[Build] Maya the Twisted Pimp

(Ensign Rook) #143

Plasma Caster. I always forget and overlook these, but I also always have at least one on my character. I’ll stow the Ladyfist and give the good ol’ SMG a try.Thanks for your insight.

(Shure) #144

What Derch said. I recently got Maya to OP8 and used a L71 Sapping Sandhawk for a lot of it, replacing The Bee every few levels or so. Still worked fine at the end.

Other gear I’d recommend replacing every three or four levels (or when you notice a dropoff in performance) include:

Hornet - easiest farm in the game and the best weapon for anything armoured, with or without The Bee. Will make it so much easier. easy to farm from Knuckledragger.

Pimpernel (Corrosive). Like the Sandhawk, I used a L72 one right through to OP8. Great for picking off tanks etc at a distance. Up to OP5 or OP6 I didn’t even need The Bee with it, but after that helped a lot.

Hellfire - for Skags and other flesh enemies. Easy to farm from Scorch and if you’re lucky like I was it will often drop during the OP run itself, since a pair of Scorches appear after OP4 IIRC. So often no farming necessary!

A good Launcher for those inevitable FFYL moments.

DPUH every 3-4 levels. Farming Torgue Tokens very easy via the Bar Room Brawl

Antagonist shield for those non-Bee moments (e.g. the Assassins). You can easily farm Pyro Pete for Seraph Crystals every so often and he sometimes drops other Legendaries as a bonus. And you can kill several birds with one stone by getting Torgue Tokens at the same time

Florentine - might be character specific, but with Maya was a brilliant weapon. May be farmed the same as the Antagonist. Great for stripping shields and slagging enemies at the same time.

Magic Missiles for Slag. Level doesn’t matter, since you don’t need them for their damage potential, just Slag.

A decent Incendiary Shotgun.

The above worked for me. Turns out not a lot of farming was needed in the end. Aside from gear, I recommend you get a friend to help. It’s so much easier with two people.

(Spark Seeker) #145

Hey Derch, the Swordsplosion is a really good fit in this setup due to Chain Reaction. But is it a good sub for the Twister? It is kinda suicidal when you shot it in your face, but you can control the field with Quasar and PL anyway.

(Maxageddon) #146

I use a casual swordsplosion for my “Twister Spot” and it’s a total beast. It rules in FFYL, and accelerate will give it a little more distance (I use Sloths for my version of this build, so I have no negatives with accelerate). You aren’t going to point blank anything with it (although I did with my hoplite build version since I could without fully depleting my shield), and you brought up a good point with PL and Maya’s ability to control the battlefield.

Granted, I’m not Derch, nor an expert player by any means, but I am a raging fan of this gun.

(Where's lucky?) #147

Its a great gun and works great in the build, but its about the worst twister replacement you can use.

The twister is mainly for enemies in your face, the sword doesn’t work for that.

(Carlton Slayer) #148

Would a Quad be a good replacement, especially a Rustler’s Quad?

(Sheriff) #149

Doc’s Quad > Rustlers Quad

Every time.

If you’re close enough that those 2 extra pellets will hit and translate into more damage, that means you’re close enough to mitigate the lowered accuracy the Rustlers prefix gives.
And if you’re that close, you’re close enough crit.
If just 2 pellets hit crit, you’re already doing more damage than a perfect case for the Rustlers.

And if you’re just a bit farther, the Doc’s will land more pellets anyway.

(Carlton Slayer) #150

So in order of prefix preference for multi pellet shotguns- Doc, Rustler and third would be what? In what circumstance would a Rustler prefix be better than a Doc prefix, the Orphan maker notwithstanding. Is it just a matter of the number of pellets involved?

(Where's lucky?) #151

Pretty much a pellet count thing. Adding 2 pellets to 7 or less is pretty good, adding 2 pellets to 18 or more does less.

Also your quad or Torgue barrel shotguns already have terrible accuracy, making it worse isn’t the best idea.

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(Sheriff) #152

Rule of thumbs

Avoid blades and the mag size prefix

Doc’s is ALWAYS a good option.
Rustlers is only good on single barrels.
well kept is always a nice substitute.
Texas is always good but only on Jakobs and Torgue.
Huntin’ is always good on 3 barrels or more.

