[Build] Punishing Pistolero


Equipped Weapons:
Dastardly Luck Cannon
Purging Anarchist (Cryo) (Glitch O0L0M4A4)
Heap’d Badaboom (Fire)

Backup Weapons:
Doc’s Flayer
Stopping Fridgia

Shield of Ages (if going for melee hybrid use Avalanche)
Celestial Lawbringer Class Mod
Sticky Longbow Quasar

Build Explanation:
This build centers around increasing Gun Damage and Fire Rate as much as possible, especially relying on Kill Skills and Quick Shot. The left tree is pretty self-explanatory, trying to flesh out Order as much as possible while taking skills that boost Gun Damage and turn Melee into a viable tool for finishing off enemies. For the middle tree, the reason why I went for High Noon instead of Saddle Up is because of the cooldown granted by the Class Mod meaning you’ll be in Showdown pretty often, thus being able to, in my opinion, make better use of the damage boost (plus, it works well in conjunction with Ruthless). A point is put into Bottled Courage instead of Short Fused because of the Class Mod as well, and also to help boost Nisha’s survivability. The right tree is also fairly self-explanatory as well, with the only noticeable skill missing being Trick Shot, simply because I didn’t have enough points to put into it.

Gear Explanation:
The Luck Cannon and Anarchist make up the combo of weapons that put the “Pistol” in “Pistolero.” It’s hard to describe when you should use one gun over the other (you tend to get a pretty good feel for it simply by playing this build for long enough), but in general, I would describe it as follows:
-Luck Cannon for range/Anarchist for close up
-Luck Cannon when Kill Skills are down/Anarchist when Kill Skills are up
-Luck Cannon when ammo is low/Anarchist when you have ammo to burn
When Kill Skills and Quick Shot up, your dual-wielded Anarchists can burn (freeze?) through a room in seconds and tear down pretty much any non-shielded boss, but your Luck Cannons provide more consistent DPS in a much more ammo efficient way.

The Vibra-Pulse and Quasar function to quickly strip enemy shields, especially for shield-heavy enemies like Stalkers, Guardians, and shielded bosses. The Badaboom is a good all-around rocket launcher; if you have a preference for any other launcher, however, you can easily sub it out without affecting the build. The Flayer is better than either the pistols or Vibra-Pulse in certain situations, especially when dealing with flying enemies, or small, fast-moving enemies like Torks, and the Fridgia is your alternate freezing tool if you want to freeze things without using up pistol ammo.

The Shield of Ages is a good shield for tanking, especially aided by Discipline and Bottled Courage. With all those factors, you’ll have plenty of time to regenerate your health safely under the cover of a shield at most times. If you want to go for a hybrid melee build, you can replace it with the Avalanche, but from personal experience, that build is much more challenging to play without too much reward. Likewise, the 3DD1.E is a good all-around Oz kit and also helps for tanking.

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