[Build] Pew Pew Motherf#$%r

#Blasting stuff with space science!

This is an unoptimized build that purposefully avoids cookie-cutter gear. There is NOTHING to farm:

  • No Legendaries
  • No uniques
  • No Crapshooter COM
  • No Jakobs weapons

…It’s also very noob-friendly, as survivability is put at the forefront.

Don’t be fooled though: It’s still a top shelf build:
It gets rid of Eclipse and Eos in under 5 minutes and mobs just as well as any other build you have seen.
It’s also a total blast to play.
You’re welcome. :smile:

#The build


  • Splitters (pew pew pew!)
    Tediore splitters get 6 beams instead of 3 and reload faster at the cost of a bit of accuracy, something we’re correcting with 5/5 in trick shot.
    Splitters are very strong at short range, and they have a rate of fire that rivals the best shotguns around. They also have low recoil and comparatively speaking, they have HUGE magazines. (only some Scav shotguns have more shots between reloads)
    Against bosses, Maliwan laser are more powerful since their “continuous fire” bonus will allow them to exceed the damage done by Tediore splitters.
    You will need at least 2, to cope with elemental resists. A Cryo Splitter is pretty good for mobbing. I suggest one of them in shock if you want to tackle most of the game’s boss. A corrosive one is also very useful against RK-5, Felicity, Eclipse/Eos and Despair and self-loathing (and a few others) Ideally, you should have all 3.

  • Sheriff COM
    Weird eh ? Well, don’t be surprised. That 40+% gun damage boost is a big help, and it’s not dependent on anything. The boost to BFG makes those crits really count, and the rest of the COM’s bonuses are all defensive: More health, more shield, more health regen. Unchained is just the icing on the cake.

  • Turtle shields have great synergy with the COM, but ultimately it doesn’t matter much. Use your favorite.

  • Grenade is also your call, I use a longbow cryo Transfusion.

  • Oz kit: There are duality oz kits that boost lasers, you could use that. A precision strike Oz kit can also help tighten the spread and get the most out of tombstone. Tranquility Oz kits are also pretty good, especially in atmosphere.

A bit about gameplay:

Quick shot, Unchained and Hell’s will transform your splitter into an SMG.
Don’t be afraid to reload early: those Tediore reloads pack quite a punch with a full mag, and can help you strip enemies shields without having to switch to a shock weapon, it also re-activates quick shot and Hell’s, it takes less than one seconds sometimes (impatience and showdown) and laser ammo isn’t a concern.

Laser ammo had probably been switched in the game files at launch, but the result is that pickup is 75!! ammo per batch. If you’re running low (because you are shooting crazy fast and chucking those mags :smiley: ) just open 1 or 2 boxes and you should be back to 500+. Be careful between encounters and you will never run out.

Optimizing this build

If you like this build and want to take it to the next level, and have no problems finding Legendaries, consider these changes and tweaks:

Get all your splitters with a Maliwan grip: it increases elemental effect chances and doesn’t really have any downsides.

Glitched splitters are much better than their purple or blue equivalent. Look for yellow glitches on those for mobbing and green for those you use against bosses.

Maliwan splitters will perform better against bosses than Tediore. Try to get a Tediore splitter in Cryo for mobbing and Maliwan splitters in shock and corrosive to tackle bosses.

Change your COM to a Celestial Lawbringer or a Chronicler of Elpis (With the later, stick mainly with the Cryo splitter). The Eridian Vanquisher Is also a nice choice, as it’s almost a pure upgrade over the Sheriff COM. (Just move one point from Unchained to snap shot if you use it to get the bonus). These changes aren’t necessary though: the Sheriff COM is still a very solid choice.

An 3DD1.E Oz Kit boosts laser damage and generally makes life easier for its owner.

A Prismatic Bulwark is also a very good addition.

A few bosses in the game are weak to Fire. While it may not be necessary to have a fire gun in your loadout at all times, having one in your inventory is useful at times. I recommend the Party line. It’s powerful, uses a different ammo type and bosses are usually big enough to catch all the Flakks it produces.

Some areas and bosses will make you scrounge for ammo (Holodome, Mutator, Eclipse/Eos)
Use that point in OFEOY and carry a powerful pistol as a backup. A Jakobs pistol, Taser, glitched Anarchist or Shootarang in a neutral element are good option.


