[BUILD] Nader Zane

This Build is essentially build upon 2 key traits Pocket Full of Grenades and Seein’ Red.

Pocket Full of Grenades is a Kill Skill which allows you to regenerate Grenades (20%/sec for 8 seconds)

Seein’ Red is a trait which basically activates all of your choosen Kill Skills whenever you cast your Action Skill, thus activating Pocket Full of Grenades .

Traits & Action Skill



Most important traits within this tree are probably Violent Momentum, Salvation and Playing Dirty, all of these are Kill Skills thus also activated upon pressing your Action Skill.

Double Agent

Here is where the magic happens through Pocket Full of Grenades , additionally we get an 20% Damage increase for whenever our Digi Clone is currently deployed through Synchornicity and on top of that a 15% Damage increase and 2.5% Health Regeneration through Donnybrook which is a Kill Skill thus granting the bonus upon Kill and activation of our Action Skill.

Lastly we go into Fractal Frags as with this our Digi Clone is frequently throwing free Grenades for us.

Under Cover

After all unique skills have been selected, the Rest can be put into Adrenaline as this is going to give us a higher Action Skill Cooldown Rate.

I personally like to run the Digi Clone, as he has the highest and most frequent chance of dropping additional grenades.


Probably the best idea is a Stop-Gap which is not decreasing your Health and an MIRV Hex or Recurring Hex with Shock.

For Weapons I haven’t found the perfect combination yet, though I use a Lucian’s Call, Lyuda, Arctic Nighthawkin and a Flakker.