[Build - OUTDATED] Fl4uncher FL4K - M10 Stealth Bomber

Fl4uncher FL4K

Also known Stealth Bomber FL4K

@sammantixbb provided this amazing name for the build

Hey! This is mostly just me building upon a wish i had to update @nodreamsonlygoals’ older Stealth Bomber setups to M4, and now M10.
I also brought in some of the concepts from @N00tmad’s Bloodsplosion Moze after some high tier memes on Discord.

For now i’ll just keep it direct and simple, i’ll be (hopefully) adding a better breakdown of things in the future. This means you should watch the gameplay links at the end while my lazy self doesn’t update this (i’m also taking a little break from this game at the moment, but sharing these builds).
I like to give options and enable choices in most of the gear, so if anything is a bit unclear just tell me. Feel free to ask any questions!

Skill Tree

Centered around Heavy Weapon spam, Splash Radius + Damage, a bit of Overkill and the 300% damage vs enemies above 90% HP Anointment, this build outputs some of the highest damage possible on FL4K, with a potentially very quick clear speed for most areas in the game.

Alternatively, you use the 150% Radiation Anointment (URad) with the alternate setup. It can be attractive due to it being always on to provide extra damage, but it’s not as potentially effective as the main option. It is also just a different way to approach the build, which you might prefer.

When using the 300% damage vs enemies above 90% HP Anointment, the main objective is to maximize both Splash Radius and Damage. Heavy Weapons (and especially the new M6+ ones) actually get an insane reliability/consistency boost with Radius increases, and in cases like the Backburner/Yellowcake, it’s a direct massive DPS increase.

When using URad, Splash Radius just as important the same importance, however Splash Damage (on Class Mod) becomes less important because it won’t affect the bonus radiation from the anointment. The way to go around that is to have Heavy Weapon Damage, which will boost both the main damage + the bonus radiation.

1. Main Setup (300%v2)

I recommend this as main setup various reasons, including:
a) You keep Healthgate and lose nothing skills wise (like being at perma-half Power Inside and having no Furryous due to being below 50% health)
b) It can consistently “one-shot” pretty much anything sensible
c) It’s the better one at utilizing Overkill, and Overkill is strong
d) The 300%v2 anointment is perfect for the chain of destruction that Radiation + Overkill + Hollow Point can cause
e) Since it cares most about the main damage coming from the gun, the reliance on bonus elements is very diminished and we can focus on Splash Damage to introduce yet another strong multiplier

Skill Tree Link

Augments: Unblinking Eye is recommended for bossing, or if you just want more damage. Other than that, the UYAD + Circus combination can get you good survival between Fade Aways.

  • If you want to play strictly around Overkill and maximize its cap, you can remove Two F4ng and put those points into 3/3 Persistense Hunter + 2/5 Grim Harvest.

2. URad Setup

Skill Tree Link

Augments: Unblinking Eye is recommended for bossing, or if you just want more damage. UYAD is still good even if going URad, due to the movement speed + shared regen to the pet. The UYAD + Circus combination can get you good survival/repositioning between Fade Aways. Unblinking Eye + Circus is a semi-consistent way of getting good use out of Hidden Machine while maximizing damage.

3. Three Tree Fl4unching

Skill Tree Link

Augments: UYAD + Circus gets you good survival/repositioning between Fade Aways.

  • This setup has the advantage of being able to seamlessly switch from either URad or 300%v2 on the fly. It can also use 300%v2 weapons while geared for URad without disadvantages like TPI permanently at 25%.
  • It’s a bit weaker at bossing due to the Frenzy reliance (and pet death on Wotan) and no Unblinking Eye. You can equip Gunslinger Jabber/Jabber Sidekick on Wotan and hope it lives.
  • If you don’t mind losing UYAD, you can take the point from BFFs and max Hunter’s Eye. You can also go further and take the point from Lick The Wounds and use it in Psycho Head for a bit more consistent Frenzy stacking. It’s up to you.

General Skill Flexibility

  • Hunter’s Eye is mainly useful for the Maliwan Takedown/Robots/Bosses, you can experiment with the points as you wish.

  • Pet: Spiderant has the best damage stat for the setup, while also giving a survivability boost (to both you and herself, due to BFFs). Skag is used in Three Tree due to its better AI, but feel free to use Ant in case you switch to an HP loadout.


If not using URad, Radiation is the main recommended element for mobbing. Other than that, you should try to cover for most elements for when they’re needed. URad can combine elements to its benefit.

Main Setup Anointments: Your main anointment for the Heavy Weapons is the 300% damage vs enemies above 90% HP. For weapons/situations where you won’t be getting too much out of it, a 125% Splash Damage ASE is good.
The 500% Crit Nova anointment is actually pretty decent on this, so it can work if you have one.

URad Setup Anointments: The main anointment is, of course, the 150% Radiation while below 50% health. You may still find it good to carry some weapons with the 300% damage vs enemies above 90% HP.

Three Tree can use any, as long as you gear accordingly.

  • Plaguebearer with either of 300% damage vs enemies above 90% HP, 125% Splash Damage ASE, 500% Crit Nova or URad
  • Yellowcake with either of 300% damage vs enemies above 90% HP, 125% Splash Damage ASE, 500% Crit Nova or URad
  • Backburner with either of 300% damage vs enemies above 90% HP, 125% Splash Damage ASE, 500% Crit Nova or URad
  • Nukem with either of 300% damage vs enemies above 90% HP or URad
  • Hedgehog /Quickie RLs (x2 and lowest mag part preferred for sticky damage) with 125% Splash Damage ASE or URad (not essential at all, but great bossing weapons)
  • Reflux /Brainstormer of any level with any anointment (mostly a cooldown tool in this build)
  • Stagecoach /Bangstick (up to x25/x18, mostly tools for St4ckbot if you wish to use it) with any anointment
  • O.P.Q. System/Sand Hawk with 300% damage vs enemies above 90% HP or URad (backup weapons that also benefit from splash damage increases)


Anointments: All with 50% Element ASE. You can try the Shield Break/Fill Effect on ASS on shields like Stop-Gap, if you so wish. The Amp on Shield Break can also be decent on higher capacity shields.

For damage:

  • One-Shotter (Overall best potential damage choice. Re-router/0.m can work decently too, but weaker on multiple projectiles/Two F4ng procs)
  • Old God (Radiation/Preferred element, can also have potentially good survivability. Great for a consistent damage boost)

For URad, Old God + Deathless is a good combination, or alternatively Front Loader + Pearl.

For survivability:

  • Transformer (can be used on URad + Deathless too)
  • Stop-Gap
  • Rico
  • Re-Charger


Anointments: All with Element 50% ASE. URad can also use 25% On Grenade Throw.

  • Mitosis/Cloning Hunter Seeker (Can naturally crit and Megavore crit for Leave No Trace and Head Count procs. Stacks Furious Attack and can trigger Bounty Hunter’s kill skill mechanic)
  • Recurring/Mirvtacular Hex (Can naturally crit for Leave No Trace and Head Count procs)


It is important to have an AoE Damage roll on your artifact, preferably as the second or third roll because that will also boost Splash Radius alongside Damage.

Pearl can’t roll AoE, but it can be potentially stronger than even a good rolled artifact, especially on URad. However, the stacking mechanic might not be consistent and it can end up just performing worse most of the time. Not having the Radius boost from the AoE roll is also an indirect (and in some cases pretty direct) hit to DPS.

The “Heavy Weapon Damage” stat roll currently doesn’t do anything when on an Artifact.

Good stat boosts to look for are Area (Splash) Damage, Cooldown, HP Regen, Elemental Damage, Magazine Size, Reload Speed, Movement Speed…

  • Prefix: Atom Balm/Last Stand/Snowdrift, Suffix: Otto Idol / Victory Rush
    *If using URad, Prefix: Atom Balm/Ice Breaker/Last Stand/Snowdrift, Suffix: Deathless
  • Prefix: Cutpurse, Suffix: Launchpad/Otto Idol/Victory Rush/Deathless (good to have in case of ammo issues)
  • Pearl Of Ineffable Knowledge (Magazine Size + Fire Rate/Reload Speed/Health Regen)

Class Mod

Choice. A privilege for few in this game.

