[Build] Paranoid Stewardroid

Paranoid Stewardroid

All those unborn chickens, though…


I’m rather new in the Fragtrap’s world, and just very recently got to figure things out and start making my own builds and strategies for the little guy. Claptrap is a very interesting character to play with, since many of his skills bring gimmicks into the game, so you will have to be very versatile in order to make the most out of this class. That is also what this build centres around: using the mechanics to our favor, being a variable in the battlefield, never using the same thing too much. Also hoping for Funzerking not to activate in Co-Op, because that’s just obnoxious, but it’s not really up to us, is it? I wish it was…

In the breakdowns, I will be referencing the level 60 Loose Cannon version of the build, so some things I say might not apply well for level 50 play or any level of Madtrap play.

This build draws heavy inspiration from the Wreck-it-Trap 2.0 and Voracidous.exe builds, which were the ones I ran with before trying to come up with something of my own.

Boomtrap breakdown

  • 5/5 Drop the Hammer

    What we’re getting here is a bonus of twenty five percent to your Fragtrap’s rate of fire and reload speed and a downside that doesn’t matter. Great for mobbing, great for bossing. Can’t really go wrong, can you?

  • 5/5 Killbot

    Restoring up to thirty five percent of your health on kill is perhaps the bonus that most resembles health gating in the Pre-Sequel, getting Claptrap closer to Krieg in playstyle. However, we do get one tenth of our max shields drained along with the health restoring, but that passes as another bonus while using a roid shield.

  • 1/1 Second Wind [by Tediore]

    This is the point that starts putting the “boom” in “Boomtrap”. Whenever you enter FFYL, a terrorist clone of yourself will be thrown at your foes and explosive novas will come out of you. Why they didn’t credit Torgue for the last part, I don’t know. Maybe Tediore is just that power-hungry.

  • 1/5 Load ‘n’ Splode

    Boosted by our chosen COM, this skill will grant a nice stacking bonus to explosive damage after you reload the weapon in your hand. No downsides, no gimmicks, just Torgue.

  • 5/5 Start with a Bang

    One of the things I learned using Wreck-it-Trap was to love this skill I used to hate. As NinjaWitAttitude says himself about the nova overshadowing Float Like a Bee, it “is hard to handle at first, but after a while you will only notice extra damage it does”.

  • 5/5 One Last Thing

    We asked them to buff Money Shot, and, well… they didn’t. This skill differs from Salvador’s by having an eighty percent smaller buff at five out of five and a minimum magazine size to work with. Far less overpowered, much more satisfactory.

  • 1/1 Livin’ Near the Edge

    Another bonus to rate of fire and reload speed, but inversely proportional to your health and shields count, going up to a hundred percent. HOWEVER, JUST IGNORE THAT. PIRATE SHIP MODE WOOOOOO!!!

I Love You Guys! breakdown

  • 5/5 Maniacal Laughter

    So, let me see if I got this right, aussie. A stacking skill that gives me health regeneration and a bonus to status effect chance that’s based on having a DoT applied to an enemy? … hah… haha… hahahaha… HAHAHAHA… HAHAHAHAH HAHAHAHHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  • 5/5 All the Things are Awesome!

    Working both in solo and co-op play, this skill grants us bonuses to rate of fire, max health and weapon swap speed. The three are very nice, but become nicer when they increase based on how many team mates you currently have. No downsides, really, apart from your friends having to deal with it when you trigger Funzerking.

  • 1/1 You’re… GOING TO LOVE ME!!!

    The second step the Fragtrap can take on lite health gating. Works good along Killbot since both trigger on the very same criteria, so there’s not really a reason why you shouldn’t grab this. Also, Gandalf would be proud… if you weren’t a Claptrap unit.

Fragmented Fragtrap breakdown

  • 1/1 All the Guns

    Mandatory in order to go down the tree. Unlocks gun-based subroutines, adding damage, fire rate and reload speed bonuses to the currently supported gun type and a damage penalty to all other gun types.

