(BUILD)Mystical Overkill Amara(09-18)

The idea of this build is to kill everything with your action skill, creating overkill homing balls. we are also using our action skill roughly every 5 seconds or so, activating so many DPS and survival Buffs. Ive manage to complete the slaughterstar 3000 on mayhem 3 solo with this build so lets get into it.

This build is extremely powerfull for mobbing and bossing alike. By abusing the Phazerker class mod we get to use our action skill (reverberation) TWICE every roughly 8.5 seconds, this activates pretty much all of our skills unlimitedly. more notably, you consume Rush stacks at a rate of 50 per 8 seconds, after 3 or 4 loops, you are at 99 stacks of DO HARM meaning you are getting 590% action skill damage, and creating overkill orbs from these.

This whole build works because of the Phazezerker class mod, making it so youre always between 20 and 25 rush stacks. i round my calculations off on having a constant 225% action skill cooldown reduction from the class mod perk.

This build also has alot of weapon damage if you want to shoot stuff between action skills. around 70% weapon damage from the class mod effect, 36% up close from personal space, a pretty much constant 5 stacks of samsara giving another 25% gun damage, dealing 25% increased damage to enemies hit by action skill, 40% more gun dmg from wrath, and a 30% elemental damage buff from tempest. she can definatly hit hard with weapons as well

Side Note: If holding a shield or weapon with the anointed effect (on action skill end, gain 15% life steal for a short time), you basicly have unlimited healing, especially paired with her damage reduction and additional healing from samsara and clarity

SKILL TREE:https://borderlands.com/en-US/characters/amara/#t="cb__3125379342___p__3923861329-5_1693426195-4_3653546161-5_4223438069-1_2293914278-3_1535860645-3_2950089171-1_3800788047-3_4288272732-1_69544143-5_466974429-4_946253125-3_2855324264-2_2786375239-3_3602128734-3_1078241388-2___e__89168977-51058378_3806476316-3989481719"

Action skill:

Reverberation–Allure–any element

Allure might seem counter intuative since we are going for a action skill damage build and its lowering it, but the reason is that we want the enemies grouped up so we can get Reverberation Chains to massively increase damage and get stronger overkill Remnants. you could swap these for Deliverance and Soul Sap if you dont want to bother trying to lign up enemies.

Mystical Assault:

Do Harm(5)

This is what makes you do so much damage, the stacks disapear after 20 seconds, and you get to use your ability twice every 8 or so seconds. wich means after a while you get to 99 stacks at all time. 590% action skill damage!


Just a nice DPS boost, a pretty big reload buff thats always being maximized.


more cooldown. could take points out of this one for something else if you want, 5% per point when you have over 275% cooldown isnt very significant and has diminishing returns


this is to double the radius of Allure, very helpfull for Reverberation chains

Laid Bare(3)

this is Kunai. great for solo, great for co-op. incredible skill


3 points for 40% gun damage


this skill is the bread and butter. we do not need 3 points into it, the important lign is the overkill damage part. adding 650 damage per level is useless when this attack is doing millions of damage for me. hitting 3 enemies with reverberation while at 99 stacks of do harm will deal over 1 million damage to the enemy that ball does. you will also probably kill both the 2nd and 3rd enemy creating 2 balls that will kill 2 more enemies.


more of everything we are doing lol


allows us to use our action skill twice per cooldown. also makes the max stacks 25.


put 5 points in any of the 3 skills, depending what you are looking for. no good or bad options. with clarity, you always get the double healing from it. its also boosted from the phazezerk mod. just keep in mind.

Personal space(3)

a nice damage increase

Helping hands(4)

this is a always on 35% damage reduction. has diminishing returns so i left at 4/5


you will almost always get the full benefit from this. being 25% health regen and gun damage


not super necessary. put points in here for the movement speed, can place elsewhere


We are avoiding Infusion, because since this build relies heavily on action skill damage, we dont want to be doing the same type of element with our weapon, we get completely walled by enemies that resist or are imune to our element otherwise

Anima(5) this is boosted by the Phazezerker class mod

this actually adds up to decent damage, and we want to avoid Infusion. boosted by the class mod, 140% DOT duration and 84% more DOT dmg from our actions skills DOT.


pretty big overall DPS increase.


-Phazerker class mod: this pretty much glues the build together. you can use actions skills every 5 seconds on average
-try to get an anointed shield or weapon that gives the life steal after using an action skill buff

  • any artifact buffing cooldown, elemental damage.
    -Sleeping Giant. im using this smg because mine has the life steal anointed line wich gives me 15% life steal after using an action skill. the smg is pretty decent by itself as well. this with samsara keeps me alive thru almost anything
    -for weapons she has good synergy with close range weapons such as shotguns. i like to use shock weapons and put my action skill on fire
  • for the grenade, i chose the quasar and the storm front. quasar helps with Reverberance and they both are great at stripping shields and allowing me to stay on the fire element for my action skill.

