[Build] Mozes: the Prophet of HELL... Most Powerful Build?

My most powerful Moze build to-date. I call it Mozes: the Prophet of HELL. An accumulation of over 700 hours of gameplay, trial and error, trading, sharing of ideas. What sparked the idea is this thread HERE

Edit: Max level is now 53, allowing 3 additional skill points.
Updated skill trees:

Skill Set HERE

The idea behind this build is that increasing GUN DAMAGE, maximizes total damage output on splash builds. Not increasing splash damage as most assume. I can attest, this is true.

Class Mod:



Shield of choice will depend on what activity is being played. For difficult battles such as Slaughter Shaft or Takedown, I recommend this shield. For general gameplay I recommend a Big Boom Blaster with 10% dmg booster, or a Transformer with +50% incendiary dmg on ASE.



For added security during difficult fights, I recommend a Last Stand Otto Idol with the same perks, or at minimum Area of Effect and 40% Mags.

The ultimate artifact, IMO is a Last Stand Victory Rush with SMG, AOE and 40% mags. If anyone finds this, please trade me for it!

Video of defeating Wotan, solo, in a 4 player takedown (all teammates died/spectating):


I always appreciate builds that incorporate 1 or 2 points in TRL instead of going full deathless.

One thing about the build, neither negative or positive: I think with the amount of gun damage and splash boosts on your build, I feel like you’d get more damage out of the +160 for 18s anointment.

Since the increase is now up to 160 instead of 120 the splash boost kind of outshines the damage boost in almost every circumstance as far as I can tell.

Someone would have to crunch the numbers but you definitely have enough gun damage boosts here to make some crazy damage on top of your splash. And the splash anointment lasts longer so you get 8 or 10 seconds whatever it is of extra time.

Of course that requires 160 splash kyb’s, which are tough to come by.

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I would love to try with the 160% splash anoint. I’ve found the 1% damage on consecutive hits is very consistent and reliable, not every pellet/orb has to make contact, just the enemy needs to have effected by each shot, be it splashed, or direct. Extremely effective against crit spots and larger enemies such as Graveward.

Edit: need to obtain a Kybs with 160%

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I think that’s the goal of everyone right now haha.

But the 100 damage kne will give you significantly more of a boost than the 125 generic splash I think.

Your set up is nice though because you can use pretty much any of the anointments and still do plenty of damage

I have tested both the 125% splash anoint vs the 100% weapon damage anoint, and yes, the 100% weapon damage anoint deals more damage. I did pick up a 160% splash kybs x3 last night. Have not had the chance to test it yet.


I love seeing unique builds, kinda a bummer as a Fl4k main that every God Slayer super Saiyan build I see in my recommendations is not and then we have Amara…poor girl so much greatness outside of driver.

I’m a little curious how a thread on damage calculation led to this build, even though you ASE damage vs splash statement is something I relate to.

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I’m gonna read this later but Deer Lawd that’s a freaking god roll com for a Kybs Worth. Just. What could you ask for? Nothing.


I like the build and it is pretty strong. But I’m a bit hung up on you calling it the ‘most’ powerful build. I can’t agree from what I’ve seen of it from the slow Traunt kills, the average Athenas damage and the Wotan fight where I’ve definitely seen and used builds that handled it much better. Btw, I found it pretty misleading that you say you solod Wotan but your teammates only died in the final stage :frowning: … Not trying to be an ■■■■■■■ but claims of ‘best’ irk me when it’s just simply not truth.

It’s pretty close but I find Short Fuse builds to provide more damage overall and simply work better due to the extra MOD procs helping to cover Moze’s main weakness (relying on borked nade regen for sustain).


I switched over to short fuse for my ogre only takedown runs and let me tell ya, you’re not wrong.

Everytime I move away from a short fuse build and I get something powerful going, I go back to short fuse and it completely destroys my old build.

Good question. With Moze, the beginner/popular class mod is Bloodletter, where health regen turns into shield regen. 1 of Moze’s skill trees, Shield of Retribution (red), is where people turn to first when using Bloodletter, naturally. Reason being is because this tree is where you can increase Moze’s shield capacity. In addition to shield capacity, there is a skill called Desperate Measures that increases gun damage based on Moze’s health. The lower the health, the higher the damage increase. So, it makes perfect sense for Moze players, when running Bloodletter, to equip a Deathless artifact which takes your hp to 1, and doubles your shield size. Shields regen, health does not (not without picking up a health syringe or equipping a class mod, skill or artifact with health regen), shields are superior to health in a blanket statement.

