{Build} Quake Champion Moze (Updated for DLC 4/Lvl 65)

A straight run-and-gun, Doom/Quake-styled, URad build for Moze AND Iron Bear. Has high reload speed, fast weapon switching, big damage, and mobility with Speed Demon & Snowdrift. If you value gear flexibility & speed, give this build a try.

For the sake of forum build variety, I wanted to make a Moze setup that didn’t rely on tracker-chucking, shooting forever, broken weapons or minesweeper…just something a lil different.


Skill Tree


Bottomless Mags

Cloud of Lead, 5/5
+Lets you get more shots out of your weapon, and is more consistent than Matched Set.
Stoke The Embers, 3/3
+Boosts all incendiary weapons, and the insane fire damage you do with Skag Den.
Scrappy, 5/5
+The skill that gives this build its ‘Doom’ or ‘Quake’ feel…switching is important for adapting to certain enemies, letting you kill faster. Also, if you use COV weapons (Gargoyle, Sawbar, Yellowcake, etc), this skill speeds up the the ‘start’ animation.
Rushing Offensive, 1/1
+One of your main healing tools, combined with Bloodletter to restore all 100K of your shields in one or two shots.
Scorching RPMs, 4/5
+3 perks in one: critical hit, IB damage and fire rate…nuff said. Also boosts Fire in the Skag Den due to the scaling of Iron Bear.
Specialist Bear, 1/1
+HUGE damage boost to IB, and also applies to Auto Bear, which will, in turn, give you killing momentum while it’s out. Perfect for railguns, since you can mix and match Augments to cover different enemies, while keeping the bonus.

Shield of Retribution

Armored Infantry, 5/5
+Selfless Vengeance, after the nerf to the Recursion, and the insane fire dmg buff to Skag Den, just isn’t worth the 5 points anymore. Armored Infantry is the only solid choice that makes sense moving down the tree, and meshes well with this build anyway.
Security Bear, 1/1
+Recently learned that, whether the shield is off or on, this skill will give you 25% damage resistance. After testing with and without the perk, the difference in survivability is night and day.
Drowning in Brass, 5/5
+Easy 60% damage boost to keep up, since you are constantly killing, and your teammates will appreciate it too.
Thin Red Line, 3/3
+More Shields…hooray…who needs health gate when everything is dead??
Experimental Munitions, 1/1
+Just moving down the tree…it’s more damage for one point so why not?
Desperate Measures, 3/3
+Every build needs starting weapon damage, and you always get full bonus with 1 HP. Get a Bloodletter with +3 to give you max damage.

Demolition Woman

Fire in the Skag Den, 5/5
+Fire Damage on all splash damage. (NOTE: Currently gives 93% per point due to Mayhem scaling, and gets bonuses from “Stainless Steel Bear” and "Scorching RPMs)
Deadlines, 3/3
+Allows you to stay in Iron Bear a LOT longer. Keep a +3 Raging Bear COM with you, as this allows you to do Iron Bear-only runs without ever changing your build.
Grizzled, 5/5
+Cooldown reduction without the diminishing returns of stacking other cooldown perks. Gets Iron Bear back extremely fast due to the ease of killing, and getting Iron Bear faster indirectly gives you more survival against one-shots and massive DOTs.
Torgue Cross Promotion, 5/5
+2 skills in one:
-30% splash damage…combined with AOE/Splash boost from Relic & COM, gets you 100%
-Doubles splash radius: debuff entire field with Piss Nade, chain-kill with splash guns, double Hollow Point range, which takes on the damage of the crit to wipe out all close-by enemies… great for Iron Bear’s Railguns.
Stainless Steel Bear, 5/5
Use IB for longer, tank more damage, and deal more damage. Also boosts Fire in the Skag Den due to the scaling of Iron Bear.
Auto Bear, 1/1
+Will stack kill skills for you, is INCREDIBLY accurate with all railguns, and draws aggro for some survival.
To The Last, 1/1
Mainly for the 25% grenade throw anointment with the 20% debuff stacked on top (with It’s Piss)…increases your chances of getting up from FFYL and restarts your momentum if you lost it dying.
Short Fuse, 1/1
Receives 7x Mayhem scaling, double-dips splash bonuses, and is boosted even more by our main anointment, 150/50 URad. This leads to ridiculous damage across the board, and, after a lot of testing, out-damages full investments in Phalanx Doctrine.