  • 3/3 Fuzzy Logic

    Mandatory in order to go down the tree. Not the most reliable critical damage bonus in the game, but guns like the Excalibastard can take profit off of this, given that the player doesn’t have too much trouble aiming.

  • 1/1 Safety First

    Mandatory in order to go down the tree. Unlocks health and shield subroutines, granting regeneration of the currently supported attribute and also boosting its max value. On the downside, it lowers gun damage by fifteen percent.

  • 1/1 Rope-a-Derp

    Melee subroutines! Who even cares about guns anymore? When this skill’s subroutine is active, you get a bonus of one hundred and fifty percent to melee damage output, but a penalty of twenty five percent to gun damage. Now pray for that Psycho action package to activate when this is up, and not Funzerking.

  • 4/5 Blue Shell

    Gun damage, rate of fire, reload speed and FFYL time bonuses inherently active. This skill is all it takes to piss off your foes, specially the one that’s in first place.

  • 1/1 Tripleclocked

    Multiplies bonuses and penalties of your active subroutine by up to three, inversely proportional to your current frag stacks count, except for the Safety First subroutines’ max value bonus, which gets the triplication at all times. Quite a tricky skill to be picking, but it goes with that gimmicky element I mentioned some time ago.

  • 1/1 Element of Surprise

    Unlocks elemental subroutines, granting a damage bonus to the current element and a penalty to the same thing to all other elements. Both ways, it goes great with Maniacal Laughter. Do you want to build more of it up? Use the wrong element. Do you want to just wing it? Use the right element.

  • 5/5 Death Machine

    By giving bonuses to gun damage, reload speed and movement speed, this skill goes great along with Blue Shell, Killbot and other skills picked in the build. One would think that this would make Claptrap less paranoid, but off with his head, man.

  • 5/5 Float Like a Bee

    Our third and lest step into health gating matters isn’t only about killing, but about killing with a melee attack. Good to not make it too overpowered, really. Aside from health restoring, it also increases melee damage by thirty percent, movement speed by fifteen percent, and helps to keep your current subroutine going longer by adding frag stacks. All those bonuses also come with a melee kill.

  • 1/1 Rainbow Coolant

    Nar-whow… rainbow novas all the way across the moon… and all those lasers are starting to make it look like an inferno… it’s so beautiful… what… what does this mean?!

Gear breakdown

  • Excalibastard / Niveous Iterated Blaster / Bladed Fridgia

    The weapon in this slot will be used to profit from the melee bonuses and from the Fuzzy Logic bonus to critical hit damage. Obviously, it is also our gun of choice for freezing enemies. The difference in play comes from these guns’ distinct rates of fire, and also in gimmick. You see, the Excalibastard is guaranteed to freeze any enemy you land a critical hit on, but it has a very slow firing that only gets aided when you’re at maximum firing speed, while the Fridgia will land far less critical hits, and when it does, they will not be as powerful as its legendary contestant’s, but it will certainly freeze more enemies in shorter time, and will go crazy when at rate of fire cap. The Blaster works as a mid-term option, getting a critical hit damage bonus, a fire rate placed between the two already mentioned weapons, cryo element and a blade attachment.

  • Explicit 88 Fragnum / Casual Flakker / Casual Ravager

    With this weapon, our goal is to benefit from the explosive damage output bonuses from the Boomtrap tree and from the multiplier on frozen enemies. The choice here lies on what you prefer using, since the first option relies on a tighter spread than normal from the prefix and has critical hit bonuses, while the second and third are good in general damage output, without any specifics, lying on a vertical grip for the prefix. For more insight on how to use the Ravager with One Last Thing, refer to this post.

  • Corrosive weapon of choice

    For building Maniacal Laughter stacks and killing all armored things. Corrosive is the longest lasting status effect, so it is ideal for the slot. Hyperion shotguns work well here, but it truly is up for choice.

  • Shock weapon of choice

    For making shields less of a problem and also some other enemies. Beam lasers, dahl or hyperion blasters and smgs work quite well for this task.

