[Build] POD-TP: Here Comes the Boom! (Updated for Claptastic Voyage!)

Hello, Hoyle4 here, but you can (and WILL) call me Vice President of Jellybeans, and I’m here to talk about Clappy, our resident misfit. This build is intended for solo play, but It can function perfectly fine as a cooperative venture. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Warning My formatting will probably be atrocious, so bear with me.

The Gear

  • Thorny Ol’…


Damn straight! There’s only one way to run this kennel club, and that’s with the baby punching-power of EXPLOSIONS! Let’s GET IT ON!

Note: Boominator Luneshine is ideal cuz 'splosions

Ol' Reliable

This will be one of your two explosive shotguns (why two? REASONS!). This slot is specifically reserved for the ammo efficient shotguns, because we all like to flak the world, but sometimes the lowly scav isn’t worth the ammunition, Some examples are as follows, in no particular order (Pick your poison):

  • Casual Torguemada
    (Torgue Grip/Hyperion Stock)

Note: This one can be a little tricky, cuz it fires in a quickly spreading triangular pattern. You wanna aim it at a surface so the flaksplosion afterwards can Boominate them.

  • Casual Pounder
    (Torgue Grip/Hyperion Stock/Jakob’s Barrel)

This one’s my personal preference for the all-purpose shotgun as it has a “normal” firing pattern, and it’s the perfect mix between a Bangstick and a Ravager, getting a noticeable damage boost without taking a huge hit to recoil and accuracy. It does cosume 2 ammo per shot but it’s not nearly as hampering as a ravager.

  • Casual Bangstick
    (Torgue Grip/Tediore Barrel/Hyperion Stock)

This is Mr.Torgue’s precision weapon (Well there’s the Stalker, but Mr.Torgue threatened to beat me with a pancake for recommending that “damage reducing p****-s***”). The damage isn’t bad despite the barrel adding literally nothing to the weapon, and the spread is slightly tighter than the Pounder while also being to fire twice as many shots (which may not be as good as you think, I’ll touch on that later), but the Pounder isn’t really hard to control, so it’s up to your preference.

  • Rustler’s Moonface
    (Jakob’s Grip/Hyperion Stock)

Looks like Torgue’s been fiddling around with the competition. This Jakobs shotgun is an anomaly: It shoots pellets in a smiley-face pattern that oscillates up and down as it travels. These pellets do NE damage, followed by an splash of wait for it EXPLOSIONS! weeedly-weedly-woooooow It’s a really good weapon IF you’re able to consistently hit your shots, so it’ s a learning curve.

The Boomstick

This slot belongs to your less than ammo-efficient devastation boxes. As clappy you don’t really have great ammo management in your abilities, so using one of these all the time might not be optimal, but It’s pretty damn fun. This slot could also belong to the shotguns that have a weird enough firing pattern that you feel uncomfortable using as your all purpose weapon, but exceed in specific scenarios (The Torguemada, for example could be in this slot if your sissy girly hands incapable of handling EXPLOSIONS)

  • Casual Flakker
    (Torgue Grip/Hyperion Stock)

I’m bad at using this thing, so I feel super bad recommending this monster to the unsuspecting masses. This thing shoots, splosions happen, then things die. Most of the splosions happen at a sweet spot, so it takes a little bit of practice to get it right, but if the enemy is large enough, it doesn’t matter how bad you are at using this thing as most of the flak will hit 'em anyway.There are flakker videos everywhere of good people using it to near max efficiency, so watch those if you need help with it.

  • Casual Ravager
    (Torgue Grip/Torgue Barrel/Hyperion Stock)

This gun shoots so many splosions that it’s not even funny, However, there are a couple catches. Firstly, the spread is massive so you better use it at close range or on a big baddie. The second caveat is that the gun uses 4 ammo per shot, so you will run dry if you use this too much.