Thats all i have for now, feel free to post suggestions and i know i could probably min/max the skill point a little bit better, but ive managed to solo the slaughterstar 3000 on mayhem 3.

I also think this build will age very well, with the level cap increase allowing us to get down to jab cross and do unto others wich will help alot.

Thanks for reading


you got vids?

I haven’t tested myself but multiple people have stated that awakening doesn’t do anything with the phasezerker class mod so you could possibly put those points into from rest. 12% fire rate increase is a huge dps buff especially on fast firing weapons that are great for bosses and spitting out huge dps (lyuda, night hawkin, dictator, crossroads, cutsman ect)

It still buffs Do Harm and Alacrity. It just doesn’t do anything for the Phasezerker bonuses.

I am confused, you say to use Allure, but you only put 9 points into Fist of Elements, so Allure isnt unlocked?

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Take that point out of mindfulness and max tempest.

I’ve played around with this build and it’s good I’m just missing the quasar.
The biggest downfall is remnant being bugged and stops producing after a while and that clearly hurts this significantly

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I used a similar build the past few days and got some high damage on specific enemies.

My build: https://borderlands.com/en-US/characters/amara/#t="cb__678936198___p__3923861329-5_476948369-5_1693426195-1_2419426545-3_4223438069-1_2293914278-3_1535860645-3_2950089171-3_3800788047-3_4288272732-1_2421835975-5_466974429-5_2855324264-5_3602128734-5___e__89168977-2082306473_1572227138-3008720036_3806476316-3989481719"

I did notice the constant “immune” on some enemies. I will definitely change the points in Infusion to Anima.

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Gear? That skill is on like a 6 second cooldown. Do you have guardian points in there?

(@Twixled, note the ability to keep 99 stacks with a 28s skill…wat)

Yeah my build does this easily too I have 12% cooldown reduction for guardian rank and a 31% reduction on my class mod, not using restless. My reverberation cooldown is about 7 seconds after loading up a brand new game (so no cooldownstacks from resetting)

I’ve also been able to solo bosses very easily on mayhem 3 with this build. If you can get a Lyduda, kings call and flakker with annointed phasecast 250% gun damage your killing things as fast as flak

It’s mainly the cooldown from so many rush stacks (both Do Harm and Violent Tapestry). I have 12% cooldown from guardian rank and the Topped Off guardian skill that gives you increased cooldown rate when you have full shields.

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Gotcha. This was just weird because I was experiencing cooldowns of ~9s when using PhaseGrasp, which is on an 18 second CD as opposed to the 28s CD of Phasecast. Also with Phaserzerker, and 35% from restless…:thinking:

Maybe Phasegrasp has an internal cooldown, but Phasecast does not?

[edit] also, rush stacks max out at 25 with Do Harm/Violent Tapestry + Phasezerker + Avatar.

Also is there a reasoning for running max violent tapestry? With how Deliverance works one point is enough since it’s dots are guaranteed

Yeah 1 point should be enough since you’re earning stacks no matter what. I just put them there for the time being.

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I gotcha I figured as such. Also how often do you have to deal with deliverance elemental projectiles just flying off into the air and not going towards any enemies? This along with remnant always stop working 15 min in playing the game is really frustrating. Gearbox released this game with so many bugs

Yup. The projectiles are sometimes going nowhere and also constantly hitting the wall that’s in front of an enemy.

Yeah Remnant bugging out is very frustrating.

Okay it looks like topped off is the biggest contributor to your CDR for some reason. How much does your cooldown rate change when your shield is damaged?

I have 21% relic, 35% restless, phaserzerker, and am still barely getting 10s cooldown on phasecast.

Slightly related: there is a blue unique shield that gives AS cooldown when your shield is depleted, from a quest somewhere…

I was wrong thinking Rush stacks and the Phasezerker COM were the biggest contributor to the CDR. I did some testing (recording the action skill and looking at the first and last frame of the icon) and yeah Topped off is actually a game changer.

Using Deliverance with standard 28 seconds:

  • I get about almost exactly 9 seconds with a Transformer shield (no cdr buffs).
  • And with a Rough Rider giving me no shields it goes up to ~17 seconds.

No previous stacks and just a 14% CDR on the relic and 11.86% from guardian rank.

Guardian rank giving new skills is just odd. Off topic: The last two skills of the survivor tree (shield recharge on kill and improved shield recharge delay) actively work against a melee focused build.

Also the shield you’re referring to is the Loop of 4N631
It comes from a quest in Konrad’s Hold. Source: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fkCwu0zeX1BBGcNEzWGZDr2kQ0IOPSoZQK2FD-zpw1M/htmlview?sle=true#gid=0


Yeah when I test CDR stuff I take my shield off because topped off seems to essentially half your CD

So are Do Harm and Violent Tapestry working as intended to go up to 99 stacks? I’ve seen it working with someone spamming phasegrasp at no target, which triggers the skills, but refunds the action skill after a second or so. Those kind of stacks seem majorly broken.

I just did this mission in TVHM/M3. Should I save this shield if I want to do this build then?