[Build] Mozes: the Prophet of HELL... Most Powerful Build?

Everytime I make a build that doesn’t go to forge they get really powerful but maaaan I am so sick of picking up ammo and wrecking my mag. It gets smaller and smaller until you can only fire for 3 seconds and then you just reload and start over.

I end up just taking forge and forfeiting 50 percent of my damage just out of convenience haha. Drives me crazy, stupid redistribution.

I have a good mind sweeper without tcp but it has one stat I don’t use, Jacobs crit, and it makes me it worse than my blast master.

:rofl::rofl: the struggle is real! I just swap to the next weapon until I have a period of time when I can reload and not take a damage penalty.

I’ve thought about doing that. But I need a few of the same weapon haha.

It’s one of the worst oversights on moze.


I’d very much like to try this build. Unfortunately, I don’t have the gear for it.

One note however - based on you current bonuses, you should give that 160% splash damage bonus Kyb’s a shot. Provided those damage formulas are correct, it will be better than 100% ASE. Let’s start with your baseline:

2.61 splash x 1.6 weapon damage x 1.33 SMG x 1.478 incendiary = ~8.2 = 820% of card damage

Now, let’s try it with the 100% action skill anointment active:

2.61 splash x 2.6 weapon damage x 1.33 SMG x 1.478 incendiary = ~13.3 = 1330% of card damage

Now, the 160% splash damage:

4.21 splash x 1.6 weapon damage x 1.33 SMG x 1.478 incendiary = ~13.2 = 1320% of card damage

This is slightly lower than the 100% ASE, however, there are two more factors to consider. First, the 160% splash is 18 seconds long, whereas, based on my tests, 100% ASE is about 10 seconds long. The higher uptime more than makes up for the marginal decrease in damage, in my opinion.

Second, your build gets a lot more bonus weapon damage during mobbing. So, in your best case scenario you have the following with 100% bonus weapon damage from an anointment:

2.16 crit x 2.61 splash x 4.05 weapon x 1.33 SMG x 1.578 incendiary = ~47.9 = 4790% card damage

And with the splash damage anointment:

2.16 crit x 4.21 splash x 3.05 weapon x 1.33 SMG x 1.578 incendiary = ~58.2 = 5820% card damage

So, in addition to having a longer duration, you will hit harder once you’ve built up a bit of weapon damage from kill stacks or Tenacious Defense. In order to match that with the 1% per enemy hit, even at baseline before getting any kills, you’ll need nearly 100 shots to connect. It is possible that in a scenario like Graveward where you aren’t getting kill stacks, you might come out ahead eventually with the 1% per hit anoint, but it obviously won’t be up front.

Anyway, looks like a great build - can’t wait to eventually get a hold of a decent Kyb’s!

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I look at the numbers, over…and again; still dont see where the extra 100% crit comes from…as only 4 points to scorching rpms gives 16% - as stated just above where the 116 comes in… is that a typo or is there a secret crit bonus that im missing ?
(If its being added because of crits being x2 to start, disregard this)

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Crits are x2 to start. Actually, it looks like its more useful than that, since scorching RPMs is multiplied by 2:

In my quick analysis above it doesn’t make a difference though in terms of whether splash or weapon damage is more useful, since it effects them equally.

To calculate any of the other numbers, one needs to add 100% to each. Otherwise, if you multiply by say, 33% bonus smg damage you’re really dividing by 3, which is obviously not what it does.

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You always (+1) to percents in their decimal form when you’re using these formulas. (1+0.33) in this case.

Edit not directed at you @lwest341 . For anyone else trying to use the formula haha

I second this, The Bearonator its my current build and it’s powerful. That said, i will totally try this build tonight, looks rock solid and fun :slight_smile:

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I just watched some video of your “Bearonator” build. 1 HUGE difference, and hinderence, is MoD. For you; looks like you’re on PC? You actually can spam grenades. Check out my Wotan battle. I might have regenerated 1 grenade. 1. I missed out on 99% of what I could have healed and about 25% of bonus weapon damage.