The Backup Plan

Use this thing when it’s not optimal to use a shotgun (like when you’re outta ammo or when things start flying)

  • Explicit 88 Fragnum
    (Torgue Grip)

I wanna reccomend non-fragnum weapons here (your favourite flavour of torgue AR might be here), but the fragnum is really that good. With the laser sight, this thing is very good at hitting other things at mid-long range with impunity, and with clappy’s skills, it can do it very quickly. The only issue with this is that it isn’t the best at hitting flying enemies (Best that Torgue’s got). The bullets travel slow-ish so if they’re not heading towards you, you might have to lead your target.

The Loophole

Spoiler Alert, we be using subroutines, so we gotta have something to use when the subroutine isn’t in our favor (To be fair we don’t actually have to, but nobody likes being inefficient with damage). I think torpedoes aren’t affected by the penalty but if that was true there wouldn’t be a rocket launcher subroutine, so idk exactly (Halp pliss). However I am almost positive that this thing completely bypasses the gun damage penalty.

  • Refill/Hefty IVF
    (Scav/Tediore Grip, Dahl/Any Stock, Non Elemental)

I’m pretty sure Refill/Tediore or Hefty/Tediore has the highest DPS when reload throwing, but Hefty/Scav will give you the biggest number when you throw it, cuz it gives you the highest base dmg and the largest magazine. It may be super ammo inefficient to constantly reload throw it, but in UVHM you can get like 1600 shooty things to convert into explosions, so you can kill like a bunch of Iwajiras before you run out of ammo, so yeah.

The Non-Shooty Things

Imma be brief here, cuz this stuff isn’t too interesting.


Option 1: Health Buffer

While this is my preferred option of shield, as our kit has an INSANE amount of damage so the shield slot can be more attributed towards balanced survivability (what a concept), there are options geared more towards blocking a particular damage source or increasing your damage, and they are equally viable.

Haymaker/Panacea Adaptive Shield/Reogenator (In that order)

I like the haymaker, the red text isn’t too fantastic but it let’s you give corrosive to not you (Clappy is armored technically so if you get an unshielded corrosive dot on you it’s gonna hurt). In addition it gives you the highest effective health out of all three, even though it has the lowest resistance iirc. The Panacea has the highest capacity so it does the best in a shield subroutine, but clappy’s all about health which is why I go with the haymaker. Theoretically the reogenator should be the best cuz it gives you the most health, but it’s not like I’m speccing into THAT much bonus health, so in practice it’s less effective than the haymaker and the panacea.

Option 2: DPS Booster

At this point in time some of you must be thinking, “HOW CAN YOU HAVE AN EXPLOSIVE BUILD WITHOUT CRYO! YOU’RE STUPID AND PROBABLY SMELL BAD!”, and to that I say…

Alkaline Avalanche/Warming Avalanche/Grounded Avalanche

…eh? K so Cryo is a really good element, it boosts your Explosive and Critical damage by 200% each when used on a frozen target, I just think the use of a Cryo weapon specifically limits my slot options when considering a subroutine focused Torgue build. I know that weapons can be shifted around and blah blah blah, but all of the “good” Cryo weapon options are fairly mediocre weapons on their own, or at least without a heavy build focus. That being said, with Cryo being so good for a Torgue focused Clappy, It would be completely ignorant to not incorporate it elsewhere in the build. While I personally prefer to have this in the form of the Longbow Cryo grenade, the Avalanche is another amazing option for incorporating Cryo. The perfect Avalanche in this case would include all Maliwan parts, as we’re not really using the “shield” parts of this shield but rather all the non-shield goodies that come with it.

Option 3: Basic B

As far as shields go, this one’s pretty good. Nothing fancy, but it does shield things, which is good.

