[Build] Psycho Slayer (UCP 2.1.)

This build was inspired by Bew_'s video.

Skill Build

Com: Slayer of Terra - Adds burn damage and HP also boosts feed the meat for more HP

Relic: Blood of the Ancients with SMG and Shotgun ammo

Shield: Rough Rider
Tested it with FotF as well, works well on fleshy maps, if you are really a fan and want to go completely nuts with the build :smiley:

This setup will give you around 5 mil hp (using a slab COM with +6 to feed the meat gives less total hp) Elemntal empathy will heal you like crazy (because OP8 dots deal so much dmg). The build relies a lot on grenades - for your bloodlust stacks and healing.

Grenade: Storm front - you can throw one of these and just spray enemies with slag, it will feel like holding a grog nozzle.

The build is optimized to allow easy survival even at OP8. Because of bloodbath its solid for gun usage as well. Bloodbath also helps you regain your lost grenades, which is very important since it sets you off in the beginning of a fight.

Release the beast is there as an added bonus to survival. You can go into BXR whenever you feel like, and because of the crazy healing can get, usually there wont be any cooldown on your action skill a few seconds after you exit it.

Biggest problem of most Krieg builds was trying not to die in your action skill, elemental empathy paired with Hellfire Halitosis and the buffs it gets from the COM, should help you stay in the fight even if you aren’t able to kill something. Fire Fiend is in there for the same reason - more DoTs = more HP.

Flame Flare and Thrill of the Kill are at 1 because they are boosted, they aren’t really needed for the build to work, but for a single point they can do nice stuff for you.

LtF actually works with 9/5 in Strip the Flesh, just make sure to slag enemies right before you go down (that’s why its bad to go down in BXR). Redeem the soul is purely optional, seeing how you wont go down too much with this build.

Other skill choices are pretty self explanatory.


  1. Slagga

  2. Slag Butcher

  3. Corrosive Butcher

  4. Fire Bearcat or Carnage
    Note: Hellfire is always a good weapon on Krieg

  5. and 2. in slot will be used the most, since you want to have enemies slagged for your grenades and to make stuff easier for LtF and BXR. Butcher is there for dmg and Slagga for spray and pray.

Corrosive butcher - Because buzzards are a thing. Sometimes you need help against tanky loaders as well. It will get a small boost from Salt the Wound (maybe allocate more points into it, depends on the playstyle)

Bearcat and Carnage are there as Bloodbath triggers, if there’s a need to ramp up your dmg for a badass or something.

Some gameplay might later be added later (when I learn how to actually do that)

Hope you have fun with this as much as I did. Feedback is always welcome :smiley:


So there you are !
Thanks for showcasing this build for everyone. Finally Melee Hellborn is as good as Melee Bloodlust :smile:

Hey this is only how im running it, there are plenty of variations that can be done, i just find it best to go into all three trees (because bloodbath)
This is a true hybrid build, seeing how you can both run guns or go melee whenever you feel like. The COM is what makes hellfire halitosis actually worth it, because the boosts to burn dmg and chance give you so much.
Also thanks :smiley:

Since UCP 3.0 came out im guessing i should update the build. Pretty much everything stayed the same. I started experimenting more with the wanderlust rather than slagga since you dont really have to aim the wanderlust and the bullets can slag new enemies even while in BXR. (If you choose to use it over the slagga, probably get a different Blood of the Ancients, Pistol ammo instead of SMG).

As for the skill build there are 2 variants now:
Blood Euphoria (new skill) variant:
And the other one is more of the same of the original. For Euphoria you want to pick up Fuel the Blood since it has a separate countdown timer on the kill skill. Maybe even allocating a point from Taste of Blood into Blood Overdrive (for the same reason). I just chose not to run it since i rarely kill enemies with guns. Also blood twitch is important since it will be procced by dot kills so it can be a separate timer from the rest (Fuel the Fire can also serve this purpose). This variation also supports Blood of Seraphs as your relic, since you dont want more healing and dont have RtB to mess with.
With so much healing (even without euphoria) you will rarely go down to RtB health levels.

As for the rest of the skills Bloodbath seems to give good grenade regen at 3/5 and gives a big enough boost to weapon dmg if you need to burst something down.
Embrace the Pain could be picked instead of Empty the Rage, but i like to use BXR to deal most of my dmg.
In hellborn, Fuel the Fire, Elemental Elation and Fire Fiend points can freely be moved. I would only advised Fire Fiend stay at 3/5 at least. You will need the DoTs to heal you during rampages and are important for your survival.

HUGE NOTE: even without RtB and FtR your cooldown is refreshed fully in a matter of seconds if you are in combat. Throw a storm front to heal, and you will be good to go rampaging soon. Thats why the build doesnt need cooldown relics and can work without RtB.

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Is there a variant of this build I could use with a Legendary Reaper COM?

You would kinda need to be more specific with what you exactly want to do with your krieg. This COM gives you boosts to your fire skills as well as your health, pretty sure you cant get more HP in the current game than this build provides. And the entire build is somewhat based around that, dealing fire dmg that heals you in RtB while also giving you a lot of health back on every kill.
If you are going with a reaper COM you’d usually have a different setup be it for gun or hybrid play :slight_smile: