[Build] "Mowze them down to their roots" M10 level 65 no need for Iron Bear

The Moze M10 build that does it all

Massive root splash damage build, clears every content!

You will die. Seriously (just kidding, you won’t)
Showcasing my rad root build
The root can’t be used in combination with TCP without dying if you don’t have some specific items, cause its radius gets so massive that you can’t escape.
So i thought, why not make use of that big a** splash radius and here we are.

Slaughter shaft sub 20 minutes
Maliwan true takedown sub 10!! minutes
Guardian takedown ~ 15-20 minutes
Guardian true takedown ~ 25-35 minutes

! If you have problems with epilepsy, don’t watch the videos below!

Skill Tree

For the green tree, Cloud of Lead is one of mozes fire skills that doesn’t affect you while dealing splash damage, as the fire damage gets calculated/added on hit not on shot i believe. I definitley know that it won’t down you.
Scrypp for more gun damage.


For the blue tree you can’t use Fire in the Skag Den! This will add fire to the splash damage and kill you every single shot.
Grizzled and Stainless Steel Bear are only to get down further in the tree.
Vampyr for heal and Short Fuse for more splash damage.

Red tree starts off pretty basic, with one difference to other deathless builds.
I’m still using Thin Red Line to get the low capacity of the redsuit a little higher at default, so you can also run trough areas without getting oneshot by every enemy.

Avoid the Holy Crit Modifier, you’ll lose really much splash damage

Class Mod





5:56 Maliwan TTD speedrun updated level 65 setup
Guardian TTD 27:31 run no Dakka Bear
Maliwan TTD 6:37 Speedrun
Oneshot General Traunt
Oneshot Captain Traunt
Ruiner kill
!Why Redistribuiton is useless here!

Click Here For the Build Template used for this post


That’s a lot of IB investment for a “No IB build”.

Looks good though! Nice one.

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Since we can’t use fitsd, and only use vampyr to heal and don’t need to proc any mindsweeper nades, we really don’t need those points anywhere else in the blue tree
At least you can still use iron bear if you want to :slight_smile:
Don’t worry about it :wink:
Also thank you!

I tried making a shock version of this and it didn’t really work out all that well in Guardian TTD. I mean it was okay but I was better of using the plaguebearer.

Maybe if I can find an artifact with shock damage + sniper damage + AOE damage it might work out. But this build is awesome. Really like it!

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Shock can’t utilize Elemental Projector the same way Radiation can. Filling your Transformer is nice, but it can’t really compete with dealing 3x damage to shields, 2x damage to flesh, and neutral damage to armor especially when you factor Short Fuse.

A Corrosive weapon that won’t blow you up covers the only downside of a full Radiation build.

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I’m a bit confused as all of your COMs /relics seem to have additional splash damage and AOE listed, is the real key to not blowing yerself up not using FItSD?

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Im running a similar build (NO FITSD and i do use IB) and its fun AF. Add a Rad Plaguebearer with 50/150 to end all life lol

Great Build TBH :smiley:

PS. Farming the Red Suit was a Pain…

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Ah…it seems like aiming is optional. That seems really fun but some specific equipment needed.

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Yes, I explain it all in the post :slight_smile:

Absolute god roll class mod and artifact there for this. Very well played! Basically perfect weapon annointment, grenade and annointment. I can’t see how you can improve that equipment list!!

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Why didn’t you spec into pull the holy pin and redistribution?

cause they are useless for this setup, we aren’t using a mindsweeper so we don’t need any grenades that crit, vampyr heal is enough without it
same for redistribution, we don’t need the health regen at all and the mag of the root is so small that the ammo regeneration doesn’t give you anything back

I think you underestimating the value of the ammo regen from Redistribution. For me, it cut down on overall ammo consumption by 40-50%. On net, it is probably not a huge deal, but if you’re cheap like me, it is worth the single point.

Trust me, i don’t
With a mag of 6, 5% ammo regen gives you literally nothing back. With a higher mag, maybe
Most ammo regen is coming from mod

If you feel you don’t need it I am not going to try to convince you, but just so that you are aware, you would get at least 1 ammo back into your magazine. That is 1/6 of your mag so 16% of your magazine. That plus Means of Destruction keeps you from reloading a lot more all for the cost of 1 point.

Guys, i tried, you aren’t hitting crits constantly enough AS you’re mostly shooting the air. 99% of you damage is pure splash without crits, and aiming to get 1 ammo back a shot and loose 10 kills that i’d get more for shooting the air isn’t worth it. You are reloading as much with it as without, every trigger pull is 2 ammo gone where i get more back from the splash damage i deal than i would with redistribution
Much time and testing to ensure the damage for Guardian takedown is actually enough went into it, redistributon on this build is completly useless
Every other build, hell yes use it

I run a similar build but not with Bloodletter. I’m using Blast Master and my base mag of 6 becomes 10 with mag buffs. Redistribution + MOD keeps me from reloading.

That’s what PTHP is for.

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If you don’t plan on running true Guadian takedown with it, go ahead and switch those points/rolls for more functionality. I wanted this to be a rad root only build that can do anything, so i need those extra damage rolls to be able to deal enough damage to anathema/scourge with it. if you just want to use it for casual gameplay switch it up your way

It’s just another way to run it. I’m telling you right now that running with Blast Master and using PTHP/Redistribution clears TGTD just as easily as the way you set it up here. I’ve run rad root with several builds across most of the class mods. I prefer the Blast Master setup because I like having my healthgate and a fairly high HP while still reaching over 100k shield with the redsuit during crystal phases (can get 50+ phalanx stacks easily). Still one shotting everything on the map and the bosses die easily, I use a bit of autobear for the final boss though that’s basically the only thing I do differently. I take Matched set instead of COL because COL just isn’t doing a whole lot here and that’s what helps the 6 base mag get high enough to be sustainable without any reloads. Both mod/artifact have +splash(aoe)/+mag/+sniper the damage is plenty with that setup.


Completely agree with everything you said, if i’d use a blastmaster i definitley would spec into ammo regen aswell, thats why i wrote i specced the way i did for a reason at the beginning cause that just fits best with the gear/rolls i use with it
I like to use cloud of lead to give me some more elemental damage other than rad for certain multi health bosses/mobs