[BUILD] Party Pinata - All night long

Heroes these days are overrated.

Call it lack of ambition, call it lazyness but what you aspire to be is the greatest sidekick, awesomest wingman and legendariest party animal ever seen on Elpis.

The following program (Part1trap.exe) will provide you with the necessary tools to follow your dreams.
You’ll be able to shower your vaulthunter friends with gifts, free drinks and ice scream. On top of that you’ll posses legendary endurance, getting up time after time, able to party … ALL NIGHT LONG !



The purpose of this build is to provide some good old co-op fun (though it’s still pretty viable solo just don’t expect to be one shotting Sentinels). The real power of the build lies in it’s fun factor and themed flavor. The gear, though specific, is mostly easy to get (provided you got acces to the Holodome), wich is another big plus making it. You can build a perfect partybot without the need to grind.


Killbot (5): For general survivability purposes drink on your enemies health
Repulsive (5): Whack the pinata for explosive results !
Good control skill, provides the occasional breathing room from melee assaults. You could opt for only 1 point and spend the rest elsewhere though I rather surrender to the theme myself.
Second Wind -By Tediore- (1): Your little firecracker … Not the best skill but a great party trick.

Best Buds 4 life (5): Everybody needs a BFF. Skill title says it all and it’s a really nice skill to have overall. Also expands downtime with alot thanks to your class mod.
Manical Laughter (5): Laugh of the party … Added elemental chance and occasional health for everybody. Not optimized with your gear but the occasional Disco Frenzy or Min Min Madness will provide some good stacks.
All the Things are Awesome (5): … The more the merrier. Since the focus of the build is to have a party this skill is mandatory and one of your best.
Through Thick and Thin (5): Let’s play a game. Don’t spam it too much or it can wreck your party. However it can be a lifesaver, will come up regulary and speeds up your friends party tricks. Your set up also has some great action packages.
You’re … GOING TO LOVE ME (1):… you will. For only one point this is a great skill. Free heals for everybody and … GUN WIZARD.
It’s a … Trap card (1): Spread the love ! More healing and will proc regulary since you’ll often find yourself the center of the feast.
HIGH FIVES GUYS (1): AWESOME ! Someone new to the party ? Welcome him/her with a high five and show what kind of AWESOME party he/she’s landed at. Got a friend up ? Friend got you up ? HIGH FIVE !!

<font color=#E41B17">Safety First (1): Be responsible. Have to take this skill in order to get to the Discoball, good thing it’s an awesome one. Mandatory in all my Clap Trap builds.
<font color=#E41B17">Fuzzy Logic (3):Another base skill for the tree. What makes this one great on top of it already greatnesses is the fact that our class mod makes it AWESOME.
<font color=#E41B17">All the Guns (1): You’ll be rocking all kinds of different gear so most of the time you can easely circumvent the “downsides’. And it also forces you to not be a one trick pony .
<font color=#E41B17”>Blue Shell (5): All night long … Do not be mistaken. You will go down with the party but you will also almost every time get up for an encore.
<font color=#E41B17">Tripleclocked (1): 3 times more the fun. Such a good feeling when the lords of randomness reward you with exactly that what you wanted. Tide turner by times.
<font color=#E41B17">Element of Suprise (1): Light of the party … Often overlooked but since we are not focused one just one element or trait it just adds to the party.
<font color=#E41B17">Death Machine (5): Killer on the dance floor. Just a great skill to have. Helps you get around and the added damage helps when you’re suffering a lesser routine.
<font color=#E41B17">Cryogenic Exhaust Manifold (5): Time to blow of some steam. Cycles through lesser routines, the added cryo effect being icing on the cake. I often find myself slamdunking even just for fun. Also has great synergy with …
<font color=#E41B17">Rainbow coolant (1): Disco is here to stay. No true party witout a proper discoball. When you draw the disco inferno action package laughter stacks, bad things die and people will love you ! Also the the rainbow nova at the end of a routine is quite powerful.


Gear is important for this build but also can be obtained very easy as most are mission items. Let’s start the list with the most important one ;

Class Mod - Piñata
The base of the whole build, the idea of yourself serving as a party favor. Not the best class mod in a whole but easy obtainable and no specific prefix needed (Though I personally prefer the invigorating kind). A perfect substitute for the Piñata in this build is a Brotrap mod. It adds a bit more survivability while still spreading some goodness. A good choice for if you find yourself without a party. In both cases purple mods are the way to go.

