[Build] Nature's Fury 2.0 - a patched Doomsday

I know you want it. Don’t try to disagree. I see it in your eyes, this hunger and greed for more. Burn the planet…not enough, freeze landscapes…don’t make me laugh…poison every living organism, close enough…strike with the force of Zeus…I’m ok with that. But why stop at one element, when you can have ALL OF THE ELEMENTS at your disposal? All of them…in one weapon? No gliches, no bugs, just straight force of nature…cybernetically augmented to slice through enemies like a precision tool?



Level 50: http://thepresequel.com/Wilhelm/053000000005005101505105551000000
Level 60: http://thepresequel.com/Wilhelm/055510002005005101505105551000000
Level 70: http://thepresequel.com/Wilhelm/055510005505005121505105551000000

Hunter Killer Tree

Fire Support: We need every bit of power, so take it
Venom Bolts: The first element in our arsenal. Max it out, we need every last bit of it. Poison the land, spread death.
Suppression: Great skill for Blaster weapons, you will really see the difference.
Laser Guided: A great skill. Use it as much as you can, especially on the biggest enemy, so out corrosive DoT will be applied to it.
Cold War: The second element. Again, every point. Your enemies will freeze by your mere presence. :snowflake:
Escalation: Extremely good with Blasters, crits will get massive damage increase.

Cyber Commando

Laser Focus: We will only use one Laser. Enough said.
Targeting Scope: Boosts critical damage considerably. And like I said, we will need every bit of damage.
Power Fist: Thousand times yes, you can shatter even the biggest badasses with this fist if you’ve frozen them before.
Emergency Response: These 2 points were leftovers. Feel free to invest them otherwise, but I wouldn’t recommend switching them.
Shock Absorbers: Increases accuracy and damage while running. So sure, take it.
Divert Power: Provides great support for staying alive, boosts our survivabilty greatly.
Welcome to the Gun Show: One of your four main skills. Increases overall performance greatly.
Vengeance Cannon: With this build, this weapon will stay active for around 95% of the time. Take it.


Fortify: Buffs health and damage, when Saint is active, so this is good enough.
Energize: 5/5 in this one and you cannot be killed, when Saint is active. Also keep in mind, that this skill is your best health regen source.
Heatsinks: Synergizes well with our shield. We need this to reactivate Vengeance cannon more often.
Termination Protocol: I like it, acts like “Light the fuse” from BL2. You are a glass cannon, this will save your life more than once.


:zap: Thunderfire :fire: Your key to divinity. Forged in the deepest pits of hell, this monster graces us with the remaining two elemets: fire and shock. Although not the strongest laser in the game, it grants us 2 DoT’s, combining this with arguably the best element a weapon can have: shock.

Best parts:

  • Maliwan Grip
  • Maliwan Stock
  • Maliwan Sight

Badaboom: Your FFYL weapon, use this when things need to die RIGHT NOW. There is no weapon that suits this job better.

Best Parts:

  • Scav Barrel
  • Torgue Grip
  • Torgue Exhaust
  • Heap’d Prefix

Miss Moxxis Vibra-Pulse: Nice backup weapon, especially if your action skill is running out in the midst of a heated battle. Use this only, if you are on the verge of death.

Best Parts:

  • everything is fixed

MINAC’s Atonement: Four elements in one weapon. The theme of the build, though not as strong as the Thunderfire, as it only puts out one element per shot, whereas the Thunderfire puts out two at once.

Remaining Gear

Master Blaster Class Mod: This is without a doubt the best class mod there is for this build. It boosts three of our four main skills (+4 Venom Bolts, +4 Laser Focus and +5 Welcome to the Gun show), as well as giving bonuses to Laser accuracy and fire rate. You can use a High Tech Blaster class mod, the difference between those two is pretty much negligible.

Best Parts:

  • +5 Welcome to the Gun Show
  • +4 Venom Bolts
  • +4 Laser Focus

Tediore Inflammable Instant: The best shield for this build. We use this over a Bulwark for the incredible recharge rate/delay. Combining this with our perks, you are always regenerating shield. Important to note: Because the recharge rate is so high and the capacity so low, Vengeance Cannon will be activated nearly every time when your shield is dropped.

  • Hyperion Battery
  • Dahl Body
  • Maliwan Capacitor with :fire: Resistence

Data Scrubber: A grenade, which boosts our shield recharge rate by a large margin. This thing will make sure, that your shield will ALWAYS be fully recharged. Throw this every time, when your shield is broken.

Best Parts:

  • everything is fixed

3DD1.E: As always, for a Laser Wilhelm, nothing comes even close to this one. And for this build: DO NOT REPLACE IT! You will need the damage buff, as well as it’s surviving capabilities.