Between Torgue Cross Promotion, and possible AOE rolls on COM and relic, you’re getting 100% (a Blast Master’s worth) of splash damage, while also getting a massive boost from Skag Den. So it’s vital that you use splash weapons, which are already the strongest (& most fun) in the game. And as a Deathless Moze, you need to hit hard, or die fast without a health gate. Here are some gear ideas:


Unkempt Harold

BL2 classic…can be just as strong in this build, but only if you keep your distance and let the bullets split.

Farm: Caber Dawd (Crew Challenge), Bloodsun Canyon, Gehenna


Just fire this thing indiscriminately in any direction and watch entire mobs explode.

Farm: Torgue Challenge Reward, Handsome Jackpot DLC, destroy all hot sauce bottles.


Slooooow projectiles, but hits for impact and stickies. If you can master the shot speed, and get a 150/50 anointment, it’s one of the most powerful pistols in the game. Being locked to corrosive would be a problem for any other VH, but Moze covers all bar types between URad and Skag Den.

Farm: Dickon Goyle (Crew Challenge), Bloodsun Canyon, Gehenna


Do yourself a favor: find a x2, URad version, switch to double-barrel mode and fire…you won’t be disappointed. Fast reload from this build negates the 3 long seconds spent refilling the magazine.

Farm: Quartermaster, Bloodsun Canyon, Gehenna

Prompt Critical

Extremely strong impact/sticky pistol that increases radius and damage for each stick placed. Comes in all elements too.

Farm: Evil Lilith, Castle Crimson, Krieg’s Mind


Tigg’s Boom

Absolute mob killer…spawns meteors when you shoot. Just don’t get too close…Torgue Cross Promotion gives meteors huge AOE.

Farm: Wotan the Invincible, Midnight’s Cairn (Maliwan Takedown)


Previously the victim of poor scaling, the ridiculous damage of “Skag Den” and “Short Fuse” with the 300/90 anoint makes this a mob killer. The mobility of snowdrift and “Speed Demon” also prevents you from self-splash (if you move right).

Farm: Manvark (Crew Challenge), Konrad’s Hold, Pandora


[Buffed on 15 Oct] Any-element, full-auto Shotgun that eats ammo like your mom eats Chick-Fila. Impact mode shreds through basic mobs, and the sticky mode takes care of badasses.

Farm: Roaddog, Splinterlands, Pandora


You already know…build stacks with kills/automatic reloads -> one-shot everything. The Anarchy shots count as splash, and Moze gets tons of initial damage between Short Fuse, Skag Den, and Desperate Measures. The only problem is the explosive reload, which is deceptively large, killing you from 15-20 feet away…and when you’re downed, you lose all stacks…use at your own risk.

Farm: Kukuwajack (Crew Challenge), Negul Neshai, Xylourgos


A shock-only shotgun that splits into 3 orbs after a certain distance. If you can master the distance, and get a 300/90, it’ll one-shot most things, save bosses.

Farm: Voltborn (Rare Enemy), Negul Neshai, Xyloburger

Assault Rifles

Boom Sickle

Mother Russia’s AR of choice…really strong, shoots like a shotgun (gets shotgun boosts too), and a nice counter to flying types…nothing else to it.

Farm: Anointed X-4 (“Malevolent Practice” quest), The Anvil, Eden-6

Contained Blast

Fires stickies that do huge impact damage. Also, if you can land them on the same target, they get a dmg boost that ramps up really fast, but projectiles are slow and take getting used to.

Farm: Abbadoxis (Crew Challenge), Ashfall Peaks, Gehenna

Sawbar (Suggested by @aaroncarrier)

[Buffed on 20 Aug] Splits into 3 exploding projectiles at a certain distance. I can’t even put into words how powerful this thing is, but only after you master the distance…it’s really far for typical guns, but once you see the damage, you’ll know it’s worth it.

Farm: Borman Nates (Rare Enemy), Meridian Outskirts, Promethea

Dowsing Rod (Suggested by @13igTyme)

The primary fire sucks, but the secondary nade launcher is extremely powerful (especially with 300/90). Turns out, when you switch from the Dowsing Rod, the grenade launcher regens faster than just holding it. So basically, you switch to DR, fire 3-4 grenades, then switch to another weapon. 5-6 seconds later, you’ll have full mag on your nade launcher to use again. This falls right in line with the fast weapon switching you get on this build.

Farm: Pteradomini (Crew Challenge), The Blastplains, Gehenna



Sticky-bomb SMG, and both the impact and sticky explosion count as splash. It’s phenomenal, even though the nerf pretty much locks it as a ADS(aim down sights)-only weapon. Fast reload from this build means you can go for a x2 variant with no downside.

