[Build - OUTDATED] Three Tree 3-Shot - M10 3-Shot (or GITM) Build

Three Tree 3-Shot FL4K

GITM also available

Hey! This is a special build that i’ve grown to like very much, possibly my current favorite FL4K build. It was originally made within the Discord community and it got good traction. You may have seen it or a variant on Youtube by now.

If you’re more interested in seeing a build video, here’s two of this specific setup (i still recommend taking a look at the alternate setups in this thread):

By LazyData:

By Dakquan:

Skill Tree and Important Notes

The build is centered around the 150% Radiation Anointment, which i’ll refer to as URad from here onwards. The main skill tree setup favors 3-Shot Fade a bit due to the unavailability of Unblinking Eye, but GITM works just fine with it. There’s also an alternate setup that goes full-in on the Stalker tree that can provide better GITM performance.

The reason for the Three Tree spread is avoiding the wasted bonuses due to the need of being low on health for the anointment (Furryous, Power Inside), and also maximizing DPS to a ridiculous degree.

The tradeoff of this build is, of course, in general survivability + healthgate. This is a hot topic when discussing FL4K, but i’ll just go ahead and say that this build doesn’t care for it or even need it, however it is very late game centric in the sense that i heavily recommend having all the Guardian Rank perks that help your survival unlocked, especially Too Angry To Die. This way, going down is at most a little interruption to your damage due to the animation, and after that it’s actually a minor damage increase until you get up.

There’s also a good degree of getting used to it. Once you get the hang of it, you can play an entire Slaughter Shaft with this without going down once, or just going down as much as any other build. Your kill speed gets really insane.

The one situation where it can get a bit annoying is when facing projectile reflection from those (physically) shielded Maliwan soldiers, because those cause you to one-shot yourself. The tips i can give against those guys are:
a) Fade > go to their backs > carefully shoot
b) Carefully aim for their legs > they will fall down > wait a small time so the shield gets out of the way and spam freely
c) Sometimes they will throw the shield and you’ll get a small opening to delete them
d) Smart use of the Reflux by chaining to them by using other targets as a delivery system

1. Main Setup

Skill Tree Link

Augments: For 3-Shot, Until You Are Dead + Not My Circus provide great utility and survivability. Circus is the one you always want to have due to the interaction with He Bites + Frenzy. GITM + Circus can also be easily used and perform pretty well for mobbing, however it will lack a bit in bossing compared to a full Green/Red GITM setup.

  • This is the setup that just felt generally better to recommend, because it is a bit more feature complete and makes use of more Augments.
  • You can take three points from Second Intention and use them in Hidden Machine. It might be a bit Overkill depending on situation, and there’s also the inconsistencies of the skill, but it can be pretty great.
  • If you’re used to the setup, you can use the point from Lick The Wounds in BFFs for a bit better pet regen during fight downtime.

2. Main Setup Alternative

Skill Tree Link

Augments: For 3-Shot, you’ll only have Not My Circus, which is not much of a problem if you don’t miss the movement speed too much (rolling Speed Demon as a modifier can cover for this). GITM + Circus can also be easily used and perform pretty well for mobbing, however it will lack a bit in bossing compared to a full Green/Red GITM setup.

  • This is a personal variant i like to run. I’m a big fan of maxed Second Intention + Cosmic Stalker, and this allows me to rock that with tradeoffs that i don’t really care about.
  • The Psycho Head point is optional, but i use it due to the fact that the Not My Circus taunt usually requires the pet to approach an enemy before it agonizingly builds up its energy to play the also agonizing animation for the taunt. With more movement speed, it will reach whatever target it chose faster, resulting in better effectiveness out of the Not My Circus + He Bites + Frenzy interaction.

3. Green/Red Setup

Skill Tree Link

Augments: For 3-Shot, UYAD + Not My Circus provide great utility and survivability. Unblinking Eye is great for bossing or if you just want more damage, and a core choice for most situations if uSing GITM. The Monarch + GITM + this setup absolutely deletes anything you throw at it.