Lemme know what you think :slight_smile:


Yeah, beams are the only lasers with limited range. Even then, their range is enough for most engagements. The recoil on beams is the dealbreaker though. Beams are best used with Nisha’s Showdown and Jack’s Celestial Doppelganger COM. I think the lightsaber is the only beam with short range. Although I am uncertain on the Freezeasy.

Video of the build at the holodome is uploading. I will post it here and in the other boards when it finishes processing :smile:

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OMG! I just realized I had never updated this build to level 60! :scream:

Fixed now.
Added some color and streamlined the text.
Added the Chronicler of Elpis as possible gear.

Oh. I see.

Carry on, then.

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Might indeed look like i’m stepping on your toes there, but it’s hard to deny how good this COM is, especially if you’re already using cryo guns in your loadout. :smile:

And with how far down the trees the boosted skills are, most builds that use this COM will look very similar.


At least half of the builds in the Athena forum use Celestial.

I just thought it was amusing timing, that’s all.

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Alright, I’m questioning my COM choice here.
I want to avoid legendaries and the too-often-used Crapshooter.

So far I used the nimble rustler, which gives me, all things considered, 35% gun damage and about 40% fire rate (the extra 6 points in Quick shot), and a boost to Unchained.

When compared to the Sheriff COM, which gives me the same bonus to Unchained and the same 35% gun damage. I do lose the fire rate boost, but I gain health, health regen, more shield and more crits… I call that a win.

I thought of the Lone star too, but it’s much less user-friendly, in that I would have to change the build completely, and I would still be relying on a kill skill for most of my damage.

So Rustler out, Sheriff in… unless there is something better.
Other options I might have overlooked?

I’ve been using your (in general) build here through UVHM with a Celestial mod. It’s a blast and even green Tediore splitters can be awesome with it. I get wanting to avoid a Crapshooter but I can’t see the others working as well with it.

I can’t figure out most of the L&O mods still. They all seem to wanna make you go melee hybrid, and I find Thunder Crackdown pretty underwhelming.

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Yeah, I know the Celestial COM is great with it, I even suggest it in the Optimization section :smile:
But I made a point in having my BASE build new player-friendly and legendary-free.

… in fact, it’s FARMING free.
The only thing really required is a Tediore splitter.
On them, there are no accessories to check, stocks don’t matter, and Half the grips are great…the other half are good… so basically once you have one, you’re good. The only thing you need to check is the elements.

I know it works pretty well with a Nimble rustler, that’s what I was using it with. I’m trying to make this build better without going to unique gear or making it harder to gear-up for. Even if ultimately it’s not as good as with the celestial COM, I want the best possible choice there.

As for the L&O COMS, most of them have a melee portion, but the Lone Star is a GREAT COM, especially with the trigger-happy prefix (rarin to go)


So The Deputy has become The Sheriff.

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I’ve been trying all of my 20 or whatever hoarder stash of COMs I have and I see your point about the Sheriff mod. It does work well here. I can’t see any of the FtH mods being better options than the L&O and Riflewoman alternatives.

I also have a purple Aggressive Lone Star with +5 Wanted, +4 Due Process and Rarin to Go that works fairly well. I’m already close in using splitters so using a little melee mixed in isn’t too tough.

Either way I’m having a blast using this idea. Tediore splitters kick ass.

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Of all those you tried, were there any that were better than the Sheriff ?
legendaries and crapshooter aside of course.

Thanks! :smile:
Glad you like it

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Finally got a hold of a nice splitter and gave this build a whirl. I had never tried one before but now I see the light. DEVASTATING! I did use a Celestial com and moved a couple points here and there and it wrecks everything in sight.

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I don’t think so. The Lone Star works pretty well though. I just moved the FtH points into L&O to get Rarin and Thunder Crackdown.

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Added the Eridian Vanquisher as possible gear in the Optimization section, now that I better know how Hell’s works. Thanks @Sljm

Added @Afro_Samurai’s video to the OP.

Thanks man, it’s awesome! :blush:

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I see you linked to my Athena build this Jack build also does a lot with splitters

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This video definitely deserves a place in this thread. There are not many builds around proven by the Holodome BA Round Stress Test.

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I used an optimized version with the celestial com in this one. I just wish the first run I did with the unoptimised gear wasnt corrupt. This one wasn’t bad though. :smile:

And yes @akdere1 this build is tried, tested, and proven.

And what about an invincible sentinel kill, @Chuck80? Does this build need one in its description?


Hell yes! :smile:
In any case, I watch pretty much everything you put on Youtube, so it might as well be that.
Looking forward to it :blush: