[Build] Metal Gear Bear - Mayhem 10 Iron Bear Build (Guardian Takedown approved!)

No, neither the Flesh Melter prefix nor passive bonuses to elemental damage do anything for Iron Bear. The only bonus to elemental damage that applies to Bear comes from Stoke the Embers. However, Flesh Melter in theory could work for Moze’s corrosive weapons if Auto Bear’s kills with Sabot count as corrosive kills. I’ve not tested that myself so I have no idea if it even works.

As far as the DPS in this build is concerned, you don’t need to go crazy with farming the Deathless. All you really need for this build is one with bonus AOE damage and you’re all set. The Plus Ultra is more than generous with boosting Bear’s max armour and if you run Topped Off, then you can easily go full-pilot mode and just man the turret while Auto Bear helps clean the rest of the area. At that point, the prefix of the artefact really does not matter one bit, and TO easily makes up for the absence of any anointments or passive bonuses to cooldown rate.

The only piece of gear with the correct anointment that’s worth farming for in this build imho, is It’s Piss w/ 20% chance to spawn when Bear sustains damage, and that’s one you don’t even need to re-farm with each level cap increase because its base damage is irrelevant. Other than that, the build is not so gear-dependent in the sense of requiring perfect or near-perfect rolls on gear.

Thanks for the response. I got an It’s Piss 20% spawn last night on a second Mayhem 10 run at Konrad’s Hold. It has turned Moze and Bob (Big Ol’ Bear) from fun to insanely fun! I am a no-one on the forum but I cannot recommend this build highly enough. The gear items are quick to farm and it has rebooted my enjoyment of the game.


I want to thank you as well Dr. for the response and some more explanation on the build. I am trying to farm a better class mod. Farming proving grounds for raging but still unlucky. After playing hundreds of hours it seems like very very rare to get. A have one bear trooper with 2 grizzled and 2 stainless with the correct anointment of 20 action skill damage which I am using right now. Also have a 4 point stainless with splash 33%lv60 which I’ve used before. What is better in your opinion and what do you think is the best place to farming bear trooper coms after your experience ? Greetings

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Before the game was released, I had already made up my mind to play and main Moze first because of Iron Bear. A full-on pilot build is the best type of build to level up with imho, and also the easiest type of build to make for Mayhem 10 because it requires far less gear and you don’t even need the gear to be at the level cap. I use this build when I want to speed-farm the takedowns.

I’m one of those players who is not such an advocate of the Raging Bear; the super-low drop rate attached to it is a bad joke. What’s more, we now have three Bear class mods to choose from, all of which are best served with +5 SSB and passive bonuses to action skill damage, splash and max health. If anything, it makes more sense to me to farm the new Flare COM so that you can switch to that for bossing and then back to the Bear Trooper for mobbing with max fuel-efficiency.

The more points in SSB, the better and although splash is 2nd best as a passive to action skill damage, it helps make the damage formula more commensurate which is what you want when optimising your total DPS. I would choose the lvl 60 mod you mentioned. Honestly, I don’t even farm Bear Trooper class mods because I find a few of them on my travels anyway.

Btw, the only piece of lvl 65 gear I have for this build is the Plus Ultra. Everything else is lvl 60 or lower and not even with perfect rolls, but it still easily clears any content. So don’t get hung up over feeling like you need to cater to countless hours of RNG.

Any build I make, I try to make it effective without relying on RNG as far as weapons and gear are concerned. If I had a very niche build (such as my melee Moze one) that is reliant on gear with perfect stats that have near-impossible odds of showing up in any other player’s game, I wouldn’t even bother writing up a build thread for it. A truly decent build should not only be strong enough, but also accessible enough to anyone else without always needing the best anointments or the best collection of passive bonuses, etc.

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The best way for farm class mods(and relics) imo is actually via mayhem modifiers. Lootsplosion triggers on every crit kill and showers you with relic’s, com’s and shields. Which is great because that means you can play whatever content you like and passively get 'em.

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That is a good hint maybe I switch from my slayer|speed ;mob mentality; pool party; buddy anointments to easy loot anointed. For heavy modifiers I usual run pool because I am so much protected by old god I B and transformer shield to interact with. My suggestion is always leave a Comment about the mayhem modifiers to run with just if they’re a special interaction-) by the way what modifiers you usually play dr dragon and particularly for this build is there something ‘special’ to keep in mind.

Sometimes I switch to Fl4k and have some fun with a gamma burst urad shotgun loadout and because I chiefly use the Reflux in that build, both the Laser Fare and Buddy System modifiers provide you with targets which allow you to use the multiplier of matching corrosive damage with armour. Corrosive Sabot Round is Iron Bear’s angle on the same thing, and just firing a sabot round at a buddy system drone is enough damage to destroy the drone and the enemy it was protecting in just one shot, provided it’s within the radius.

Failing to get one or both of the above mentioned modifiers, Ticked Off is an ‘empty’ modifier which doesn’t really affect you in this build and if you play this pilot build right, you can get away with Rogue Lite as well so that your DPS is not penalised in any shape or form.

I abhor any modifiers that randomly make enemies immune to any elemental damage, so I usually settle with either Healy Avenger or Mob Mentality. The best easy modifier is obviously Speed Demon, but I use Iron Bear for farming when playing as Moze and so the Lootsplosion modifier is quite handy to have on farming runs. But at the same time, you don’t need to drive yourself crazy re-rolling the modifiers; out of all the 8 modifiers that I recommended, I currently have only 2 of them active and am still rocking this build with zero issues.

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I have just finished a Slaughtershaft Mayhem 10 run with this build and Lootsplosion, Healy Avenenger, Laser Fare and Holy Crit modifiers. It may not be the quickest (that may be down to me!) to clear but Moze never fired a single bullet! Piloting Bear and Dakka Turret use took care of everything. I used to see YouTube videos of people having the map dotted with Legendary Stars and thinking “I want to do that some day”. Now I can!

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