Shield - Slammer You look like you could use a drink.
Free drinks for everyone! Once your party notices you’re giving out free booze they will love you. Just don’t forget to keep yourself hammered as well. The shield itself is actually quite good and can come with corrosive resistance. It’s a mission reward from the main quest.

Weapon slot 1 - Party line Excellent
This is another must. Fireworks are the bread and butter of an epic party. And once you learn the guns tendencies it can be quite powerful, especially on larger enemies or groups. Mission reward from the Holodome DLC.

Weapon slot 2 - Ice Scream or Too Scoops
Ice cream, since the dawn of men (or almost that long) every self respecting gathering came by, through and because of ice cream. And in this build you are serving. Personally I prefer the Ice Scream for 3 reasons

  1. Makes some lovely chime noises while hitting stuff
  2. Adds variety for your routines since the party line already had shotgun covered
  3. The feel of a spingun spreading icy goodness is wonderful

Again a quest reward and one of the easiest to get. (Cause they are both from the same quest this will be your toughest choice for the build)

Weapon slot 3 - Min Min Lighter Approached but never identified.
This weapon is like ‘pin the donkey’, except that the pin is a bullet, the donkey a giant ball of lightning and you are not aquired to be blinded. Aside from this party gimmick it’s synergy with maniacal laughter or it’s ability to light up a room are a great advantage. Just go wild and don’t aim directly for your foe.
Alas, it’s almost the hardest component fo your build to gather since it has no specific drop pool. Still through the grinder the Min Min is quite obtainable since the variety of legendary lasers is not that high.

Weapon slot 4 - Any explosive launcher or Thingy
Just so you can start or end your party with a BANG. I’ve found a Nukem from Flameknuckle at the Holodome. It’s quite dangerous to wield but if you’re looking for a BANG it serves the purpose. On the other side you got the Thingy fitting the build for it’s splashy mechanics and adding another corrosive source if needed. It can be farmed from Iwajira and shouldn’t take too long. Mostly you’ll be using the launcher for FFYL situations and with the added dmg bonus from <font color=#E41B17">Blue Shell and Best Buds 4 life you’ll never stay down for long.

Grenade slot - Nasty Surprise (preferably lightning)
What does one get from hitting a Piñata ? That’s right, quite the (nasty) Surprise.
It’s a fun grenade to use and it fits the theme. The main downside is that it has no designated drop pool making it the hardest component to get in this build aside from it’s substitute namely the Sky rocket. Wich provides even more fireworks for the build tough it’s usefullness is debatable. Not to worry, if you cannot find these two a nice mirv will do.

Oz kit slot - Carthartic Oz Kit or 3DD1.E
Both contenders for the theme.
The Carthartic Oz Kit representing the legendary Party Pooper and it also shares great synergy with Manical Laughter. 3DD1.E provides even more gifts to spray from the Piñata and it adds survivability. Still I prefer the Party Pooper Oz kit since it’s easely attained (main quest drop) and it supports gassiness.
3DD1.E can be farmed by dashboarding so it’s also quite obtainable.


First of all, this is a themed build. It ain’t the most powerful but on the other hand will not make you feel useless. It’s very premise is to share the Borderlands experience with others while having fun.

Now, first rule before starting a game. Unless you’re inviting yourself to one ALWAYS host your party for public. You can’t throw a party just for yourself, don’t be that guy.

Basically, through your carreer, you want to start with Killbot and 1 point in repulsive, then go to the middle tree and max it. Once that’s done finish up the right tree and fill in the last points in repulsive and Second Wind. For those only going to 50 you can try this spec lvl 50 pinata.

While at your party carefully go into the fray, get close but not overwhelmed and look out for your teammates. Revive them when needed and offer a high five if possible for moral afterwards. A new player joins ? HIGH FIVE ! Make them feel welcome. Though it can be fun sometimes spamming your action skill too much can actually make a dull party. Pull out the occasional trick if you feel like it or are in a pinch.

The fragmented fragtrap tree makes you adjust to circumstances, embrace the variety. You can always quickly lose stacks by buttslamming if really needed. In fact the Rainbow Nova generated from switching routines is good crowd control.

The build is rather straightforward but to end just this pointer. A good Piñata shares it’s loot and does not keep it for itself. You can easely obtain almost everything this build offers by a regular playthrough.


This is pretty close to how I play with Claptrap. I’m pretty nutty about cycling my gear out every time the subroutine rolls, which is fine when solo because the game pauses while I dig through all my stuff to find and sort the right equipment. In co op, I would be sitting idle (not helping and probably taking fire) for an uncomfortable amount of time.

On another note, Repulsive is quickly becoming my favorite skill with Claptrap.

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