Alkaline Shield

I’ve been toying around with getting a really good Tediore shield, with high emphasis on recharge delay, without hampering the other shield stats as much. My findings led me to using a Dahl Body, a Hyperion Battery, and a Maliwan (Corrosive Resist) Capacitor (In truth as long as one of the Body/Battery is Dahl and the other is Hyperion the shield should be the same). Generally, Dahl shield parts are avoided as they actively decrease the “special ability” of the shield, but since Tediore shields have no special ability to decrease, they’re fair game. While it’s true that all Hyperion parts (barring the capacitor as we really want that immunity to corrosive DoTs) will provide the lowest recharge delay, the capacity loss is nowhere near worth the 0.01 cut to recharge delay, so I mix in some Dahl.

As a shield this will provide less effective health than any of the adaptive shields, but the guaranteed immunity to corrosive DoTs coupled with how quickly it refills itself in combat prove useful on Clappy, especially when you roll a shield subroutine (Lava swimming becomes a reality with how quickly it recharges).

(so much for being brief)

Class Mod:
Gratuitous Loose Cannon
Audacious Sapper (OLT/KB)

The Loose Cannon gives you the best skills for damage as well as a pistol boost for the Fragnum, while the Sapper gives you a balanced skill boost with a explosive damage boost. Pick one and boominate.

Oz Kit:
Explosive Duality/Bomber/Systems Purge

I reccomend only using the system’s purge in atomosphere and only using the duality in a vaccuum. I forget exactly where grenade damage and explosive damage factor into the damage equation so idk which is better (the percentages are comparable but if one happens later in damage calculation that one would be better), but I’m pretty sure all the guns I’ve recommended get boosted by both.

Note: The Cryo slam is preferred were applicable.

This is basically preference. You can pack a Liongbow Cryo if you prefer a non-cryo based shield, or you could also use a Quasar/Pandemic/Stormfront to apply DoTs and Stack up Maniacal Laughter, which is far from a focus in this build but more of a bonus.

The Build

Loose Cannon

NOTE — There are 3 points that have not been assigned. I will talk about them at the end of this section.


The three points in Happy Guns will boost a torguemada’s mag to 8 ammo, to max OLT (unless the actual minimum mag size is bugged like in BL2 OR OLT actually only checking base mag size, and I’m doing this for no reason, clarification would be appreciated) Also if you really hate the Torguemada, you can slide the happy guns points into trap card or even shudder Start with a Bang for the purple com boost, as even 5 points of happy guns won’t boost a 6 mag to 8.

I’ll be walking through the Loose Cannon spec, as it is the one I use, but I hope the above explanation for the Sapper spec is sufficient. Without further ado, let’s do this.

Action Skill: [color=magenta]Heal[/color]...err...[color=Aqua]VaultHunter.exe[/color]

I use it to heal when I’m low, sometimes good things happen when I do that, sometimes I have to sit in a corner while I flail around with a Buzz Axe. I think the chances of good things happening are higher when you use it to heal when you’re low because I get Gun Wizard and Pirate Ship a lot.


9/5 Drop the Hammer - It’s a deeps increase, nuff said, the accuracy drop kinda sucks on shotguns, but splosions so it’s k.

5/5 Killbot - Kill Things, get health. Admittedly not as good with a haymaker/panacea as your shield won’t be down as often as it would be with a lower capacity shield (maybe worth using a reogeo on the sapper spec as its capacity is shite anyway, haven’t tested it though).

1/1 Second Wind [By Tediore] - Not a great skill but CC is only useable on moonface and that’s only on one pellet, and sometimes it’ll be a quick pickup from FFYL.

10/5 Load n’ Splode - This is one of the main reasons why something like a bangstick might not be the best thing ever, because you want a gun to be able to empty its mag ASAP. You have a bunch of fire rate boosts so it’s not that big a deal to keep a healthy amount of load n’ splode stacks even with a larger mags.It’s really hard to pass up a potential +200% explosive damage. The stacks go away quickly so you generally only have a few seconds of 5 stacks unless you’re using a Moonface. Also don’t reload your weapon early to stack this up. It’s not necessary and you potentially botch OLT.

