[Build] Mayhem 3 + TVHM ready | Radiation Ice Fire Build

Created this build for Mayhem 3 + TVHM End Game Content in Borderlands 3
Been using the build for a while & happy that it still works after the patch.

For build tree, gear & dps footage please see video below. Hope you have fun with the build. :slight_smile:


Build Overview:

  • Does Radiation, Cryo & Fire, Splash Damage
  • Doing all 3 types of damage means this build will chew thru any type of mobs regardless of color of the bar (Shield, Armor & Flesh)
  • Perfect for lazy people like me as I seldom needs to switch guns
  • High Sustain single target & AOE damage for Mayhem3 + TVHM Circle of Slaughter.

Weapon of Choice:
Primary weapon : Cyro Splash Weapon

  • Handgun (Devil Foursome)
  • Shotgun (The Lab)

Secondary Weapon: Kinetic Splash Weapon

  • Backup weapon
  • Shotgun (Casual Flakker)

Mass AOE Weapon: Radiation Splash Weapon

  • Nuclear Jericho

Other Gear in build:

  • Shield (Any Front Loader )
  • Nade (Any Radiation Hex)
  • Artifact (Atom Balm)
  • Mod (Blood Letter)

Post Update:

Skill Tree Screenshot (Per Request Below)


Might want to link skill trees, a lot of people don’t watch video’s.

Sure, will add some screenshots + skill trees pics later today :wink:

I’ve uploaded my save of this build on the nexus and put the appropriate credits in.

Let me know if you have any issues :smiley:
Love the build!