[Build] Pew Pew Motherf#$%r

I’ve been trying all of my 20 or whatever hoarder stash of COMs I have and I see your point about the Sheriff mod. It does work well here. I can’t see any of the FtH mods being better options than the L&O and Riflewoman alternatives.

I also have a purple Aggressive Lone Star with +5 Wanted, +4 Due Process and Rarin to Go that works fairly well. I’m already close in using splitters so using a little melee mixed in isn’t too tough.

Either way I’m having a blast using this idea. Tediore splitters kick ass.

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Of all those you tried, were there any that were better than the Sheriff ?
legendaries and crapshooter aside of course.

Thanks! :smile:
Glad you like it

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Finally got a hold of a nice splitter and gave this build a whirl. I had never tried one before but now I see the light. DEVASTATING! I did use a Celestial com and moved a couple points here and there and it wrecks everything in sight.

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I don’t think so. The Lone Star works pretty well though. I just moved the FtH points into L&O to get Rarin and Thunder Crackdown.

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Added the Eridian Vanquisher as possible gear in the Optimization section, now that I better know how Hell’s works. Thanks @Sljm

Added @Afro_Samurai’s video to the OP.

Thanks man, it’s awesome! :blush:

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I see you linked to my Athena build this Jack build also does a lot with splitters

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This video definitely deserves a place in this thread. There are not many builds around proven by the Holodome BA Round Stress Test.

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I used an optimized version with the celestial com in this one. I just wish the first run I did with the unoptimised gear wasnt corrupt. This one wasn’t bad though. :smile:

And yes @akdere1 this build is tried, tested, and proven.

And what about an invincible sentinel kill, @Chuck80? Does this build need one in its description?


Hell yes! :smile:
In any case, I watch pretty much everything you put on Youtube, so it might as well be that.
Looking forward to it :blush:

I just don’t like gun chucking as a mechanic (IVF’s on Claptrap being an exception) – find it disorienting. I’m a big fan of the Maliwan Blasters though – any reasons why they wouldn’t work as well? Are you relying on chucked Tediore explosions (now I’m getting it – Chuck recommends chucking!)

Tediore spitters are best for shooting. Not chucking. What sets them apart is their extra pellet count and high fire rate.

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I don’t rely on chucking at all, I picked Tediore not because of the chucking, but because they get 6 beams instead of 3, and Trick shot mitigates the loss in accuracy.

Maliwan blasters should work fine with this build too (though it’s not made with them in mind)
But splitters crank out more DPS than blasters, and their downside (accuracy) is one of Nisha’s forte.
They also play nicer with all the fire rate boosts she gets since they start at a lower fire rate, meaning there is more room to grow without hitting one of the softcaps.

That said, high-rarity MALIWAN splitters should do just as well if not better than Tediore, especially in longer fights where you have the time necessary to get the full continuous fire bonus.

At lower rarities (like green for example) they suffer both the damage reduction AND a smaller continuous fire bonus, so they kinda get left behind by the more constant Tediore. They are also a bit harder to play with than Tediore, since you can’t swap without losing your bonus and you have to keep shooting even if there is a little lull in the fight. While the Tediore splitters get their special feature (6 beams) all the time, no matter the rarity or the player’s behavior. Even at top rarity, Tediore splitters are still better in short fights, because their damage is constant.

In skillful hands, depending on the situation, a purple Maliwan splitter MAY be the best gun for this build…
But since this is a Farming-free build, and a Noob build, I picked the Tediore for their more constant output, less dependent on either rarity and time.

I personally prefer Hyperion Blasters over Maliwan with Nisha. With her hip fire and fire rate bonuses you can get some crazy pinpoint high speed blaster action going. I find it much easier to hip fire crits with them.

There is merit to that also :slight_smile:

However we are now miles away from the kind of playstyle this build has :smile:

I would probably spec into L&O much more if I made a build around Hyperion blasters, to help with their lower base damage, and with that playstyle, trick shot and Tombstone are less interesting.

Yeah sorry not trying to derail your build thread.

Its more just trying your laser splitter build has got me experimenting with the different laser combos.

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[quote=“Chuck80, post:26, topic:947”]
… this is a Farming-free build, and a Noob build … [/quote]
Well, purple Tediore Splitters aren’t that easy to come by nor are Maliwan Splitters for that matter , even with farming (I’ve been trying). I’ll keep at it, though – always wanting to max my characters!

But, how does Trick Shot mitigate accuracy loss – because of the ricochet? Do all weapons have ricochet with Trick Shot or are there some that can’t? Since I often fall back on 'spray ‘n pray’ this would be good to know.

edit: saw a part answer in a sister thread: “Beams and Railguns don’t work with Trick shot
Blasters and splitters do”

:blush: :thumbsup:
My job here is done

Yes they are hard to find, but the build still works well with even Green splitters.
But of course, if you find blue or purple ones, the better.

And as purples, they are one of the easiest purples to get: no accessories, stocks don’t matter, they’re always elemental and they’re good with any grip.

I don’t even have all my splitters now! (had them back in level 50)
I only have a purple corrosive, a blue cryo and a purple maliwan fire… still looking :smile:

Yes. Basically, shotguns (and splitters) are balanced between power and accuracy.
But trick shot tips the scale on your favor and will make nearly half of your missed beams hit, just as if you had better accuracy to begin with.

to give a rather exaggerated example:
If you had 100% chance in trick shot, where you shoot would not matter at all.
so you could have the most powerful gun with the lowest possible accuracy and you would not even care.
Well this is what trick shot does :smile:

Since splitters do more damage, at the cost of accuracy… and we use something that mitigates the cost, we get a better deal as a result.

Blue Spitters work just as well. Its what I used in the videos up there. I imagine a green one would suffice until a blue or purple one shows up.

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… I’m REALLY tempted to rename this build “Pew Pew MotherF#$%R”


…and fill it with pictures of lasers and shoop da woop