5/5 One Last Thing - This skill is wierd. Your kinda last shot has a kinda boost in damage. There’s been some number crunchers working on what exactly happens with this skill, but from my understanding the second last shot boosts your splash damage, while the last shot boosts the impact damage. Its good, because using your entire clip…err mag…err shooty bucket happens fairly often with your torgue weaponry.

1/1 Livin’ Near the Edge - Stupid good deeps increase when you get your faced busted in. You’re clappy, so it’ll happen often. Also adds the most epic action package ever (V for Vendetta is my favourite movie so getting this for the first time was the best thing ever). It’s a little slow to get all of its damage off, but it does alot of free damage, so try not to die with it.

[color=deepskyblue]I Love You Guys[/color]

5/5 Maniacal Laugher - You might see an issue with this skill in combination with the focus of the build, explosions don’t do DoTs nor are they affected by elemental effect chance, but I really don’t like the other skill in solo, plus there are some other quirks in your kits that can proc DoTs as well as grenades so it’s not entirely useless.

5/5 All the Things are Awesome! - You can also take the 25% cdr, but your Heal only has a 40s cd and is not that useful anyway, so 10s off is no big deal. Back to this skill. The bonuses are small for solo, but hey all of the bonuses are fantastic anyway.

1/1 You’re…GOING TO LOVE ME - The nova is bugged iirc so that the 15% ish heal won’t count your bonus health, but it doesnt matter cuz Gun Wizard is a thing. Refills your mags, gives you more of everything. SPLOSIONS!

[color=indianred]Fragmented Fragtrap[/color]

1/1 All the Guns - Mandatory. It’s good when you get pistol or shotgun, it doesn’t matter when you get the other ones because IVF/the damage decrease isn’t that bad to begin with,

3/3 Fuzzy Logic - Mandatory. Free crit is good and non-torpedo torgue things like that

1/1 Safety First - Mandatory. These defensive bonuses are really good, esp when tripleclocked is factored in as it increases the capacity bonus regardless of frag stacks.The damage decrease is not a big deal cuz broken record.

5/5 Surprised? Stabilize! - Accuracy boost is really good with shotguns, recoil is gravy, also with fuzzy logic your buff icon becomes a Jack-in-the-Box Koala and it’s totes adorbs.

1/1 Tripleclocked - Potential damage boost is good, penalties aren’t a thing cuz broken record. One Shot Wonder isn’t really good at all, but I have only really gotten it when I accidentally use it at full health.

5/5 Grenade Vent - I’m pretty sure every Torgue thing and IVF get boosted by grenade damage, daz it. Also with a bomber kit you can potentially extend a good subroutine for a very long time.

9/5 Death Machine - It’s only REALLY good with the COM boost, but when you get it you get such many deeps increase, also you get to be a nascar for a few seconds

Now for those final three points. Here’s a short list of potential skills for the extra three points.

  • It’s a Trap…Card - This nova is bugged too iirc in the same way the other nova is bugged, I don’t like this one as much as it’s dependent on how often your shield gets popped and how much damage you take after it gets popped, and the damage isn’t fantastic, but it’s a fairly free point.

  • Rainbow Coolant- This ability is more fun than practical, Both the nova and the action package apply DoTs for Maniacal Laughter, so that’s a thing. The issue is that planning for when your frag stacks run out is basically random. You have marginal control with grenades but more often than not you see a pretty rainbow hitting nothing but your vehicle. Disco Inferno seems bad, so it might actually be detrimental to take this skill, but WHIMSICAL EXPLOSIONS OF A CHILD’S IMAGINATION!

  • Pain Simulator is Painful - The last two points after Trap Card will generally go here, you already get health boosts with your shield and All the Things are Awesome! and Health Subroutines, so this is arguably better than Wax Off, Wax On, unless you plan on using a non-adaptive shield option.

  • Through Thick and Thin - Eh…its k you get heal more often

You can basically put the 3 points anywhere, but I personally recommend they go into Trap Card and Pain Simulator. So my final spec would look like this.