  • IVF

    This weapon will go in pair with a Bomber Oz Kit to make for bossing gear, specially against The Empyrean Sentinel. This can be switched to anything Tediore that you work well with, but it’s only optimal with the listed gun. Pick either the Refill or the Brisk prefix.

  • Warming Avalanche / Warming Maylay Shield

    Once again something to make use of melee bonuses, also making the Killbot penalty irrelevant. The Warming prefix prevents the movement speed decrease from having a Cryo status effect applied on you, and also decreases all damage of that same element. This here will put the roid in the stewardroid, am I right? I’ll… show myself out.

  • Rabble Rousing Loose Cannon / Irresponsible Madtrap

    For the first option, we will have five points into Death Machine and four into Drop the Hammer and Load ‘n’ Splode, as well as bonuses to pistol usage, which can be exploited by the 88 Fragnum. This makes for the most explosive road to go down on, relying on constant reloading and killing to keep bonuses up. However, we have a second option, which gives us once again a bonus of five points to Death Machine, but has its four points bonuses going to Blue Shell and Killbot. This allows us to go into Surprised? Stabilize!, making beam lasers less tricky to use, but also requires us to drop Start with a Bang, completely erasing one of the main weapons that the Loose Cannon version uses. Aside from that, it gives us a gun damage bonus and a shield capacity penalty. This here is a very tough call, and will be the factor that changes the way you play as well as the build version you use, so choose wisely, and, if necessary, try both.

  • Tesla Grenade Mod

    Either area-of-effect or singularity mods work well in this slot. The first one can be used to break your own shields given it has a fuse of zero, and the latter can make crowds easier to handle, as I learned with the Voracidous.exe build. Both are good for Maniacal Laughter.

  • Systems Purge / Cathartic Oz Kit / Bomber Oz Kit

    The first item listed will be optimal on Claptrap, since it not only benefits from his inherent lack of oxygen consumption (except for butt slams and double jumps), but also gives the bot better crowd control potential with its shockwave. The second one is the best option for building Maniacal Laughter stacks, and it’s also very humiliating to your enemies. Really, you’re killing them with a fart, it doesn’t get much better. The last item is intended only for bossing purposes, and as was said in the IVF’s breakdown text, it’s specially for The Empyrean Sentinel.

Moxxtails breakdown

  • Brick’s Fist

    Helps to keep a better grip on melee damage when you’re without the subroutine, and makes it better when you are with it. Generally great, and just about that.

  • Lemon Lime & Bullets

    One of the main issues I ran into while using this build was going out of ammo with the Viral Marketer I picked for the third slot. This moxxtail prevents that from happening with its ammo regeneration.

  • Hot Gazpacho

    This one increases your status effect chance, giving a helping hand to build up more Maniacal Laughter stacks within a smaller time frame.

Playstyle breakdown

As was said in the introduction, the main focus of this build is to use Claptrap’s unpredictability to the fullest, making him tricky to use, but also very interesting and versatile. What you will want to be doing is prematurely reloading every time your rate of fire isn’t high enough to just breeze through the magazine, getting bonuses from Drop the Hammer and, consequentially, Start with a Bang. Speaking like this makes it seem like One Last Thing is completely superfluous to how the Paranoid Stewardroid plays, but when you get your maximum rate of fire going (160% for solo and 180% for co-op, action packages not taken in consideration), pistols and shotguns in general will be seeing much more of that damage bonus to the last shot in far less time than normal. Keep in mind that you should praise variety in the optional slots for the gear, trying to make it so that you never really miss a subroutine’s bonus, which, of course, has its potential dragged down by the limited number of slots, but you can count on the subroutine’s algorithm most of the time. Getting into melee play is also advisable, since the build-up in Fragmented Fragtrap supports it by means of Rope-a-Derp and more dearly Float Like a Bee, allowing us to get more health gating potential while still having an incentive to keep using melee, given that it boosts its damage.

I Love You Guys! plays a mostly supportive role in the build, and it only gets optimal when you’re with the Cathartic Oz Kit on, since it can build tens of Maniacal Laughter stacks in very little time, specially when it’s paired with a singularity tesla grenade mod. The tier two skill goes in almost exactly like Blue Shell, but with a co-op gimmick attached to it. You’re… GOING TO LOVE ME!! is the true shine of this tree for our little stewardroid, since it unlocks the Gun Wizard package for your action skill, and I don’t think I even need to say that the bonus to fire rate will heavily benefit the build, making it faster to get to that One Last Thing and, on the same note, to force reloading.

In conclusion, I just hope you noticed that you have access to Pirate Ship Mode, Laser Inferno and Gun Wizard all in the same build. You’re welcome.

Final talk

So, here you are, at the end of the build write-up! I’d like to use the time you have (or don’t) to thank you for the attention you’ve given (or not). This took me quite a while to do, even with all the inspirations and heritage this build gets from the already mentioned bases I used for it. If you have any feedback to give, feel free to do so on the comments down below. Once again, thank you for the attention, and have a nice day.


Notes on a change I just made in the build:

  1. Added a new COM option, the purple Irresponsible Madtrap COM.

  2. Added a second version of the build to make better use of the new listed COM.

  3. Did NOT change the write-up of the build to support the new version, instead, made it clear in the introduction that the referenced version is the Loose Cannon one.

  4. Disclaimer: I do not believe one version to be superior to the other. Instead, I believe that the reader-player should choose what fits his playstyle the most. In my case, it is the Loose Cannon version.

  5. I will NOT be changing the write-up to fit the Madtrap version, but that is not because I use the Loose Cannon one. Instead, it is because I find that the changes are so minimal that they don’t even deserve to be commented on, and even on that thought I had it explained in the COM section of the Gear breakdown.

TL;DR of the new COM section:

Loose Cannon does good to ze boom booms, but harm to ze zap zaps (lAz0rs), and Madtrap does good to ze zap zaps, but harm to ze boom booms.

On another note, I also have been trying an Audacious Sapper COM, but I decided to not list it here because I don’t want this build to be a mainly explosive thing. Instead, I want a steady balance of all things Borderlands. And I must say, Madtrap is a name that just makes the COM right to use with this build, so I HAD to do it.

@nope Very well written guide. I could tell you put in a lot of work on this.

Have you considered maybe 5 points in Grenade Vent instead of Float Like a Bee? Very boom boom for your original build with Loose Cannon and Torgue weaponry.

@NinjaWitAttitude I think having one is definitely important, but I don’t find use for it outside of The Empyren Sentinel fight, actually. We just have too much healing that DoT damage isn’t even important. Now, getting slowed by Cryo has got me down a few times from not being able to reach out to an enemy and kill him/her/it with melee to trigger Killbot, You’re… GOING TO LOVE ME!! and Float Like a Bee.

@BookEmDano Yes, I thought of that, and it does make for a good alternative, but I personally prefer to give an extra use to melee combat that also makes for a safer route. If I didn’t have FLaB, it would probably be more sensical to just go out of melee play, using a Panacea Adaptive Shield instead of a Maylay one and throw Rope-a-Derp’s point into Blue Shell. Mind that frozen enemies take 300% more explosive damage, so I found Grenade Vent a bit superfluous outside of boss situations.

Do you happen to know the parts and Elemental resistance on the Panacea adaptive shield?

The best Panacea Adaptive Shield I could find has 72% elemental resistance with Maliwan body and battery, and I believe Hyperion capacitor. The Anshin capacitor could be better though, since it increases capacity (Hyperion decreases it) and has just a tad bit smaller increase to elemental resistance.

I think that one actually has a Pangolin battery. They look identical to Maliwan but carry a much longer delay. Also increases capacity but lowers special.

If we’re going by BL2 gear stat calculation, the delay would certainly match, but not elemental resistance nor health bonus. Note that the first two do not change with an increased or decreased gear level, but the third does.

We need a gear calculator for the Pre-Sequel :c

Yeah it was the Anshin capacitor I overlooked on that.

Since Clap doesn’t have a skill to regen shields (exact reverse, actually xD), the Hyperion capacitor might do him best.