  • If you want to tailor this last setup a bit more torwards GITM, you might want to use Gunslinger Jabber so there’s no Spiderant DoTs resetting St4ckbot.
  • While using Jabber + GITM, you might find less need for 3/3 BFFs since the pet won’t be tanking nearly as much. That frees up two points that you can use to max Self-Repairing System or change that to 5/5 Eager To Impress.
  • Transferring 3 points from Second Intention to Persistence Hunter is also possible, but it is preference in the sense that will delay your ASE anointments and reduce Reflux effectiveness while the skill is active, so you have to find what you prefer in that case.

General Skill Flexibility

  • Hunter’s Eye is mainly useful for the Maliwan Takedown/Robots/Bosses, you can experiment with the points as you wish.
  • If you’re not a fan of Overclocked, you should be. Just joking, but you can use those points in Eager To Impress if you so wish, which can make quick killers like O.P.Q. more effective at Fade cycling on their own.
  • Pet: Skag is used for the universal boost and the better (less dumb) AI for Frenzy stacking. Spiderant is still great, just has no real advantage in this case. Gunslinger Jabber is accessible on the Main Setup, and is a beast at Frenzy stacking (with downtimes for a big dumb search of barrels that might inevitably kill it), but you trade the great passive bonuses of Skag/Ant for it. When facing wotan, i recommend using either the base Jabber Sidekick or Gunslinger Jabber, as those might stay alive.


Anointments: Your main required anointment is URad. You may still find the 300% vs. enemies above 90% HP better in some situations, so it’s not a bad idea to have those around, especially on the likes of O.P.Q/Yellowcake.

  • Reflux: Arguably the main attraction of this build, this weapon demolishes any mobbing scenario with ease.
  • O.P.Q. System with either of URad or 300% vs. enemies above 90% HP: An all-around extremely potent rifle, with big double dips due to its shock explosion.
  • Monarch with either of URad or Consecutive Hits: A beast at bossing and deleting priority targets. Has great synergy with either 3-Shot or GITM.
  • Sand Hawk with either of URad or Consecutive Hits: Fits a similar role to Monarch, but is way more mobile. The slow projectiles can be a big disadvantage depending on situation.
  • Yellowcake/Plaguebearer/Backburner/Ion Cannon with either of URad or 300% damage vs enemies above 90% HP: Just generally good to have RLs should the need arise. Pick your preference.
  • Recursion with URad: It is simply absurdly broken in this setup, primarily because of the third bonus element.
    Stagecoach /Bangstick with URad: Tools for St4ckbot shenanigans, and in the case of Bangstick, it can get extremely strong by itself as a boss killer with GITM + URad + St4ckbot. Stagecoach can actually get a lot of great group one-shots while mobbing, and also get decent to great single target damage.

Kaoson, Lob and Anarchy are honorable mentions. This build can get so strong to the point that any weapon is worth a try, because it might just bring it into a usable state.


Anointments: 50% Element ASE

You can try going a Deathless route with shields like Old God/Transformer, or even try an ASS Stop-Gap. However, i find that to be a weird “no man’s land” where you’re only halfway through fully comitting to damage without really getting anything from it, so in this case i’ll have the Front Loader as heavily recommended.

  • Front Loader, ideally with double Absorb parts if you can get one.

If you want to try the Deathless route:

  • Old God (Radiation)
  • Transformer
  • Stop-Gap


All with Element 50% ASE

  • Mitosis/Cloning Hunter Seeker (Can naturally crit and Megavore crit for Leave No Trace and Head Count procs. Stacks Furious Attack and can trigger Bounty Hunter’s kill skill mechanic)
  • Recurring/Mirvtacular Hex (Can naturally crit for Leave No Trace and Head Count procs)
  • It’s Piss


The Pearl will offer the best damage boost overall. Only St4ckbot + its shenanigans/GITM might not benefit as much from it, in which case you’d want a very good rolled artifact to replace it, and it would likely need a Deathless since we’re using URad, and damage outside of Fade would suffer and… well, it might not be worth the swap at all.

