[Build] Purple Niflheim Bear

Just wanna quickly share my take on the new skill tree / class mod with Iron Bear.

Been having a lot of fun with this new stuff and after a lot of messing around nailed down a really fun build that ezmodes the game.

Build is focused on Iron Bear with General Winter and the Eternal Flame class mod. Instantly freeze everything, do a whole lot of damage and be unkillable is the playstyle. There are a few gear pieces that work together to make this a smooth gameplay loop. I know some people have been doing similar stuff but I wanted to share my twist of our new toys. The gear shown here is pretty much perfect but perfect gear is not needed to wreck the house as long as you cover the important functions.



  • Important skills. Just going to list some key skills, watch video for explanations pls.
    • BioFuel, Really Big Guns, Explosive Fury, Nitroridadium Engines, Feature Creep, Experimental Munitions, Deadlines, Stainless Steel Bear, Scorching RPMS, Specialist Bear


  • :fire: Fire Boogeyman
    • 100% Minigun anoint
      • For proccing the Eternal Flame class mod and resetting Iron Bear. High :fire: chance.
  • :fire: Spring Epicenter
    • 20% to proc nade while in Iron Bear anoint
      • Mainly for automatically healing with Biofuel but also helps proc ignite for IB reset and other skills in the purple tree. Very high :fire: chance.
  • Eternal Flame class mod
    • This will let us get back IB instantly most of the time with our Boogeyman/Epicenter
  • Shield
    • Recommend Multi-Vitamin Pulse Ultra for maximum health. But use w/e you like.
  • Passive bonuses
    • Just want to maximize Health, everything else is w/e.
  • Pearl Artifact
    • Because why not.


Build Video

At 8:50 some bonus footage showing Salamander kicking some ass.

Wotan Kill

Quick example showing how the Epicenter heals Iron Bear

Bonus clip with Bearfists