Within the given options, for the Main Setup you definitely want to look for Splash Radius + Splash Damage, or at least Splash Damage rolls. Weapon Type Damage is not great here, due to it stacking additively to the already massive number of the 300%v2 anointment.

For URad, Splash Damage is good but not as important due to it not applying to bonus elements, while Radius remains important. However, Weapon Type Damage assumes that place since it will boost both your main damage and the bonus radiation

Good stats for Main Setup: Splash Radius, Splash Damage, Weapon Damage, Cooldown, Weapon Charge Speed, HP Regen, Magazine Size, Reload Speed…

Good stats for URad Setup: Splash Radius, Weapon Type Damage, Splash Damage, Weapon Damage, Weapon Crit, Cooldown, Weapon Charge Speed, Magazine Size, Reload Speed…

  • Bounty Hunter , +3 Dangerous Game +2 Hunter’s Eye/Frenzy: Seamless mobbing and bossing, also has some of the best Overkill potential due to how Gun Damage interacts with the Overkill cap.
  • Cosmic Stalker , +3 Big Game +2 Interp. Stalker/Hunter’s Eye: Comparable and potentially a bit stronger than Bounty Hunter for mobbing in this build, also gets you some better uptime on Furious Attack. Simply a great choice all around.
  • St4ckbot , +3/2 Pack Tactics +2/3 Furryous: With smart use of a Bangstick or a Stagecoach, you can stack the bonus on the first two shots of Fade Away and have the third shot massively increase in power. This is excellent to start Overkill chains and can pair especially well with the Nukem for mobbing. You can also use all three shots with a Bangstick to loop back into another Fade and have both max stacks + three shots for your Heavy Weapon.
  • DE4DEYE , +3 Furryous +2 Two F4ng/+5 Two F4ng: Great at mobbing and can do some bossing. The only problem is the fact that the 35% bonus is additive to the 300% damage vs enemies above 90% HP anointment, meaning they are not the best pairing. However, both the Two F4ng and the Furryous boosts provide good synergy with the Main Setup in general. For URad, this is a great choice if you can find a good variant with as much Two F4ng as possible, since the other skills are useless in its case.
  • Headcase , +3/2 Furryous +2/3 Leave No Trace: Can do good work while mobbing, the main draw being the increased consistency of LNT procs. It has a damage and stat roll tradeoff for this, however. For URad (and Main Setup too), a Bushmaster with Turn Tail instead of Furryous is also a good option.


Gameplay can be approached in different ways. You can
a) go for pure launcher spam even outside of Fade or
b) switch to your cooldown tools to rapidly get back into Fade once you’ve used your shots, or of course
c) mix both to your liking and according to the situation

While shooting Heavy Weapons, you’ll want to throw out Hunter-Seekers so they can get you those LNT and Head Count procs, while also stacking Furious Attack and allowing you to skip reloading entirely, potentially giving you nearly infinite ammo. Sometimes you’ll get unlucky chains and be forced into a reload, but you can cancel that animation until you get a LNT proc by

a) quickly pressing to swap to another weapon then back to your main,
b) throwing more grenades,
c) casting fade Away or
d) meleeing

Another alternative is just swapping to the Reflux/Brainstormer, quickly get some chains out then swap back to your main: this should give you a LNT proc and also recharge Fade Away in the meantime.

If your pet goes down and you don’t want to manually revive it, you can go into the skill menu, equip another pet, go back into game and then back into skill menu to re-equip the desired pet. Alternatively, you can skip the last step and just swap to the next best pet each time one goes down. Another way is swapping to a Friend-bot class mod and killing an enemy.


4:44 True Takedown with some skips
5:11 True Takedown with 0 skips
6:12 True Takedown with 0 skips
A failed yet good True Takedown run without any skips (300%v2)
Very low effort 4:50 Trial Of Fervor (300%v2)
Plaguebearer vs. Shaft (500% Crit Nova)
Nukem St4ckbot shenanigans (300%v2)
Yellowcake doing great AoE 1 (500% Crit Nova)
Yellowcake doing great AoE 2 (500% Crit Nova)

Final Notes

Thanks for taking a look at this, and i hope you can enjoy it. While the new M6+ weapons are, indeed, absolutely disgusting and can burn you out quite quick, there’s some good fun to be had with them anyway just out of the sheer chain of killing that happens.
With some tweaking you can safely play this with Rakk Attack too, so feel free to try that!