  • Pearl Of Ineffable Knowledge (Magazine Size + Fire Rate/Reload Speed)

If you want to try Deathless paired with different shields:

  • Prefix: Last Stand/Snowdrift, Suffix: Deathless

Class Mod

We are yet again blessed with choice, and this time a whole lot of it.

Good stat boosts to look for are Weapon Type Damage, Weapon Damage, Weapon Crit, Manufacturer Crit, Cooldown, Reload Speed, Fire Rate…

  • Cosmic Stalker , +3 Big Game +2 Interp. Stalker/Hunter’s Eye: The perfect COM for mobbing (and not bad at some bosses) in this build. The boost to both Frenzy’s duration and effectiveness alongside the other Hunt Skills makes this class mod a true powerhouse. The increase to Second Intention’s reload speed is very much felt, and pairs extremely well with Overclocked. But there’s also…
  • Bounty Hunter , +3 Dangerous Game +2 Frenzy/Hunter’s Eye: Seamless mobbing and bossing (the best bossing option for 3-Shot, unless doing specific things with St4ckbot). It can actually outdamage Cosmic Stalker, and the Frenzy variant feels actually illegal during gameplay once things are stacked up. The lower duration of Frenzy makes it a bit worse, especially considering the damage up isn’t by too much at all.
  • Thrillbot , +3/2 Big Game +2/3 Dangerous Game: A perfect mix of Stalker and Bounty Hunter that also maximizes Hunt Skill duration, alongside some effectiveness. It is an excellent mobbing Class Mod, in the same vein as Stalker. The DPS difference is not too big between the three, but the duration bonus is really felt. The only problem is that due to being of Epic rarity, only two stat rolls are available, which isn’t too big of a deal in this build as long as they are good rolls. This Class Mod is a great option if you don’t have appropriate versions of BH/Stalker, and even then you might still prefer this one.
  • St4ckbot , +3/2 Pack Tactics +2/3 Hunter’s Eye: It is the main COM choice for GITM + Monarch/Bangstick and the likes, nothing really beats it at that, and it can do it all. For 3-Shot, with smart use of a Bangstick or a Stagecoach, you can stack the bonus on the first two shots of Fade Away and have the third shot massively increase in power. This is excellent for planned kills. It is ok for normal mobbing gameplay, but doesn’t stand out much unless you play around it to an arguably unnecessary degree.
  • R4kk P4k , +3/2 Pack Tactics +2/3 Head Count: An actually great choice for mobbing due to the Head Count boost, giving you even more consistent Fade Away cycles. The tradeoff is a noticeable amount of damage, but it is good enough to consider it, because damage is not lacking in here anyway.

Honorable Mentions

  • Friendbot , +5 Barbaric Yawp: If you don’t want to deal with any eventual dumb pet death moments (like a barrel), you can use this. The damage it provides is at a similar tier/a bit above the R4kk P4k, which makes it not too strong (but not weak at all) while also being a hard roll to find. It is, however, a massive QOL improvement, and since damage isn’t lacking, you might like this.
  • DE4DEYE , +5 Two F4ng: Great at mobbing and can do some bossing. The 35% bonus is very great while it is active, but that’s pretty much the main draw of it on this setup. The extra Two F4ng won’t help our main weapons too much, the Furryous boost won’t do anything because we’re below half health, and Go For The Eyes is a sad meme. This makes finding a good version of it for this setup pretty hard, but if you do have one, it can be ideally used for more Heavy Weapon focused gameplay.


Your main gameplay loop revolves around cycling Fade Away cooldowns as quickly as possible. Weaving in the high crit rate weapons is essential for this, with Reflux being the main choice for that.

The time spent during Fade Away can be used for “planning”, a breather or just straight up murder while cycling cooldowns. Examples are:
a) Spam Reflux until everything is dead. Same with Monarch, which can loop Fade very consistently
b) Shoot preferred gun for a while then swap to Reflux to cycle it back
c) (If GITM) Spam Monarch during the skill and use Reflux once it ends. GITM is also a safe time to spam Reflux with all anointments up if you can get the cycle down. Alternatively you can of course just keep shooting the Monarch because it also loops Fade well
d) R4kk P4k’s Head Count boost potentially enables cycling with just about any feasible weapon, meaning you can play just looping Fade with an O.P.Q. if you so wish
e) Any St4ckbot shenanigans you wish to do

And many other approaches… These are just tips.

