[BUILD] Naked Ninja OP8 Melee

This is OP8 Melee mobbing build. Its strongly focusing on using Love Thumper and Fastball, to achieve really long Many Must Fall chains even on multi Ultimate Badass enemies or other on their tier.

Skill Tree:


Bloodsheed Tree:

Killing Bll0w 5/5 - Massive Melee damage and it will be active most of time

Ir0n Hand 5/5 - This for a lil bit more for survival to tank DOT damage and some additional melee damage

F0l0owthr0ught 5/5 - very strong kill skill for more Melee damage and movement speed.

Execute 1/1 - powerful melee override and like other melee overrides it does have cooldown even if icon for it not popup, the cooldown is really short, almost not noticeable

Backstab 5/5 - very useful skill for more melee damage and must have for some enemies who sometimes just wont take melee damage from front or even a side, either way always try to position yourself behind enemy so it will be active

Resurgence 5/5 - very good skill for survival and it also will be active most of time

Many Must Fall 1/1 - Must have for maintaining Deception

Cunning Tree :

Fast Hands 5/5 - faster weapon swap speed is very good because it will be used quite often and more reload speed is mostly for Slow Hand and Rapier

C0unter Strike 5/5 - huge melee boost if it will activate

Ambush 5/5 - great skill which gives damage boost to literally everything : melee, gun, grenade etc. damage while in Deception

Death Mark 1/1 - must have for debuff enemies

Unf0rseen 5/5 - after last patch is much stronger and it has very good synergy with Many Must Fall skill

Innervate 5/5 - for more movement speed and survival

Death Bl0ss0m 1/1 - must have for kunai which is counted as melee damage and for Death Mark

Snipping Tree :

Headsh0t 5/5 - for more crit damage

Killer 5/5 - very good kill skill for faster reload speed and crit damage

B0re 1/1 - mostly for see where is crit spot for certain enemies and for B0re shots with support weapons

Vel0city 2/5 - last 2 points for more projectile speed from Slow Hand, because its really slow

Gear :

Love Thumper shield - 2nd highest Riod damage plus explosive nova. Also longest recharge delay, so you don’t have to worry to break it. Most wanted(depends of which map will be played) is either inflammable or alkaline prefix, avoid grounded. Shield almost always will be down so skills like Ir0n Hand, Resurgence and Innervate are really handy to keep health at max value.

Legendary Ninja Class Mod - +64% melee damage and +5 to most important skills : Backstab, Resurgence, Killing Bl0w, Ambush and F0ll0thr0ught

Fastball Grenade - strongest grenade for single target. Comes with all elements, but most wanted are shock, fire and corrosive. Multi applications for it.

Bone of the Ancients relic - highest cooldown rate and highest elemental damage boost. Comes with shock, fire and corrosive. If you gonna use shock version then Unf0rseen skill will be much stronger. Also remember to always match Fastball to this relic with same elemental damage.

Weapons :

Slag Slow Hand - Mostly for slagging and healing. It has 72.1% of slag chance. Wanted parts for it :

  1. Practicable prefix(vertical grip), for additional 2 orbs per shot, to increase chance for slag
  2. Hyperion grip - for more magazine size and faster reload speed
  3. Torgue stock - so the spread of the orbs will be wider and you can cover more enemies with slag
    I strongly recommend to use lowest level as possible at start. For some practice to learn how big is splash radius to avoid killing yourself.

Shock Slow Hand - Only for breaking shield. OP4 with Shock Bone of the Ancients and OP7 without it on OP8 difficulty. Both with Restructuring prefix(bladed). Always use lower level than difficulty is, to avoid killing yourself.

Rapier - weapon with highest melee damage. The only what matters with parts for it its grip. Best is Vladof for faster reload speed if you shoot with it to break Deception.

Support weapons, last slot - here I recommend Norfleet or some other strong weapons against flying enemies, like buzzards, rakks and surveyors. All of those can be nightmare if you play melee character. Especially surveyors who can stuck sometimes behind the wall.

General gameplay :

Outside Deception:
Use Slag Slow Hand as much as you can to slag most enemies. Always try to shoot(if situation allows it) on enemies feet and behind, on left or right side of them to have more chance to slag or if distance is too short and you feel you will kill yourself with it. Jump shots are also very useful with Slow Hand in some scenarios.

Breaking shield with shock Slow Hand will be only when you gain second wind. So you need to be careful and remember that F0ll0wthr0ught will be active for a short time so you will have +60% gun damage. To avoid suicide simply just wait until kill skill vanish or if you want to play aggressive then throw Fastball to gain health. In both situations(aggressive or not) you want your health to be above health gate before breaking the shield. And break shield only when Deception is active or close to it.