Have fun!


Once again a nice build (expansion).
Great writeup! And make sure to come back after your hiatus once the patch hits.

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Every time I start complaining about FL4K getting stale you or Dakquan post a build :rofl:


@vCarpeDiemv From our play sessions, I am pretty sure this is close to the build you must be running. And I can attest, 10/10 would recommend. This build absolutely blows all content in the game out of the water.

Good build @Ratore as always and good post.

I would emphasize that in addition to the splash damage rolls on your COM, you really want weapon charge speed if you are using the Plaguebearer. You don’t NEED it, but the build just works better with it. Maybe you said that in your post and I missed it. EDIT: And a mag size roll on your artifact also really, really helps.

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Skill tree and load out are about a 90% match lol I still use Transformer for the ammo absorb.

Note on charge speed for Plaguebearer, it effectively increases fire rate 61%.


I do recommend charge speed in the class mod rolls, yeah. Ive done most of my playing without it actually, but it definitely helps. (Mostly because i use a different roll mix that tends to benefit all my weapons)

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I prefer the Transformer as well for Fl4k. I feel like it is Fl4k’s best survival option in most cases, although in the case of this build (as @Ratore already stated) you probably could run an ASS Stop Gap and it would be decent as well. I am not sure about the synergy between FA and that anoint though. Maybe it would be useful?

I generally have a tough time deciding between competing survival and DPS gear options when I am doing my own builds, because sometimes DPS is in itself survival and it is tough to pick between them.

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My COM is a BH with 3 MDG 2 HE with Splash Dahl reload(meh), and weapon charge speed.

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I use a very similar set up to this but I go with a deathless artifact with mag size and a 24k stop gap with 40% sheild capacity, so roughly 51k shields and I use the under 50 health 150 radiation weapons, its damn disgusting the amount of damage it does with a 25 on grenade throw mod on top for over kill :slight_smile:

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I’m not too big of a fan of the ASS Stop Gap on Fade, i generally feel like i have enough survivability, plus losing an ASE does not feel too good. It is an option though.

Usually in this setup i just go for damage on my shield, which is why the One-Shotter. Transformer i’d say is indeed the best for survival + bonus ammo sustain.

I did craft this build with a 150% Radiation version too, but i preferred the usual health setup for it in this case, mainly for the better interaction with Overkill. It is great either way.


A decent option in combination with Leave No Trace/Megavore and Fade Away for dealing with cannon fodder is Ruby’s Wrath. As long as you can land hits, you maintain ammo with just the launcher itself. Should be ready to rumble once the enemy health nerf in the higher Mayhem Modes arrives.


The “Heavy Weapon Damage” stat roll currently doesn’t do anything when on an Artifact.

Wait… Since when it is like that? is Gearbox aware of this issue? If not I volunteer to open a ticket. You decidedly can’t trust anything in this game :confounded:


This kinda shook me as well. Isn’t that supposed to be a V2 bonus as well?

I think not entirely sure.
Well I opened a ticket with a demo video, I feel super fooled :unamused:


Every time I find a Ruby’s Wrath I think:

“Holy crap! Does that thing REALLY say eleven THOUSAND times SEVEN?”

And then I try it again and it still kind of sucks. It seems like the Ruby’s Wrath should be better than it is. And maybe it is great and I just am not smart enough to figure out how to get the most of it, but it just seems a little . . . underwhelming? Hopefully this will change.

Got a better (and complete) takedown run than the one that was linked on the videos section. I kept both in because the old one is also a good gameplay presentation.


Love it!

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6:12 is absurdly fast.

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I have a question: what do you need to do exactly to make the Heavy guarding the last force field before Wotan appear? I used to think you had to kill every single mob on the bridge but apparently that is not the case?

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Main requirement seems to be killing everything that spawns at the far end of bridge. That includes dogs, spheres and some humans.