[Build] "Mowze them down to their roots" M10 level 65 no need for Iron Bear

Updated skill tree to level 65.

@Kourama Added a video showing why redistribution is useless here, you don’t even get that 1 ammo back like you said, you get nothing back from it. @kabflash Thats what i tried to explain to yall, as this was always supposed to be a 100% constant damage build that can abuse desperate measures to the fullest, which woudln’t be the case with a blastmaster.

Well in the Blast master setup you have 2/1 redistribution and I also take 1 mag boost (artifact, where you have +radiation passive) so that gives 9 in the mag and the regen keeps it completely full even when spamming it with the combo of 2/1 red and MOD.

Glad to see @kabflash back on the board.

2/1 Redistribution plus 3/3 MoD is definitely sufficient to keep you mag full, but a Bloodletter with 2 or 3 points into DM out-damages it in my experience.

Pretty much just came back to play DLC4 a bit already getting bored though :smiley: been playing ESO lately.

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Of course it works that way, I just wanted it to be constant that’s why I took the blood letter deathless combo, just wanted that y’all see why I don’t use it with that setup. With a blastmaster combo I’d also go for mag size and redistribution of course

Just beat my maliwan speedrun time! 5:56 speedrun will be uploaded soon.

When you have to choose beetween dying and iron bear you choose iron bear.