The Backup Plan

Longbow Quasar: Great allrounder, although for this build, you don’t really need it’s power. But feel free to use it.

Best Parts:

  • 0.0 Fuse Time

Prismatic Bullwark: The go-to shield for a Laser-Wilhelm. Though not that great on this build, you can use it, if you feel the need of more power.

Best Parts:

  • Maliwan Body
  • Maliwan Battery
  • Hyperion Capacitor

Thorny Ol’ Rosie: The best alternative for a Thunderfire. Though not as precise and lacking a second element, it will get the job done.

  • Maliwan Grip
  • Maliwan Stock
  • Maliwan Sight
  • :zap: element

Celestial Enforcer: Not even close to the Master Blaster on this build, but the damage buff compensates for the loss of important skill buffs.

With the Thunderfire and your setup, you have all elements at your disposal. You don’t even need to switch weapons, as no opponent is resistant to :fire:, :snowflake:, :zap: and . Because of our perk selection, the lackluster damage of the Thunderfire is buffed to levels, where it can compete with high-class lasers like Rosie or Absolute Zero.

Drop Wolf/Saint and let loose hell. As your shield recharges at extreme rates, you will have your Vengeance cannon always up. Remember though: Wolf/Saint are not that much spec’ed, which means, that YOU are the main damage source AND the main target!

Again credits go to Ha_Na for the excellent video.

This build is amazingly funny! Though not as strong as my Captain Cold, it has the major advantage, that you only really need one gun.

As always, feedback is appreciated!


Looks promising. Guess for bosses it’s maliwan splitters all the way as usual.

As for our discussion earlier about Dahl parts on Tediore shields, an 2 part hyperion shield has a delay that is 1.08, while Hyperion-Dahl is at 1.09. No big difference I guess.

Hm…okay, I’ll edit it later.

You could use a Splitter, but it’s not necessary. The thunderfire will do the Job just fine.

question about Venom Bolts? does Wolf also benefits from the Corrosive Damage bonus? if not then i suggest you get a Maliwan Corrosive Blaster with 0404 Glitch or any Blaster with that Glitch for the Yellow pseudo-Infinite Ammo Loop glitch

also just to let you know the Venom Bolts from Wolf can trigger Cold War, it will be more noticeable if you have the CoE class mod

lastly get this laser blaster MINAC’s Atonement (w/ Maliwan Grip, Dahl/Hyperion Stock) as each shot have a random elemental effect from the 4 elements

God damnit, why did I skip MINACs?! Sure, thx!

And yes, Wolf benefits from the corrosive damage.

Here’s your vid for mobbing. EOS vid still uploading, took me real long (10 mins). At least I got another thunderfire, a meganade and a Celestial COM while doing the vids :smile:

The build works nicely on Elpis, slightly laborious in the Clap DLC.

EOS finished uploading. Why would someone even go against this guy with a Tediore shield. I died trying (but terminator revived a couple times on swarmers). Back to the cookie cutter Bulwark + 3DD1.e thing

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Wow, thx buddy!

No auxiliary tanks and vemom bolts? thats the only thing I would change but good for the most part.

You sure? I’ve tested it in the firing range and never seen it. I love corrosive and always run at least 5/5 VB but for me whenever Wolf “freezes” an enemy he usually just happened to have hit an ice barrel.

Why venom bolts exactly? From my understanding you’re using no corrosive weaponry outside of Minac’s (which I think is terrible mainly because of it’s slow fire rate and inability to crit), so you’re only really getting this for wolf, and since you seem to not really care about wolf’s damage, judging from the lack of Rolling Thunder and a bunch of the duration/cd boosting skills, I’m perplexed about its inclusion, even with the “free” boost from the blaster COM. Maybe it’s worth 1 point but I’d still rather have a blue com and igonore it all together

Venom Bolts is in the build because apparently it can proc Cold War, although I’m still convinced that it can’t.

Agree with you about MINAC, there’s no point in using it on Wilhelm unless you’re trying to get the Elementalist achievement with him. Sure you can proc Cold War easily with it but if you’re using a gun only for Cold War you’re better off using an actual cryo gun.

Venom Bolt is in there because it generates the 4th element in our build for bigger enemies. Cold War procs through hits from Thunderfire, which does already shock and fire damage. Wolf is mainly there for this proc. And to get it as fast as possible, i gave him 9/5 in vb.

Still not convinced that VB can proc Cold War. I’ve tested it in the firing range with Equalizer, Terminator and CoE and never seen it happen.