Increasing gun damage by 50% or more, offers the greatest increase in gun damage available to Moze based on skills alone. But, and thats a big BUT, once a player advances into end game and Mayhem levels, quickly learns that Bloodletter/deathless is inadequate. So, players then choose a different character, or venture off Bloodletter and attempt a try at Blast Master or Mindsweeper.

Both BM and MS do huge damage with splash weapons. Naturally, because of Moze’s lack of healing skills/survival, players will focus on her strengths and make them stronger. If splash damage is a strength, then increasing splash damage seems natural. This is what I, and many others did, and it does work, you can deal serious damage by maximizing Moze’s splash/blue skill tree- Demolition Woman. Using Desperate Measures in the red tree, without a deathless, and having to decrease Moze’s health by 20%, 40%, 60% via Thin Red Line skill, in order to get any benefit at all, is not something that is considered as Moze lacks healing and survival skills as it is. And besides, if I spend 3 points in Desperate Measures, to gain 50% weapon damage max, at 1hp health, would it really be worth it to reduce my health by 40%, to then only get 20% gun damage increase? Sounds like I’m better off investing in the Blue and Green trees, increase my crit damage and mag size, or increase grenade and splash damage. The reason why I say reduce health by 40% and not 60%, is because if your health is below 50%, stop-gap shield, recharger shields, last stand artifacts, and Tenacious Defense are obsolete as the “health gate” is missing.

So, the perfectionist and stubborn person that I am, always seeking to improve, found that thread, and learned that damage types are multipliers against each other, additive when they are the same or weapon + gun. For example: splash % + splash % + splash %. OR splash % x gun damage x crit damage x incendiary dmg

Which is the greater end result? Equipping every damage type as possible.

So in my build, I have the following STATIC damage increases:
Splash +100% (Blast Master)
Splash +28% (class mod)
Weapon +25% (class mod)
SMG +31% (class mod)
Gun +15% (Armored Infantry)
Gun +20% (Desperate Measures)
Incendiary +2.8% (Cloud of Lead)
Incendiary +30% (Stoke the Embers)
Incendiary +15% (Fire in the Skag Den)
Area of Effect +33% (artifact)
Incendiary +16% (artifact)

Conditional increases:
Gun +20% per kill (Drowning in Brass, max 3 stacks)
Gun +10% per kill (Phalanx Doctrine no max stacks)
Gun +30% when shield is depleted (Tenacious Defense)
Weapon +25% on grenade throw (grenade anointment)
Incendiary +10% on crit (Experimental Munitions)
Critical Hit +16% (Scorching RPMs)

Now, gun and weapons damage fall under the same category, call it “normal hit”, they are additive with each other. Area of Effect and Splash also are additive to each other.

Normal Hits:
161% Splash x 60% Gun/Weapon x 33% SMG x 47.8% Incendiary

Critical Hits:
116% Crit x 161% Splash x 60% Gun/Weapon x 33% SMG x 57.8% Incendiary

Normal Hits, 1 kill stack, Tenacious Defense and Grenade throw:
161% Splash x 145% Gun/Weapon x 33% SMG x 47.8% Incendiary

Crit Hits, 1 kill stack, Tenacious Defense, and Grenade throw
116% Crit x 161% Splash x 145% Gun/Weapon x 33% SMG x 57.8% Incendiary

Crit Hits, 3 kill stacks, Tenacious Defense, and Grenade throw
116% Crit x 161% Splash x 205% Gun/Weapon x 33% SMG x 57.8% Incendiary

Moral of the story is, spread your eggs in every nest. AND, this is why Moze is quite possibly the most powerful VH.


We can agree to disagree. It is obvious you did not watch the video. Many, many enemies on Athenas were 1 shotted. Traunt is defeated in less than 15 seconds. Please, feel free to post a video of a legit Moze build that can complete a 4 player Wotan battle.

Also, sure, there are skill combos and exploits that can take a boss down in just a few seconds. But, these builds lack in mobs, and lack when being bombarded from each degree around you by Heavy’s. This build, mathematically, will give Moze the highest damage output. I challenge you to prove otherwise.

Mathematically, Short Fuse does not offer more damage output with Blast Master, over an increase in gun/weapon damage. With short fuse, you’re adding drops of water to the bucket. With gun damage, you’re introducing a second bucket.

Short Fuse is additional splash damage.

Splash + Splash


Splash x gun

If you have 100% splash damage, and 100% gun damage and you can choose between +15% splash damage increase, or +15% gun damage… it’s apples to apples.

