[Build] OP8 Fire-Melee Hellbeast Krieg

** Made some changes **

Hi there. Came back from few months of haitus from Borderlands 2 and was playing around with Krieg. Pretty sure I’m not the first one to try combine Krieg’s Hellborn tree and Mania tree. But here’s my version.

Why is this build important?

I personally find melee Krieg very strong but very squishy on OP8. This build will make him a lot tougher when mobbing, without losing any strength.

Basically with this build you’ll have 195% dmg reduction (66,1% less dmg taken) and lots of selfheal during rampage.

Made a short video showcasing the build: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqDuSiIVhP0 (Updated).

This is the Build.

Notes on build

Bloodlust Skill Tree:

Allocate 5 points as you want in Blood-filled guns / Bloodtwitch.

1 point in Fuel the Blood to recieve the +5 from Sickle class mod. Giving you 120% grenade dmg with 100 stacks.

1 point in Buzz Axe Bombadier; basically makes your thrown Buzz Axe into a grenade.

Mania Skill Tree

5 points in Embrace the Pain. I choose this skill over Strip the Flesh as i Value 35% Fire Rate over 15% explosive dmg and I’m using Norfleet/E-tech launcher to get up in FFYL.

1 point in Redeem the Soul for extra 50% FFYL time. Personally i would not take this skill if I’m playing Coop.

4 points in Salt the Wound. Again u can put those 4 points into Strip the Flesh. Or put 3 in Salt the Wound and 1 in Thrill of the Kill (Already healing from Raving Retribution - even if you Rampage above 33%, you get cooldown back really quickly and Raving Retribution will keep your health up if you play defensively for a bit).

Hellborn Skill Tree

Now this tree is very open for customization.

5 points in Burn, Baby, Burn and 3 points Fuel the Fire for 56% chance to self ignite.

1 point in Pain is Power because it gets +5 from Sickle Com.

5 points in Fire Fiend for 50% chance to ignite enemy. With 50% chance to ignite enemy and 56% chance to ignite self when igniting enemy, gives us 28% chance to ignite self on melee hit.

3 points in Flame Flare. I found it quite hard to stay on fire during Rampage. This skill solves the problem with 60% burn duration and 45% chance to apply new burn effect on enemy.

Raving Retribution. Once you are self-ignited and enemies damage you, the ball starts rolling. Soon the entire room is on fire and you get healed alot from elemental Empathy, making u a lot more durable in Rampage mode.


Shield: I would choose Rough Rider for more health & 20% dmg reduction. Other choice is Flame of the Firehawk for aoe dmg but less tanky.

Class Mod: Sickle Class Mod is the only choice to get enough melee dmg.

Relic: Many options here; I chose Blood of the Ancients for Health + Shotgun/Launcher ammo. Could also use Sheriff’s Badge for Pistol Fire Rate, which effects Thrown Buzz Axe.

Grenade Mod: Chain Lightening, to easy self-ignite when entering a room.


Slot1 Slag: Slagga or Florentine for easy slagging. Florentine adds chance to electrocute enemies aswell.

Slot2 MidRange: Dpuh, or any other weapon you’re comfortable with.

Slot3 CloseRange: Rustler Twister or any other high dmg shotgun.

Slot4: FFYL: Etech/Norfleet or any other high dmg launcher.

Game Play

Basically you play like you would play any other melee Krieg. Slag when possible. When you get below 33% HP you trigger Rampage. Throw Buzz Axe after getting a melee kill for the duration of of Fuel the Blood buff to avoid self-inflicting dmg from SIlence the Voices - at least if you’re low on health. And throw a Chain Lightening when you enter a room or if there’s an opening to self-ignite. Have fun. ^^

Sorry for the lame build name… I’m bad at names :slight_smile: This build is obviously open for discussion/configuration.


Good build. If i were you id move 2 poimts from fuel the fire into numbed nerves.


Good idea! I will try this. See if it effects getting on fire.

Edit: Tested it, works! Gives us a total of 195% dmg reduction.


Updated abit. :slight_smile:


I’ve been using a build really close to this one for quite some time after facing some difficulties at the peak with the usual bloodlust-mania melee bloodsplosion build. I would recommend a low-level lobbed non-zero fuse slag bouncing betty to keep enemies slagged during rampages instead of the chain lightning.

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Good idea! Did you manage to finish peak with the build you linked and what gear/weapons did you use? Peak has always caused me most trouble as Melee-Krieg.

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Here’s a post I’ve made about my build some time ago (there are other relevant posts in the same thread about skill choices) and yes, I’ve used it to complete at least one op8 digi peak run… well, mostly, as I’ve resorted to bee-pimp/hawk/flakker against Dukino’s Mom, Double-Saturn and during a small part of OMGWTH’s fight because I didn’t want to spend half an hour per boss. The op8 peak run was done with:

  • Slagga – any prefix will do, mine has the +fire-rate accessory, “Bulets Go Fasterifed” prefix I think;
  • DPUH;
  • Casual Swordsplosion
  • Conference Call/Flakker/Twister/Tattler mainly with some bee-amped Pimpernel/Sand Hawk here and there;

For the shield, classmod, grenade mod and relic I’ve used a Rough Rider, a Legendary Sickle, a low level slag Bouncing Betty and a Blood of the Ancients I believe with shotgun and smg ammo.

I’ve also used the same build for the op8 fight against the Son of Crawmerax once (and managed to glitch craw many times like this), it’s a really good mobbing setup but it lacks the necessary DPS for boss-like kills to be done in a reasonable amount of time.

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Great reading :slight_smile:

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This is my new Digistruct Peak Build. 5/5 Blood Bath to easier kill biggies with a Reaper Class mod. A little worried chance to self-ignite is a little too low with only 1/5 Fuel the Fire. Thoughts? :slight_smile:

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Some sacrifices have to be made in order to get those 5 points for Bloodbath, considering how expensive the Hellborn tree is. I would recommend trying with only a single point into Bloodbath and have the Leg. Reaper classmod bump it to 6/5 whenever needed, considering that some of the boss-like enemies won’t be accompanied by minions to achieve kill-skills.

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