[Build] Maya the Twisted Pimp

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Beehawk like always

(Wh-?! A mask?! This is tooootally my face! I... uh... ) #164

I’ll have to give it a go

(Wh-?! A mask?! This is tooootally my face! I... uh... ) #165

The soul of this build has become my new go-to, despite my love of Thought Lock. Since I only play solo, it has evolved slightly. Restoration and Res are pointless (puuuunnn) for me, and Elated doesn’t do anything for me. It’s frequently down too fast to be useful, and Life Tap and Sweet Release cover it, anyway. This would be different if I played co-op.

Here’s what I’ve settled into:


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(Shure) #166

Looks quite similar to my build, up the the point where I choose to put points into Quicken as opposed to continuing to Scorn. I tend to have P/L up pretty much all the time if I can help it (minion-less bosses excepted). Bit loathe to take away my crutch, although you mentioning that Scorn tackles missiles is new to me and gives me pause for thought…

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I so want to try this, but alas I have no Bekah nor a Twister… sad monkey remains sad…

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Use a quad and hammerbuster

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I might have better luck finding the Bekah and Twister! I knew there was a reason people save seemingly random guns to me! Thanks, I’ll bolo for them too.

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Update: grabbed hammer buster and quad and slightly tweaked build for solo. Went to peak, got all the way to assassins, and died… thought I had a quasar, if I do idk where it is. … sad monkey remains sad…

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Would a shock buster be a good replacement for the twister?

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A what now? What’s a “buster”?

(Cast Iron Chef) #173

This is the first time I’ve heard of it as well. It’s not a Hammer Buster because that’s a NE AR. I don’t know of any weapons that are named “Buster”.

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Updated with new build video, and added cloud kill to the OP

(Mleeninga) #175

Amazing build, Derch! I’ve used it ever since you posted a video on youtube explaining it. Had my first successful 0 to OP8 1-life run with a variation of this build. (Didn’t need the coop skills and couldn’t get some of the gear.) Very powerful and tanky. Probably my second favorite build to play after sniper Zero.

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Glad to hear it

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Still using the version I linked Dec '15. I find it to be the best all around build (whether your co-op version, or my solo distribution) with just about every gear set, in just about every map. I respec to TL/Sub-Sequence against Invincible Craw, but I don’t bother to anywhere else – even where TL is better. I even use this when I’m going grenade crazy with a Big Boom Blaster, or going Jakobs heavy, or goofing off with Shamfleeting, etc.

Scorn is incredibly useful. It’s the key to so many things.

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(Wownircohen) #178

hey Derch if you remember i was looking for a maya build
and after some reading it seems Teisted pimp is exactly what i was looking for ! ^^
but until i can get my hands on weapons like Bekah /Twister
which weapons i can use for the leveling procces?
im only lvl 20 as i just started but i will get to 72-op8 in no time :slight_smile:

edit:i just noticed that in your skill description you say you use Cloud kill but in the skills calculator picture you dont have a point in Cloud kill

sooo do you use it or not ^^?

(What does it all mean!?) #179

Cloud kill obliterates the early game, Normal mode is almost unfair with it… Derch’s build is an endgame build, you have many options in the early game and it’s a tossup to run to straight to Ruin or to balance with Converge, Cloud Kill and Wreck, I prefer the latter because slag isn’t as important in Normal and TVHM edit: personally, after a few chars. I found leveling to be the most fun with whatever good weapons i came across and building around those or my class mod.

(Where's lucky?) #180

I do I just never updated the pic

(Where's lucky?) #181

When I level I spec and build around what I find

(Wownircohen) #182

i saw you posted another video today^^
i think that today after work i will stop playing and watch most of your BL2 videos :slight_smile:
you deserve it and i need to learn more ^^
so prepare for a rain of likes !