[Build] Obligation

With the assistance of Converge and Ruin, Phaselock has the potential to group together a sizeable number of enemies in one area, while making them ripe for killing. If you aren’t using Sub - Sequence, a common practice is to kill those ripened enemies before finally dealing with the Phaselocked one. If you are using Sub - Sequence …

The Build

…then your build may be similar to this one. Maya is flexible in terms of what she can do with her skills, and consequently I cannot confidently state that this particular build is required to achieve its desired goals (though Sub - Sequence is obviously necessary). Feel free to place more or less points into Harmony or Cataclysm.

“Obligation” is the name I have chosen for this build. “Obligation” is the noun for the verb “obligate”. A synonym of “obligate” is “bind”; which of course is a reference to the Legendary Binder class mod. The idea is to dispatch of enemies strictly in groups, and to not use Phaselock at all in circumstances where this is not possible.


  • Ward [5/5]
    Improvements to a shield’s capacity and its shield recharge delay help to maintain Maya’s defensive prowess while in combat, and can often mean the difference between staying alive and being downed.

  • Suspension [10/5]
    The longer Phaselock remains active, the more time Sub - Sequence has to do its thing. Of course, some enemies (such as Badasses) have a little more health than others, and Suspension is good for that also.

  • Kinetic Reflection [1/5]
    The one skill point here is for the skill’s activation. Bullets reflected by Kinetic Reflection activate Cloud Kill, which is actually pretty good now. You get 100% bullet deflection regardless of investment, which is nice.

  • Converge [1/1]
    This skill, together with Ruin and Chain Reaction, complement one another like tuna and ketchup. It’s the centerpiece for this and the majority of Maya builds. It’s not unlike a free Quasar grenade mod grenade!

  • Inertia [5/5]
    One of the two means by which Maya can increase her reload speed. It’s important because for some weapons it allows you to forgo using weapons whose brand is matched by its grip (such as the Pimpernel). The SRD - bypassing properties of the skill are also important, but not more so than the reload speed.

  • Quicken [4/5]
    Increased cooldown rate translates to less downtime for Phaselock.

  • Sub - Sequence [5/5]
    The star of the show. Ideally you want the enemies to be close together, giving the Phaselock less travel time between each activation. Additionally, the reason why you don’t want to use Sub - Sequence on just one enemy is because with this skill active, the Phaselock orb itself remains active until its time expires.


  • Sweet Release [10/5]
    Provides a ridiculous amount of healing in conjunction with Sub - Sequence, as each Phaselocked enemy will produce 10 Life Orbs. With that in mind, the healing being health - based doesn’t even really matter.

  • Wreck [10/5]
    My favourite skill for Maya. As its name suggests, it wrecks enemies. It’s best to use a weapon with a high fire rate for massive damage, such as a Vladof assault rifle, a Maliwan SMG or a Hyperion shotgun.

  • Elated [5/5]
    Evens out Maya’s healing capabilities with this build. As with Sweet Release, it activates for each Phaselocked enemy. This build is more DPS - oriented than a Legendary Siren / Nurse class mod build. Therefore, I don’t take my skill points any further down the Harmony tree, for Sustenance or Life Tap.


  • Flicker [4/5]
    As this build isn’t particularly focused on DoT, this skill doesn’t really advance the build in any particular way. However, given the structure of the tree and my personal choices, the 4 skill points are needed.

  • Foresight [5/5]
    Greater magazine sizes prolong the inevitable reload, which of course leaves you vulnerable. Thankfully this skill also improves your reload speed for when you do have to reload, albeit not by much with this build.

  • Helios [10/5]
    Maya players seem to be divided on whether this skill is any good. I find that pre - slagged enemies that are drawn in by Converge to the Phaselock orb can be killed by Helios, especially if they are ordinarily weak. I consider that to be worth the skill point investment. If the Phaselocked enemy is itself killed by Helios, that’s an even better outcome, because Sub - Sequence then has more time to carry out its functions.

  • Chain Reaction [5/5]
    I don’t think I need to explain the usefulness of this skill for this build, or any Maya build for that matter.

  • Cloud Kill [1/1]
    The world of difference a patch can make. This skill now represents free, proper corrosive damage.

  • Reaper [10/5]
    Now I won’t lie and say that the exact mechanics of this skill are within my intellectual grasp, but all I know is that when it’s combined with Wreck, a lot of dying happens quickly. That’s good enough for me.