You should always aim for crits, because Fade Away crits are not the same type of crit as your usual, out-of-Fade crit. This means Fade bodyshots can proc Megavore.

If your pet goes down and you don’t want to manually revive it, you can go into the skill menu, equip another pet, go back into game and then back into skill menu to re-equip the desired pet. Alternatively, you can skip the last step and just swap to the next best pet each time one goes down. Another way is swapping to a Friend-bot class mod and killing an enemy.

Other Videos/Clips

GITM Monarch vs. Graveward in almost 2 seconds
URad Stagecoach
R4kk P4k Monarch
R4kk P4k Reflux
R4kk P4k 300% O.P.Q
A random Recursion shot

Final Notes

Not really sure what to say here right now, so… thanks for reading and i hope you have a good time!



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It’s Gerard from the FL4K P4CK discord! Highly recommend this build as it has made M10 TTD a breeze for me. I can’t wait to see what build you cook up next, Ratore!

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I’m having such a splendid time with this build! :DDDDDDDDD

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@Rezur @N00tmad but i thought fl4 bad?

@Murzealous Thank you!


Great write-up and build as always.

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fl4 is by far the worst VH

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Fl4k is terrible. GBX needs to delete from the game. :joy:

This is a good build and can confirm that you can run this build FA or Rakks just fine. The build works better with FA for survival though.

Great work @Ratore and good writeup.

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Sorry! Wrong forum, I thought this was an Amara build. Now way in heck Fl4 will ever be good :coolstoryTyeeen:

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Moved Friendbot to honorable mentions, added Thrillbot as a main choice after more testing (it is great).

I know class mod section is overcrowded, but there’s pretty much a point to each of them and it is great to have so many choices available, because you might find great rolls on one but not on the others. FL4K is really blessed in this regard.


This is not related to your build, but man, what is the deal with rarity on purple +3/+2 Thrillbots? These are super, super rare in my experience. I don’t think I have EVER seen one, let alone one with good passives. Anyone else found these to be pretty rare?

This is a fantastic, very underrated COM in general that I never see anyone using.

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Yeah, great com (waiting for a legendary variant) and rare AF …

@derwitte I mean, as far as the devs are concerned, the Bounty Hunter probably is kind of the legendary variant of the Thrillbot, right? I know it really and truly is not because a Thrillbot is like a CS and BH sort of combined. But I expect that if you asked the devs they would tell you the BH was SUPPOSED to be the legendary variant of the Thrillbot. Even though I don’t think that is correct.

If you ever find a well-rolled Thrillbot though, keep me in mind. If I find a decent one I will try to remember to say something too.

I will!

I have found good rolls on them before, but i don’t know if there’s any rarity thing happening there. Hidden Machine is not terrible to have as a boost, because it will do great work when it’s on. But it won’t do much in the long run, so that makes finding the ideal version a good bit harder.

It just seems weird that you see good legendary COMs drop pretty much all the time, but the purples? Good luck finding a good one.

I just randomly found a really good Bushmaster (or is it Headcase? I can’t remember LOL) the other day that had +3 LNT / +2 FNF. Dope COM for Torgue stickies LOL. But again, one that you almost never see rolled that way drop.

I agree with you that it isn’t probably an issue with rarity itself, but rather with just actually finding it, kind of like getting a good Coach Gun or Quad in BL2 or TPS.

EDIT: Checking play time data. Yep, I have 17 days on Fl4k and never seen one of those +3/+2 Thrillbots.

Great thread,I like your explanations :grin:
Thx for that!
Ps: like that friend bot gets a little bit of attention even though it’s a Honorable Mention. I learned to love this com :smile:

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Can you link me on the collection of builds you have on discord. I save it but cant find it.


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It’s here. There’s links for Amara, Moze and Zane on the first page too.



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