Well it all depends sometimes they regen really well sometimes not. Also, that’s part of the point I made about Short Fuse I’m getting a lot of extra chances to regen a nade. But I did notice you had issues with nade regen and that’s part of why I didn’t say anything about how long it took you to fight him.

But one thing is when playing this build I hardly use my nades except in a fight like Wotan in mobbing I wouldn’t be spamming them. Another useful way to get nades back is Iron Bear regen seems to work a lot better with IB’s weapons for w/e reason. Usually when I have probs with MOD I can hop in IB and pretty much always get some back.

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I wish it were that easy for us inferior console folk :rofl:. Someone mentioned in a different thread that they think RAM has something to do with it. PC’s tend to have more than consoles? I don’t know much about the hardware.

Yeah it would make a lot of sense if that’s the case actually. Ps4 and Xbone both have 8GB afaik. My PC has 16 a lot of people have like 32.

I’m on Xbox and have 0 trouble regenerating grenades. I just don’t spam them like the old hex builds. I just toss them here and there when I anticipate that I’m about to take serious damage

You’re a lucky SOB lol.

This makes more and more sense as the complaints mount up.

I got a message back from my bug report query (about MoD not regening grenades) and I was told to clear my PlayStations cache.

Still, that doesn’t always work.

Hopefully we’ll get a fix soon.

So I respec my other Moze to match the build here
I don’t have the exact com but good enough.

I ran through the usual content in the game in Mayhem 4 and my experience I would say is somewhat subpar compare to the original build I am running on in terms of damage and flexibility.

Here’s what I’ve lost:

  • Not being able to spam rocket launchers with Some for the Road (of course this isn’t what the OPs build is for)
  • My grenade regen isn’t as good with my original build (again expected)
  • Switching to Green Monster with this build is somewhat underperforming. With my original build I can switch to BM, MS, and GM coms with acceptable performance
  • I didn’t get the same damage output similar to OPs
  • I didn’t even reach the same dps as I had in my previous
  • My mobbing power and boss farming is also affected
  • I am not able to use Auto Bear and my favorite loadouts

I feel this build doesn’t match my style or it needs that specific com. It’s not for everyone for sure.

Yeah, a lot of players underestimate Moze. Unfortunately a good underlying COM is kind of necessary but if you get that she becomes pretty phenomenal. Unfortunately is also makes her very samey and your build isn’t actually that different from a lot of other DPS Moze builds.

It’s all in your very well aligned gear, you’re exceptionally lucky to have gotten it. Colour me jealous :wink: .

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That’s probably mostly because she can’t be different. She has one action skill that doesn’t change her at all really. The difference between rocket pods and explosive minigun doesn’t make a whole lot of difference, so we all just kind of use the same builds.

Anything that uses a kybs is going to be the same give or take a few skill points if you want max dps or better sustain.

Not to say this is a bad thing, she’s consistent. And you can of course make a bear build or a foot build or in between.


Which was kind of my point.

I disagree. It makes her very gear dependent and flies in the face of what the devs want to achieve.

So early on I got a Blastmaster Com. A really flamin’ good one, it even tears up M4 zones when I constantly reload. That right there makes nothing else ‘worth’ playing in terms of how the game rewards players for playing.

It’s only recently that I got another COM worth using (Raging Bear) but because M4 is a thing and IB isn’t worth using there… I’m still stuck maximising the effect of my BlastMaster. Sure, it’s good for something different with the occasional Circle of Slaughter M3 run but…

To actually go out and do anything with a point to it? Back to my blast master I go.

Given that GBX has resigned themselves to most people only ever playing 1 character, ‘consistent’ is not a good place for Moze to be in.

She could sure do with s helping hand on this one :wink: .


I meant that line more toward ops build, not moze. It’s annoying for moze. There’s a couple very clear paths that give her a combination of max dps or high dps with some sustain and ammo. They all play super similar. Almost all of them rely on grenade chucks for ammo and health.

Only on takedown I’d say. IB can be pretty decent everywhere else. Even the scaled Back takedown it’s not bad. You just have to move a few things around and you can have a good IB build without sacrificing much.

I’m a little tired of IB right now though. There’s no weapons worth using except the big 3. And it’s all because of stupid Vampyr haha.