  • Ruin [1/1]
    As stated previously, it has synergy with Converge and it spreads the proverbial sickness effectively.

My Endgame Setup

(ignore the Bee shield please, I plead the 5th)

Every type of enemy in Borderlands 2 should now be accounted for with this combination of weapons and gear. As such, I think I’ve done away with the need to load out (i.e. swapping out weapons / gear while mobbing).


While using this build, I only Phaselock in circumstances where it’ll enable me to dispatch of, minimum, 3 enemies. Otherwise, you look a significant portion of cooldown time because of how Sub - Sequence works. So the playstyle in essence is : group multiple enemies together, Phaselock one, and create your own carnage.

Proof of Build Viability

In this video, I briefly take the build through two portions of the Sawtooth Cauldron.

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Looks good. I use a similar build with the Legendary Nurse.

I didn’t go with Kinetic Reflection just because I like to controll where Cloud Kill activates and I do need to update my OP since I removed 4 points from Flicker and 1 point from Immolate to restore 5/5 Helios since not having it was noticeable.

The only thing I would recommend is moving some points from Helios since it is boosted by your COM and investing in Immolate. I personaly have 4/5 invested and find the Slagga + Immolate + Cloud Kill more than enough to gain a second wind without needing to switch to a RL in most situations.

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Something I’ve had a lot of luck with post-patch, is swaping my corrosive weapons for a corrosive bone and a neutral element weapon (shock or NE). I’ve found that cloud kill and a good shock weapon are more than adiquate to get me through those heavy loader areas, while givving me more options in other areas. The Bekah seems like it was made for this role, having very powerful crits and working well with CR, but there are plenty of other good options.

I’m not saying you have to do this, it’s just something to think about.

A few other things:

  • Binder and Siren are pretty even in terms of DPS, super minor nit pick but whatever
  • I highly recomend taking immolate over flicker, I know a lot of people don’t like “building for FFYL,” but think of it more as a get out of jail free card.
  • I was going to complain about the use of the forentine on maya, but this is actually a reasonable use for it i guess.
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I’m liking your Legendary Nurse build and will most likely adopt it in the future.

As @Wingsday pointed out, I don’t really like “building for FFYL” and find that with enough patience I can stay out of it. Nevertheless, thank you for the recommendation and your reply.

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I’ve read that the Legendary Siren class mod provides a better baseline DPS than the Legendary Binder (i.e. while Phaselock is not in use).

With Cloud Kill, the Florentine can slag, corrode and electrocute enemies, and the weaker ones are usually killed quickly that way.

Let me know what you think after you try it, I’d like the feedback.

I can record myself using it and you can receive your feedback in the best way : through observation.

If it’s okay with you, let me know what weapons and/or gear you’d like me to use.

Sure if that something you’d like to do

How do you think this build would work with Thoughtlock?

very nice guide…

new player here… what weapons and class mods should i be using ???

it’s all in the picture, he has a L. Binder COM, quasar, Evloution, and Bone of ancient. his wepons are a flourentine, butcher, ogre and pimpernel from top to bottom.

Also, @JovaBrow I recomend you put a short list in the OP, for cases like this, because not everybody can ID weapons by visuals only.


is this build effective in clearing op8 raid boss ?

I’ve never actually used Thoughtlock before, so I don’t want to deceive you by giving a direct answer to your question. My apologies!

I don’t raid, so I have no idea.

probably not, this build is pretty dependant on Phaselock to do damage so I wouldn’t recomend it. That said, under the right conditions you could probably pull it off.

Do you know of any effective solo op8 raid build ?

This maybe I’m no where near an expert I would ask derch

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I realize it’s been months that this was posted, but I like the look of this build from a pre-planning standpoint. I just have a couple of questions.

Is this a decent build for solo play? And which tree is recommended to start with from the very beginning in normal mode?

No reason why it wouldn’t be good for solo.

Converge is an incredible skill for Maya, but the buffed cloudkill and Wreck are also potent bonuses. For Normal, I wouldn’t go down any one tree first, but strive for this set up by the end so I have most of my essential skills.
I don’t really remember if normal mode ended at 31 or 34, but hopefully it helps regardless.


This build is extremely similar to what I plan to run on my Maya, and I rushed down Cataclysm tree first (Ruin is pretty epically powerful near the end of NVHM), and that has worked pretty well for me and I’m now getting those 15 points in Harmony before filling in Motion.