[Build] Maya the Twisted Pimp

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Derch, how would you say this build performs when it comes to the be all, end all of endgame content? Can you one shot a raid boss with it? Like, maybe a Grog-drunk Chain Reaction Ahab-splosion or something, where Voracidous explodes into puke balls?


I’m actually posting here to say that I haven’t broken away from my usual Thought Lock + Ruin build, but I’ve been considering giving this build a little burn on some OP8 Peak runs for a change of pace. If nothing else, I thoroughly enjoy watching the build in your videos. Your commentary doesn’t suck, either.

Now, about those puke balls…

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You can one shot a lot of regular bosses or at least one phaselock kill them.

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Yeah. I was really making a playful nod to your excellent “raiding vs mobbing” video. Probably my favorite so far.

I may be a rarity in that I actually enjoy watching gameplay videos, and this build and similar (MoLMF’s) are probably my favorite to see on screen. As a Maya player, I appreciate how much there is to manage in challenging mob scenarios, and it’s cool to see the way in which this build is leveraged to do it. Seeing clusters of enemies get melted by CR is visually impressive.

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Derch, I was able to obtain a bekah, but it has the jakobs stock. Would a purple allegiance relic make it viable to use? As of now it jumps all over the place.

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As I’ve referenced many times, my go-to is a Thought Lock build. I mention it now to highlight the contrast as I finally gave your build a thorough play test.

Life Tap is a THING. Straight across, Olin my opinion, Quicken > Sustenance, Life Tap >>>>> Sub-Sequence, Thought Lock > Scorn. Again, my opinion. Having said that, Life Tap is so good, it really evens the overall picture. I was blown away at how much of an impact it had.

i had a great time with it. Thank you for promoting this build. It’s a great time!

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I’m currently trying a Thoughtlock build with Maya- it takes a little getting used to not seeing enemies floating in a phase bubble…:sunglasses:

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I’ve been having trouble trying to farm Bekah and twister, is there any other guns that would suffice? I’ve been farming weeks trying to get em and have not been able to.

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For the twister you want a close range high power shotgun type gun, quad, ravager, dpuh are all good choices.

I used to have a shock pimp instead of the bekah, but a neutral lady fist would also work, hammerbuster is an option

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Is the Veruc any good with Maya and Chain Reaction? I have yet to try it, still looking for a Veruc.

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Very good

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(Sheriff) #133

I would be tempted to recommend a Slow Hand as a twister replacement and a Dahl Minigun for the Bekah. Would that make sense ?

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I wouldn’t recommend the Slowhand as a substitution only because it doesn’t work with Chain Reaction. Other than that I do love the Slowhand, it’s my favorite of the Moxxi weapons.

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The slowhand is a great sub, while it doesn’t work with chain reaction it does work amazing with converge and you have the pimp for chain. Slowhand, Converge, and Cloudkill are amazing together. Also the slowhand is one of the best guns with Restoration in the entire game.

Minigun could work as well.

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I’ve used a Lascaux a bit as a sub for a non-elemental weapon while trying out this build. Not sure if we’re exactly on the same page, so I won’t speak for Derch, but I like the Bekah as a non-elemental choice for enemies who resist the element of the Bone I’ve chosen for an area. So, if I’m wearing a corrosive Bone and using a corrosive Pimp, the Bekah is for fleshy enemies, and I still want CR to work off weapons in that slot.

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So I originally had 3 pimps and a twister and I found that I never really used the shock pimp. When I started playing with the Bekah more it quickly replaced the shock pimp, with its synergy with Chain Reaction and Restoration as well as just being an amazing gun it was a perfect fit. It also out performs the pimp in certain cases as well as the different ammo pool helped.

That slot could be NE or shock but you I think its best fit with a medium/long range neutral element gun that can fill the gaps between pimps. That is the role of the bekah, Surveyors, Crystalisks, Fire resistant flesh enemies, when you have a mix of armor and flesh close together, be able to compete with pimp dps when ammo is low, etc…

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(Chachava) #138

Spent a bit more time playing with this build now and I’m absolutely loving it, despite the Bekah still eluding me. I do have a question though. When working my way up the OP levels, how often would you recommend farming for new gear? I managed to make it through to OP2 with level 72 gear, but I got mauled by Slagged Centurion Spiderants on my run for OP3 and was rapidly running out of ammo anyway. Is this just a case of me still pretty much sucking at this game, or will I need to farm for new gear now? Neither of those scenarios would exactly surprise me, lol.

(Cast Iron Chef) #139

In the OP levels, you’ll want new gear about every 2 levels or so depending on how your current gear is holding up. A DPUH can last 3 or more levels if it has a Torgue grip, but a regular Harold wouldn’t necessarily do the same.

(Where's lucky?) #140

What he said, also replace gear as you need it. It’s not like at op2 have you have to replace all your 72 gear. Just what is needed. Like Gulf said you dpuh can last longer or if you are beehawking replace your bee, not your hawk, etc…

(Ensign Rook) #141

I unfortunately have yet to find either a Twister or a Bekah… In total, I’ve spent nearly 12 hours trying to find the Twister, with two OOO spawns and no Twister drops. And the closest I’ve come to a Bekah was a God Finger, which was a real kick in the pants. So what replacement would you say is best? I have a Shock Ladyfist, and a DPUH, those could probably fill these slots, yes? Not a replacement, especially not that Ladyfist which doesn’t hold up especially well with Chain Reaction. I’m still working on getting that Twister, though!

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Twister is a pain to farm, I got a bunch during the loothunt. In fact it was the hunt that had me revisit it and put it into my build. As far as replacements for it

  • DPUH
  • Ravager
  • Quad
  • Jolly Rodger
  • Blockhead

For the bekah like I said a few times I used to have just a shock pimp there but any neutral shock or ne gun can do, but I do like having something outside the sniper ammo pool.

  • Lady Fist
  • Hammerbuster
  • Maggie
  • Bitch
  • PC
  • Dahl Mini Gun
  • Scorpio
  • the list goes on