That’s about it boys and girls! I would post a gameplay section but It’s pretty straightforward: Use the right gun for the situation and use whatever Heal gives you to the best of your abilities. Thank you all for reading, and feel free to chat it up below. Have a nice day.

Your formatting isn’t the worst, but you could use simple text like the single word “link” instead of leaving the big links themselves among the writing. An example is what I’ll do with the “this thread” words and the link to the Color Codes for Build Builders thread link in the next paragraph.

Also, I’d recommend you use more coloring, just by wrapping a section of the text you want colored in color tags, which are very simple BBCoding, and can be found in this thread with the now specified color code for build threads.

tyvm brah, changed accordingly. Whatchu think about the rest of it?

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“It got awesome”

  • Handsome Jack, 2014

About the build itself, I really like it. Since BL2 I’ve been attracted to explosive builds, mostly from playing Krieg, and Claptrap’s potential to do something similar and not as overpowered truly does please me. I think you really captured it nicely, in special with the Sapper COM, but the Loose Cannon is still my favorite xD

Although, I think the elemental subroutine is worth the single point, since it can improve your explosive potential and also bring more variety to the weapon usage. I’m not sure, but I think there are things in the Pre-Sequel that resist explosive aside from Odjurymir (which I think is already gone), so, if I’m right, you can’t just rely on those guns.

I mean shielded enemies resist explosions, but I’ve still had little problems with them,Odjurimir was still doable with an entirely explosive arsenal, especially with the right subroutine. That being said, I don’t really like adding more variance to clappy when I can avoid it, note the only action packs I like adding are the really good ones. When we take that one point we get one good subroutine, but get four subroutines that aren’t boosted by the rest of the kit. On top of this, these subroutines will affect our loophole way out of rolling bad subroutines, not to mention this also decreasing the odds of rolling the few subroutines we wanted. Try it yourself if you want to juggle your sissy elements, but I’m going to refrain from adding it to the main spec.

Sissy elements :laughing:

Amazing work, dude. Well, I play Claptrap expecting him to be gimmicky and force me to be constantly varying what I’m playing with, but maybe it’s good that there are builds that don’t focus on that factor of his.


(Now that I think about it, Wreck-it-Trap also isn’t very much about interchanging strategies. Welp)

Also with a little digging i found out that the Explosive resistances are the same throughout all three playthroughs (The worst being a 0.8 multiplier on shields). This is what allows me to somewhat get away with an entirely explosive arsenal, as Torgue damage is stupid high to begin with coupled with clappy’s skills, He doesn’t need to play the element game (Similar to Jack, who can rock a Jakob’s in UVHM due to his insane crit multipliers).

I’ve updated the build’s formatting a little bit. I have also added some more options in the shield category. Feel free to elaborate.

I tried to update the build for level 70, but halfway through my editing something weird happened and now I can’t edit it. It was basically done, but I’ll briefly sum it up here until I can get something fixed up:

Glitched Pounder and Bangstick are very very good. Especially with Yellow/Green Glitch
Laser Disker and Omni-Cannon are good for added subroutine variance. (Omnicannon with CC is also good)
Cryo Meganade is good
Naught shield from Tales from the Borderlands seems to be really good but I can’t seem to find a corrosive resist variant.
Extra 10 points, either go CC if you want to use cryo or omni cannon or max out the shield and health skills in the middle tree and take all of the capstones.

It cannot spawn with any resistances.Believe me, I’ve checked.

Also the recharge rate is way low, probably due the the red text effect, i got an almost “perfect naut” with mostly bandit and tediore parts and the actual rate is lower than my basic B purple tediore shield described above.

I’d stick with a Tediore shield because of the increased recharge rate. The Naught would be good on another character, but not Clappy with his shield subroutine. I’ve walked through lava with that active without losing any shielding.