In Deception :
For trash mobs if they are slagged then don’t waste kunai or Fastball, simply just stab them. If they’re not slagged then 1 set of kunai is enough because it will have Roid damage from Love Thumper.
On stronger ones(Loaders, Bruisers etc) if not slagged then always kunai, Fastball and then Execute - in this order they will be in Killing Bll0w range 90% of time. If slagged then either kunai or Fastball before Execute. Some enemies from this tier required to have matched Fastball. For example you can do MMF chain on Loaders with Shock Fastball but there always can be ION Loader on your way and he will break your chain. Same goes for maps with mixed enemies to always match most neutral element for Fastball to maintain chains.
And finally for Ultimate Badass enemies you want them to be slagged before you enter Deception. Then up to 3 sets of kunai, Fastball and then Execute.
Also I’ve have mention before that there are some enemies who don’t take front melee damage, only Backstab works on them but not always. Those enemies are: Nomads with shields, some skeletons and RPG Loaders(and maybe some other, but I found difficulties on those). For them I recommend always Backstab if possible if not then just finish them with kunai and Fastball.

One last tip is to be much more aware of barrels. Because its more easy to kill yourself when using Thumper(explosive nova) than using Hide of Terramourphous.

Overall this build is to play with Deception active as long as possible on OP8. That’s why Fastball sometimes has to be matched for certain enemies to weaken them as much possible to Killing Bll0w range and with this to maintain Many Must Fall chains. Here is a presentation of it in Bandit Slaughter :

Good luck and have fun.


Very nice build and tactics !
Amazing video too !!
You’re very skilled with Zer0 ^^

I’m glad that someone is actually like it.

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I’ve been playing with this build for a week or two now, since it came up in a previous thread.

It is the most wicked ninja setup I’ve ever played. Hands down.

High risk, but very high reward.

Thank you and yes it has high risk but when you figure how to match this build to your own gameplay, then the risk become much smaller but the reward still will be very high.

For a thumper I just let enemy fire or melee deplete a shield. Toss deception, equip moxxi toss kunai or grenade = healed.

Actually. Torgue stock on Hyperion improves accuracy more than matching stock would do.
Maybe it is diffirent for Splatguns, if so, disregard this mesage.

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You’re both sorta right. The Torgue stock is good here since it retains its “bad” accuracy on Hyperion shotguns for longer, so its a better choice than the Hyperion stock in this case since its a slag-and-swap weapon

If what is desired is a bad accuracy on the first few shots, the Tediore stock would be the best: it gains accuracy just as slowly as the Torgue one, but starts wider.

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now that i get a look at the video… ooh gotta try this. Being a pack rat pays off. yessssssssx

Well I tested both stocks and actually spread from them was kinda the same. But yes I agree they recover accuracy length is same. So overall both stocks works well here.

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Yes but there are certain situations that you have lots of enemies fire at you at same time. And when your health is low then this wont work and you’ll go FFYL easily again. Also using Shock Slow Hand was to give you opportunity to play more aggressive.

well that’s what an xfusion or grenade plus moxxi solves. that or shoot slow projectile gun and fast hands to a moxxi. that fast ball will get you out of trouble instantly.

dpuh plus swap to a moxxi is instant heal. i use dpuh over any RL any day. Much more flexible (surveyors) and reliable second winds.

I’m still using this build on my OP8 ninja, and it took me a couple weeks, but I figured out one thing I was doing wrong.

Last night, I turned down the game’s music and fired up my old Pantera albums. BANG! Instant power increase.

Seriously, guys. Add some metal to this motherf*cker and watch it all come together.



Yeah true dat. If you can match your game to music then you can do magic.

I like the look of the build! Just a quick question, do you have any alternative suggestions for main weapon rather than Slow Hand?

If you don’t like to use Slow Hand then Bladed Grog or Rubi will do the case. They are better for tanking, but for overall slagging Slow Hand is best. Plus its doing decent damage so you will have easier Killing Blow range against stronger enemies.

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Hey bew_, sorry i’m late to the party but i’m taking a deep breath and blowing the dust of this one if you don’t mind. Having played with this build for a little while now and still guilty of trying to strip my already depleted LT with the Fastball (insert facepalm here) it along with other tips like the skeleton mage pointers you gave me a while ago are steadily becoming “natural” after playing with a Hyde for so long, but as i asked Enderborn1 earlier had the UCPatch changed his Deputy Kreig build, i have been meaning to ask you if it changed the way you play Melee Zero and if so how?

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