Farm: Captain Traunt, Athenas


Starts at 1 projectile and increases to 9 when the trigger is held. This previously wasn’t mentioned as recommended gear, because of lack of ammo regen in this build (and also not being a fan of Maliwan), but the inclusion of Short Fuse still makes this a powerful SMG.

Farm: Minosaur (Crew Challenge), Bloodsun Canyon, Gehenna

Blood-Starved Beast

Comes in x2 or x3, and has a chance to spawn an explosion. The shots themselves don’t count as splash, but when the explosion happens, it’s massive aoe and damage, and won’t actually down you. The chance though is inconsistent, and might not kill when you want it to, but still a great gun.

Farm: Evil Lilith, Castle Crimson, Krieg’s Mind



Your boss/Anointed/Badass killer…the extra projectiles from this thing do DISGUSTING damage, but if you’re playing Co-op, the BB will kill your teammates.

Farm: Agonizer 9000, Guts of Carnivora, Pandora


The launcher for not giving a f***…debuff with Piss, fire it, then stack Overkill with a 300/90 anoint.

Farm: Loco Chantelle (Crew Challenge), VIP Tower, The Handsome Jackpot


The carpet-bombing rocket launcher, if you don’t mind the slow charge up time. Projectiles track, so they make good anti-movement/anti-air weapons too.

Farm: Warden, The Anvil, Eden-6


STILL good after 2 new level caps, but keeping your distance so the rockets can split and destroy is required.

Farm: Next Cartel Event or Trade



Crazy powerful, and the projectiles count as splash…but with no ammo regen, this is recommended only for badasses and bosses.

Farm: Katagawa Jr., Atlas HQ, Promethea


(Buffed on 20 Aug) Unlike the Sandhawk, it’s ACTUALLY a sniper rifle. Ricochets 3 shots on crit, which all seem to apply the gun’s anointment (300/90 or URad), leading to some massive field-clearing.

Farm: King Bobo (“Rumble in the Jungle” quest), Voracious Canopy, Eden-6



The default shield for this build…you’ll heal off any shock damage, (which is very exploitable, i.e. leave shock badass alive for free healing, shock Pool party, etc), and ignore 40% of all bullet damage (absorb), making you a true tank.

Farm: Queen Ant Wanette, Splinterlands, Pandora

Big Boom Blaster

Effortlessly keeps you alive with boosters, and regens your rockets/grenades, since this build doesn’t use “Means of Destruction.” If you’re version relies on grenades/rockets, use this instead.

Farm: The Unstoppable, Ambermire, Eden-6

Plus Ultra

THE best cooldown shield in the game, and has an unlisted x2 max HP bonus that doubles Iron Bears health, with a 25% chance to ignore bullet damage (absorb) and get you more cooldown…awesome for Iron Bear-only runs.

Farm: Dr. Benedict, Benediction of Pain, Krieg’s Mind


It’s Piss

25% on throw with a 20% debuff on hit. Both bonuses will stack and give you a massive start to your killing momentum. Not to mention, with TCP, you can debuff an entire field.

Farm: Sloth, Konrad’s Hold, Pandora

Doc Hina’s Miracle Bomb

If you’re looking for raw damage and area control, this nade spawns fire puddles that do MASSIVE DOT. Throw out a bunch of these and watch the kills rack up.

Farm: “Miracle Elixir Fixer” quest, The Blastplains, Gehenna

Ghast Call

Big-damage nade…between this, URad & Skag Den, it covers armor, shields and health, respectively. You can spec into Holy Pin for more damage…just take 5 points out of Stainless, put 3 in PtHP, and 2 in Vampyr, for Moze/IB healing that syncs well with Rushing Offensive.

Farm: Golden Loot Ghosts (Halloween Event)


Snowdrift Deathless

The Snowdrift gives Moze some desperately-needed mobility, and the Deathless makes you tanky. AOE roll is optional, but reload speed on either this, or a class mod, is a must.

Farm: Phoenix (Crew Challenge), Splinterlands, Pandora

Flesh Melter Deathless

If you don’t need the snowdrift, and you’re fighting guardians or robots, go crazy…the damage stacks real good with your other SoR skills.

Farm: Phoenix (Crew Challenge), Splinterlands, Pandora

Class Mods


Keeps your shields full, and has synergy with Transformer/Big Boom Blaster and Rushing Offensive to keep you alive. AOE is optional, but reload speed on either this, or an artifact, is a must.

Farm: Skag of Survival, Trial of Survival

Raging Bear

If you want to be in Iron Bear longer, find one of these with +3 in “Deadlines.” This is my preferred COM for Guardian Takedown/Slaughter Shaft, and you don’t even have to change the build for it.

