more than KR. Wreck, Elated, Chain Reaction, better chance for Sweet Release.

Tier three, I go inertia all the time. Both reload and shield regen, yes please.

I just find Inertia to be better for my survival because KR doesn’t work on splash, dots, grenades, melee, novas, barrels, etc… Unless I build around boosting KR, I would rather go inertia. KR at 5/5 is good but not as good as inertia or suspension IMO.

I did go full KR on my melee maya set up. So I don’t always ignore it and here it was amazing.

So if you are going RR, FotFH, or Love Thumper I go KR, if not Inertia.

(Sheriff) #84

I totally agree with your assessment that the Veruc can be one of the greatest gun in the game. Considering that it shots 10 bullets in about one second when you ADS, it’s a bit like a shotgun with slow fire rate…where every pellet has full AR damage…and the whole thing is much more accurate than any shotgun except the Striker. It’s not even in the honorable mentions in the Maya top Gear.

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Added a thumbnail

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Starting the DLC’s

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Looking forward to catching up on your vids. Good play, entertaining commentary.

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In that case, sorry this one I let run for 50 mins. I lost track of time…

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The finish of the Pirate Dlc

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I have been watching a bunch of your videos on this build I never was to big on Maya but I’m going to have to try this build out. How does it work with the Gwen’s Head?

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It can work really well as long as you can land crits. I

(Sheriff) #92

For what it’s worth, I’ve run something similar with the Hornet as my corrosive weapon and it wrecked everything, so I figure the Gwen’s head should behave about the same. No splash and improved crits means that hitting crits will be much more important as Derch said.

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Here is the gwens head, as well as the teapot and hornet inaction with this build.

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A video on my shield choice by request

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About the shield parts about 6:20, the upper one has hyperion parts.

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Started DLC 2

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Another video with the build but this time the sloth instead of pimp

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Where’d you find this misinformation?

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I haven’t had time to read through all of the replies yet, so I apologise if this has already been asked and answered anywhere. Can anybody recommend a temporary alternative to the Bekah as it’s proving a real pain to farm.

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hammerbuster or really any non shotgun/sniper that is effective