[Build] Monstrum in Animo (72-OP4) (WIP)

This is a rework of a 2 year old thread of mine, the original can be found here. Decided to rework it in a new thread rather than bumping a 2 year old one.

It has proven itself to work on op4 just fine, slagless. Slowly will be worked towards OP8 aswel.

-Do you like the elements?
-Do you like shotguns, and a surprisingly good AR considered worthy as a spiritual succesor to the Draco?
-Like using BXR, and releasing your inner beast?

This build is based around that, with a bit of ranged combat pepperd in with a rifle that works great in his hands.

The build
With some help from @xmngr & @Chuck80, so kudo’s to them!


Empty The Rage 5/5: More melee damage, more effective BXR.
Feed the Meat5/5: More health is good, same for recharge delay.
Embrace the Pain 5/5: Firerate ads to the DPS, recharge delay is always good.
Redeem the Soul 1/1: Help a friend in need! And even hwen you do solo, that extra time comes in handy.
Salt the Wound 5/5: One of my favorite skills for him since it makes for an excellent use with shotguns.
Silence the Voices 5/5: Drastically increased melee damage; pro’s outweight the cons even if it gets annoying.
Release the Beast 1/1: Our button when ■■■■ goes awry, more melee damage, damage reduction and giving a new meaning to being a badass.


Burn, Baby, Burn 5/5: Pretty much one of the staples to make a powerfull elemental beast.
Fuel the Fire 5/5: More chance to proc the elements is always good, setting K on fire aswell.
Numbed Nerves 5/5: Damage reduction for surivability.
Pain is Power 8/5: Beneficial to the loadout, crit reduction isn’t that bad.
Elemental Elation 11/5: DPS boost, Will make the loadout happy.
Delusional Damage 1/1: Since the build isn’t just based around dealing fire damage this is a must have.
Fire Fiend 5/5: Kicking the downside of shotguns in the ass while increasing reload speed and adding the ability to use the Buzz Axe as a elemental weapon.
Flame Flare 5/5: More time that enemies are on fire.
Elemental Empathy 5/5: "Rampage and heal, heal and rampage"
Raving Retribution: Pretty much dealing more fire damage. Crippled against armored enemies but it still comes in handy to possibly keep the rest going.

The gear:

Twister: Jakobs quad that does shock damage, best from both worlds. Used against large shields, really tough bastards and Nomads.
Sawbar: Our ranged tool when shotguns don’t cut it, knowing the sweetspot decimates your enemies.
Emperor/Hellfire: technically the slot in which anything goes with the exception of shotguns. HellFire is great for the Hellborn side of things. A Flying Emperor is surprisingly good in his hands for mobbing when the stacks are going.
Butcher (corrosive/fire): The main guns in this build, swapped out depending on needs.

In backpack:
: -WIP-

Shield: Neogenator: More health, low capacity and yet protection from the elements.
-Alternative: Rough Rider: Pretty much made for him. While set as alternative, I highly recommend this over the Neo in the OP levels.
Grenades: Longbow Storm Front: The tool to set him on fire. Used for its very large area of effect.
COM: Razed Toast: More burn chance is always good, more chance for the Buzz Axe to set things on fire.
Relic: Blood of the Ancients Since we run 3 shotguns more ammo is great to have. Same goes for having more health.

Gameplay video’s:

Things to do in revisions:


There might, and will be better builds out there.
Raiding is probably out of the question.
Running out of grenades happens often, since it is used as a catalyst. Twister/Hellfire works around that a bit.


You might consider the Rough Rider as an option since it’s always depleted and it has that nice 20% damage resistance.
Other than that, it’s a cool build :slight_smile:

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And the RR is already in the OP, right under the Neo.