That it does sir, that It does, I do feel that the tediore shields are better when you don’t go super heavy into the subroutine tree, specifically SWAB builds (Luck Cannon synergizes with that so well) and you got that 50% chance of getting a shield routine. I wish I could edit that stuff in, but like some random thing took me off page while editing and now i’m locked out :confused:

My build is similar in principle to POD-TP - SWAB-less Boomtrap that ventures into FF to pick up Grenade Vent and Deathmachine, except with a few differences in skills that I wanted to share… I was writing up my own build thread but then remembered that this beautifully formatted thing existed so I decided to just append it here…

My skillz:


Adjustments made:

  • Chronicler of Elpis instead of Loose Cannon: I use the Fridgia as my primary enabler, and I don’t use the Fragnum. The shield bonus is great with Tediore shields and the Sham. Elevates the Laser Disker/IVF further with the +4 Grenade Vent/LodeNSplode.

  • Actually I’m using the blue Audacious Sapper in most situations, including Eclipse/EOS, when the Ravager/Flakker do their best work. Switch to Chronicler for when the Laser Disker is more suitable because of its higher DPS against extra-beefy single targets, such as Raid Sentinel and Level 9 Mutator.

  • No Triple-clocked: risk of Oneshot wonder and extra damage penalty isn’t worth it to me

  • More Blue Shell than SS, BB4L instead of maniacal laughter: Blue Shell + BB4L really shines against Eclipse, rewarding you for facetanking his missiles. ML just never did anything for me, especially with Chronicler already boosting freeze chance. Fridgia does fine without ML, even in Sapper mode.

  • The last 5 or so points I experiment moving them between CC, Kick him while he’s up, and Cooldown reduction. Currently running with Kick him, to synergize with the other FFYL boosts, following through with +25% gun damage. Planning on trying out CC with an Absolute Zero

  • Gearwise, my preferred Ravager is Jakobs Grip/Impetuous. Also carry a 7Mag Tediore/Juicy for playing with other Claps specced into organized guns. I love how the Torgue Grip Flakker sits at a nice 12 shot mag without any OG points, but I also carry a 10mag Tediore Grip Flakker for party use.

  • Inflammable Tediore Shield really helps in the Mutator, where painful fire DoTs are way more common than corrosive. For Shadow-TP i also carry a Corrosive Torrent/other DoT tracking tool. Flakker with Strafing Run OZ seems to work better on him than Laser Disker.

  • Explosive Mongol for EOS

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My build was more focused on explosive without a mandate for cryo, which is why I have a loose cannon primarily, LnS is a huge boon to exploit.

Welp, my build circumvents all Subroutine penalties with Tediore, so triple is 99% useful, also rolling bad packages isn’t like terrible, u just wait for a little bit.

Also I’ve basically let this somewhat die cuz of the TG that i’ve devoted most of my time to.

Ah I see where you’re coming from now Hoyle :open_mouth: props for being able to run without the cryo crutch. I don’t know what I’d do without my beloved Fridgia.

I felt like the Fragtrap board has quiet lately (except for your recent TG edits - really interesting with the blue Tediore quads…) and just wanted to piggyback on your build without having to format my own. High Fives all around

Well I mean BAs don’t need cryo, and most bosses can’t really be frozen.

BAs in the Mutator 9 most definitely do need to be frozen to stop them from killing you and to take them out quickly. That’s where I bust out the Chronicler for the extra shield cap, freeze chance and Tediore chuck damage.

Big unfreezables/General gameplay = Audacious Sapper

The Chronicler vs. Loose Cannon choice comes down to:

Chronicler - +4 LodeNSplode, +4 Grenade Vent = +80% Explosive, compounded with +32% grenade damage;
Fridgia/Cryo Boost, Shield boost. Also opens up SWAB option for those nova-inclined players.


Loose Cannon - +5 LnS, +4 Drop the Hammer = +100% Explosive, slightly speedier chucks;
Fragnum/Luck Cannon/other pistol buff.

(+4 Death Machine is constant)

Not trying to force my playstyle choices on you, just laying it out for other players to see. =)

Valid point, ive gotten through it just fine with raw LnS Disker Chucks, that thing does an unholy amount of damage alone.