[Build] Moze UP TO 20-40 DRONES & Shield Theorycrafting

Mechanics explanation:
How does this build work? For him we need Messy Break-Up, which creates drones when break shield; classmod Bloodletter, which converts all HP heal to shield’s heal; and any HP regeneration source, such as a classmod or artifact. Because of these items, you will regenerate your shield instead of HP regeneration, and already thanks to this, breaking your shield through regeneration, drones will appear. This will create them 30-40 pieces, I’m not sure.
Technically, regeneration in this game does not give X HP regeneration per 1 second, but most likely restores 1HP X times per second. This is also a little trick, if the amount of your damage is more than regeneration, then attacking yourself more often than 1 time per second, for example, thanks to the high rate of fire or various DoTs, you can do more than 1 drone per second.

Why does this work with this shield?
The reason this has not yet been found is hidden in the wording. Formally, the text is very similar to the text of the mechanics of “Nova” shields, but “nova”, in contrast, require the shield to be fully charged before the shield is destroyed. This thing is embedded in all such legendary mechanics that cause novas, although charging is not always said. However, shields I tested, I noticed a pattern that when writing “On Shield Break” or “On Shield is Depleted” - it requires a full charge of the shield; but “When Shield Break” or “When Shield is Depleted” - charging not required.
And so, with what shields can this work? Well, we’ll immediately drop the well-known glitch with the Brawler Ward, so technically there are only two shields left. These are Messy Break-Up and Revengenader. Unfortunately, the developers seemed to take this into account and added cooldown to the Revengenader. So there is only one shield that can be used.

In general, I immediately say that this is just fun mechanics. At best, the only thing you can do with this build is to farm Graveward with relative difficulty.
Your drones, at best, will scratch the back of Tyreen, and in the arenas of these drones put where they came from.
First of all, due to the fact that you will play without a shield that takes 70% of all your effective health. Secondly, this shield is so weakly and unbalanced in this that even with such an abuse it practically doesn’t have normal DPS.

Passive tree: [LINK]
Key passives is everything related to the store and bullet regeneration, simply because you can’t improve the damage of drones, you don’t need to improve your damage, but removing reload is useful.
The main key passive that you need to take is Fire in The Skag Den, preferably at exactly 1 point. Then each of your shoot will be able to create an additional weak DoT of fire on you, which can additionally cause a call drone.
You can also pay attention to the Short Fuse. When attacking yourself, it is also trigger. Unfortunately, I can’t understand if it does damage to itself, and whether this one tick is needed for five shots.

Messy Break-Up, of course. Not really there is a difference between the electric and corrosive options (Drones attack an element to which the shield resist), both of them cope poorly with the tasks of melt bosses. Nevertheless, it depends on his element with which weapon to beat himself.

Bloodletter for the work of mechanics. It is advisable without the “Thin Red Line”, which paradoxically combines with the idea of ​​a build.

Any artifact prefixed with Elemental Projector. This is the only thing that easily buff your drones.
!!!Find Bloodletter or Elemental Projector with health regeneration!!!

Well, weapons, the most difficult :smiley:
We need a low-level Maliwan SMG with area damage. Remembering the element of Messy Break-Up, you need to find the SMG of this element in order to increase the damage of the Elemental Projector. For the “farm” of such a gun, I advise you to turn on the normal difficulty without Mayhem, teleport to Floodmoor Basin - Knotty Peak, and try to find luck in the vending machine.

Thnx for reading <3
I hope the information was useful purely theoretically - with future DLC these may prompt ideas for builds.


this is so stupid, and i love it!

Thank you :slight_smile:

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…I approve of this lmao

I’d still use it, even if you are squishy. Have your friends in the frontline and you can send orders from the back.

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Theres also a grenade that creates drones that shoot enemies. The Hunter Seeker. Might go well with this.

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there s also a Tediore weapon that when you reload it spawns a drone (only one at time though). Still it is one more drone to the army.

Great build dude. This is really fun

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