[Build] Melee Maya

So far I have only proven this to op0, but I am working on trying it on op8. It focuses on a lot of maya’s survival skills like KR and Lifetap to help her close the gap between enemies.

The Build

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The Gear


This is pretty obvious and this build unlike a lot of zer0 builds you will use this 90% of the time since lifetap at 10/5 makes this have the same healing as the Rubi. Since you also have scorn and phaselock you don’t need to slag as often but you still want this in slag. With 5/5 flicker is slags decent.


When you don’t have your kill skills up you need this, but you should have your kill skills up most of the time so sometimes your first enemy you will use this and then swap back to the Rapier.


This can really be what ever, I used a twister in the video below but any launcher, DPUH, really anything you want.

Flying Enemy Gun

I didn’t have this equipped in the video, but you will want something for Buzzards, Surveyors and maybe Rakks (but you can just melee them as they fly in. A corrosive Pimp is a good choice here.

Mirrored Trickster

A lot of the other gear are pretty obvious choices, this to some not as much. I went with it because of the survival it gave me. With +6 to KR I have 100% deflection chance, 110% damage reduction (which heals you), and 220% damage on reflection. Now with 10/5 lifetap I have 12% life steal. So when an enemy shoots me I get 10% health instead of damage, and that bullet reflects back to them with 220% damage in which I get 12% of that back in the form of health. Also if I do take damage from them I also deal more damage to them with 5/5 Recompense and I believe I also get lifetap from that. So as long as my kill skills are up I am very hard to kill, and with a few points in fleet as well as phaselock and converge I can get to my target without much worry.

Love Thumper

I choose this as the main melee shield for a few reasons. Converge works well with the nova, it also works well with fleet, and recompense. And with Recompense, KR, and Life Tap you have a lot of survival with your shield down.

Chain Lighting

I have this for those times I do need to heal up, and the stripping of the Love Thumper which you don’t have to do often. Most of the time, if you have your kill skills up, you can just toss it without swapping to the grog, but if your KS’s are down then hold the grog. It’s sometimes good to throw this as you engage a new mob.

Might of the Seraphs

A lot of people say this relic sucks because its only an additive bonus, but for melee Maya its great. Maya doesn’t have a lot of melee boosts so this isn’t lost in diminishing returns. Also the melee override cooldown is great for scorn since you don’t have any action skill cooldown, you want scorn often for slag.


Coming Soon

Video of Gameplay



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It was fun, you should try it.

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not my cup of tea

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Looks interesting but for me, 2 things: 1- Harmony was the first tree I specced into when I first started playing Maya but being OCD about opening every box, crate, container, port-a-potty, locker, chest, refuse pile, etc. I come across I got a little tired of slagging myself with Scorn so it’s a lot easier for me to not use Scorn than to try not to open anything :grin: And as Blight Phoenix has a habit of blowing up barrels when you pass them, I’d most likely take Foresight instead- I know this is a melee build but reload speed still beats blowing yourself up by getting near an explosive barrel, unless you’re using the burning damage to heal yourself… :sunglasses:

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BP works well here because of life tap and stunning enemies. Also its just about learning to use scorn, hell in the video you can see me adapt to it as I use it wrong at first. All the DOT damage combined gets some work done and softens up enemies.

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Nice, Derch!
Your spec is pretty much the one I use with Jakobs Maya and the RR, but I never tought about using the Trickster to further increase my survivability. Well done!

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Ran it on op8

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Recently turned Bl2 on for the first time in a while and decided to look at these forums later that night. I’m glad I did because this build is very unexpected, challenging and fun for Maya.

I feel much more attentive when I play and while I usually have trouble with it in OP 8 I’ve had success mobbing, it just doesn’t allow a lot room error.

Glad I picked up the game again and I’m surprised there are still patches for it. Very cool.
Disappointingly online has so many players using and dumping clearly hacked gear, Gunzerker are still disgustingly broken and shamfleeters still run rampant vaporizing everything before I even use my action skill.
Maybe new patches will address this but ultimately thank you for sharing your build Derch.


So I had posted another separate bandit maya thread but with roid shields this seems close to what I want to do – If I wanted to run a bandit allegiance maya (roid shields, only bandit class mods, only bandit grenades) at 72, would this build be viable or would I want to change some skills around and maybe melee less to make up for the lack of rapier damage and grog healing?

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not at all, I posted in your other thread.

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