Short Fuse provides an average constant of 15% of Gun Damage as Splash Damage. Meaning in order to be able to select Short Fuse, you will sacrifice large amounts of gun damage from Shield of Retribution, for a small addition to splash damage.

Short Fuse= 20% chance (1/5) to deal 75% of gun damage as a secondary explosion (splash).

1/5th of 75% is 15 or 15% constant avg if this truly occurs 1 in every 5 hits weapon hits.

In order to be able to spec Short Fuse, you will likely sacrifice a significant amount of gun damage and crit damage to make a viable build. Mathematically, it does not work in your favor, when it comes to maximizing damage output.

It’s the combination of short fuse, SSB, and RPM that makes short fuse so good. It’s more than the skill card shows.

Here’s my damage numbers against the dummy (no FitSD) with an ogre and blast master, SSB, SRPM, and some other factors that aren’t important enough to show my point:

2138 bullet
2372 SF

That’s about a ~20% damage/s that isn’t a kill skill or shield breaking, it doesn’t have any dependance on anything other than you shooting your enemy.

I don’t think this is correct. It’s an extra instance of splash that is getting boosted by your build. Gun damage and splash damage will boost SF. It isn’t like +15% splash damage on a mod or artifact or whatever.

However I’m not arguing your build would be better with or without it, I was just replying to a comment that short fuse is nice.

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This is an interestimg build. I feel we have similar loadout and approach on equipment. You do have a far god roll com than my Blast Master. I have the 30% gremade dmg instead. I would love to have that 31% SMG.

In terms of the skill tree, I am focused on Green and Blue trees and none on the red trees. I feel my Moze on Blast Master with an x2 Kyb with 160% anointmen has comparable splash damage to your Athena run. I will have to test tonight.

My 2nd Moze with x3 Kyb and Mind Sweeper (same skills) might have comparable gun damage though. Again I will test tonight.


The wording of Short Fuse’s description is the confusing part for me. It states 75% of Gun Damage. At face value, I understand it as literal gun damage (weapon+gun). What you’re saying, is that the actual damage from short fuse, is far greater than simply 75% of gun damage, correct?

I don’t play moze so that was insightful. It’s kinda like with rakks alot of people think the skag is better for gun and rakk damage than the scorcher. If you only use elemental weapons the scorcher actually gives a decent amount more and for red/blue builds the scorcher is the most important if you want your rakks to hit harder, then throw in a splash anointment and they actually hit pretty hard. I’m under the impression alot of rakk builds only want that fancy v2 buffs on their guns and ignore some good combos this way.

If I understand correctly you were trying to get the same thing out of moze I was trying to get from cryo rakks, mixing V1 and V2 to the most effective combos.
I’m actually pretty familiar with damage calculations but I’m still new to that V1 v2 lingo instead of additive and multiplicative.

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I look forward to hearing what you find. Traditionally, I too was running primarily Blue, followed by Green, followed by red. This too is powerful, and offers more sustained fire. In all honesty, against a single enemy, such as a boss, going this direction might be a faster kill than the build in this thread. The build in this thread, offers substantial damage bonus’s when stacking kills and when damaged beyond the shield capacity. It also offers a layer of death avoidance. Add a Last Stand and a Stop-Gap or Recharger and you get 3 layers.

I had a previous Green Monster build (with smg and weapon rolls) on Red and Green trees only. The damage output wasn’t comparable (less desirable) to my Blast Master build with Red and Blue trees only.

One set of mobs where I usually test my build is against Psychobillies. I feel if my build is too weak, they will easly clobber you down. I would be interested to see a video on how efficiently you can kill those.

They’re no problem. I’ll take a video tonight for you.

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It’s far greater than 75 percent of the damage on your weapons card.

I think it was calculated (with SSB and SRPM) to be 90% of the damage you do against an enemy. I’m far from the person that would be able to answer this clearly though. All I know is I get a ~20% dps boost from it.

Id suggest just try it out because it’s very melty, but it may not be the best for your specific build. Mainly because it would completely change your build to an entirely different concept. You’d have to drop most of the SoR points to do it.

I’ll show you what I’m using at the moment with an ogre, Blast Master and SF.

Keep in mind I’m just messing around with an IB/Ogre Build. The important points here at SF, SSB, and SRPM. I’m using a band of sitorak with specific boosts on my class so the TRL point + class mod boosts my shield by like 500% of its normal capacity.

If I were converting to use your methodology behind the build I’d probably do this

But like I said… Totally different build, just with the same basic concept.

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