That last one is waaayyy underrated IMO.

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I’m somewhat unfamiliar with OP leveling. Say I"m OP2, did some story, upgraded some gear and then made it to OP 3. Does that reset my story progress. If so, do you just redo the story to get your updated gear?

(Where's lucky?) #154

OP levels are just set difficulties, they don’t change your progress of your missions.

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Thanks for the info and quick reply. I played this game a bunch in summer of 13, before all of this came out. Just got the handsome collection and am trying to figure out all this new info. Its like a brand new game almost.

(Wh-?! A mask?! This is tooootally my face! I... uh... ) #156

I’ve been running a version of this which is strictly for solo play (no Restoration or Rez, max Life Tap) lately. Just sharing a few of my thoughts after having run it a lot:

  • I’ve tried the Evo, Antagonist, Bee, Neogenator, and a few purple Tediore shields with it, and came to the conclusion that there isn’t a reason for me to not take advantage of the Bee. Simply put, I’m not dying. Frankly, I tend to kill things so fast that I really don’t have a chance to be overwhelmed. When the shield does break, something- or some thingS have already been removed from the map, so I really don’t get overwhelmed.

  • Wow, Sawbar. Wow. My usual TL + Ruin build has me flying through Southpaw runs, and I’m now doing them even faster with this build and a Sawbar. It is simply ridiculous.

  • I’m finding that proper use of landscape and Scorn have me rarely needing Quasars, so I’ve been using a Chain Lightning almost exclusively for a few days. As I’m running toward an area, I’ll often lead with Scorn --> Chain Lightning, so things are coming at me slagged and stripped, and I’m there holding PL, with a Bee up, and a good weapon. Everything melts. In areas without shielded enemies, I still keep the Quasar equipped, for the rare occasions when I actually toss it.

  • Seriously. Sawbar.

  • This build even makes an NE Practicable Butcher feel absurdly powerful.

(Powder Keg82) #157

I just want to say thank you Derch for putting this build up here, and for all your Borderlands 2 content. I’ve got over 1400 hours into this game and haven’t had this much fun wrecking face till now. Maya has always been my favorite character, but I never really liked ‘nursing’ or relying solely on Moxxi guns. The Twisted Pimp build provides more than enough healing and still lets me rock Ruin and Converge. On top of that, I haven’t had to resort to Shamfleeting or Beehawking yet on this playthrough.

Just curious if you had any plans to do a solo Peak run with Maya the Twisted Pimp for your YouTube channel? Thanks again, and I hope you continue to provide the badass Borderlands 2 content. Subscribed!

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(Wh-?! A mask?! This is tooootally my face! I... uh... ) #158

I went to Hyperius tonight to figure him out with Maya. I had a build and plan in mind, and was excited to try it out.

I ran in and started fighting, began working on killing 3 bots, and realized once I was time committed that I forgot to respec from your build. At that point, I shrugged, laughed, and started firing Scorn every time it came up.

So, I killed Hyperius first try tonight. And second. And third. No respec necessary. Unreal. I may try this against SoCraw, just to see how it goes. I’ve beaten him with Thought Lock, but now I’m wondering…

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(Maxageddon) #159


What was your load out for this?? I get ■■■■■■■ slaughtered every time

(Where's lucky?) #160

It doesn’t hold up agaisn’t the Dragons and Vora so well but Hype, Pete, and Terra can all be had wtih it

(Wh-?! A mask?! This is tooootally my face! I... uh... ) #161

@maxageddon I wrote it up here: What did you do in BL2 during your most recent session?

The respec is unnecessary, but does make it faster and easier (Fleet helps create space so his jumps take longer).

@ Derch Scorn wound up being the key, of course. So damn useful.

How are you getting Terra? Haven’t tried him yet with this build.

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(Wh-?! A mask?! This is tooootally my face! I... uh... ) #162

As an aside, Derch, I wanted to ad this:

I loved your mobbing vs raiding video. I agree, completely. While I’m having fun with these raids at the moment, it really is more of a script process than read & react. There is definitely more ‘skill’ involved in mobbing tough areas. Lynchwood requires more thinking than Hyperius.