Farm: Billy the Anointed, Jakobs Estate, Eden-6


I honestly thought this was a redundant Iron Bear mod, but its starting, 100% multiplicative damage is deliciously higher than any other COM, which makes this the best bossing mod for Moze.

Farm: Evil Mordecai, Castle Crimson, Krieg’s Mind



Frankly this anointment was designed for Moze. Constant elemental boost to your never-ending damage, and stays on even if you switch weapons, or go into FFYL…the centerpiece of this build. Short Fuse takes on and reapplies this anointment on its explosion too.

V2 damage anointment for single-shot, hard-hitting weapons…stacks overkill, on top of the damage you stack naturally with SoR. The Short Fuse explosion also reapplies the 300% damage, leading to one-shot kills even on bosses.


The recommended shield anoint for surviving out of Iron Bear. If you can get the cooldown back in the 25 seconds of this anoint, Iron Bear will get the 75% boost to his armor and keep it.

Huge, on-demand damage boost and start to your killing momentum, best used with It’s Piss for stacking with debuff.

Iron Bear Loadout

Railguns (All of Them)

In this build, Iron Bear is used as an extension of Moze, and can out-DPS her in most cases. IB railguns cover all elemental types (fire, shock, corrosive) and can be mixed to cover different kinds of enemies. If you got aim, hitting headshots in conjuction with the “Hollow Point” guardian rank perk and TCP, will often wipe out entire bands of Anointed or Badasses in a single shot (if they’re close enough).

Vanquisher Rockets + All Augments

Best bossing tool for Iron Bear (with Flare COM), but with the downside of reloading. All augments for this IB gun are extremely useful:

Active Tracking: Takes time to find targets but once they’re out, the mass damage is amazing.
Target Softening: Combining this with Auto Bear will have him debuff the closest targets with him…this is only effective if you’re shooting at what IB’s shooting at…you’re teammates will appreciate the debuff too.
Hammerdown Protocol: Nukes. You like Nukes? I like Nukes. :radioactive:



I mean, who doesn’t want to be fast as f***?? This modifier is required for this build, and should be necessary for Moze in general. She gets no mobility, and is constantly cryo’d like nobody’s business. This also lets you get away from your own splash damage. Any coop friends who join will also appreciate you…

Science Booster


If you’ve invested some time into the Science Arcade machine (and saving our planet!!! :metal: :metal: :metal:), buying these falls right into the function of this build. Having this, plus reload speed on either class mod or artifact (& guardian rank), will give you about 30% reload speed (almost as much as Zane).


-The Borderlands community for the Updated Drop List:
All Updated Drop Locations :star:

-Ideas, Weapons & Suggestions: @13igTyme, @aaroncarrier

(For those on PC, I put a save file in Youtube video :point_up:.)


I’ve been working on a ‘Mozified’ version of Thiccfila’s Zane Nukem build that looks a lot like this. Two pieces of advice from my experience:

– Don’t sleep on the Plaguebearer, especially for mobbing and flying enemies.

– 300v2 is a great anoint for launchers on this build as it allows you to chain together Overkill kills.


Gotcha, I’ll definitely add those to the gear

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This looks good, before I took a brief break I was trying to do something similar, but I was too focused on trying to keep Short Fuse, MOD, and PtHP.


I parked my BBs on Sanctuary for the Guardian Takedown and run a collection of Plaguebearers for the flying enemies. If it flies it dies with the Plaguebearer. It’s become my favorite launcher in the game.

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Have you tried using the alternate fire of the Dowsing Rod?

I actually haven’t…just primary fire

How good is it?

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It’s doable. Can’t really spam the alternate fire for too long, but it works.

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Are you on PC? And do you have a 150/50 version?

If not, I’ll farm and try out…been looking for new guns

I’m on PS4. I don’t have a 150/50 anoint and the version I have is x1. So it only shoots 3 grenades at a time. I feel like with both of those it would definitely be a step up.

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I’m on PC. I can hook you up with one. Steam or Epic?

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Thanks, SHIFT: WxnderBread

Update: Added video, and will upload save file on Youtube video for those who want to try it out (PC only until console gets conversions)

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-Added/Updated farm drops and locations added after 23-July patch
-Changed skill tree to be more efficient, but it still works the same
-Removed skills “Selfless Vengeance” and “Experimental Munitions”…without extra projectiles and no scaling, they suck now.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve this, don’t hesitate…its my first build guide.

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I’ve found one with 300/90 and it’s great, one/two shots mobs pretty consistently. With redistribution ammo refills quite quickly too. You cannot spam it but by making every trigger pull count it never runs out for me.

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I got one recently and I just couldn’t get into it just for its secondary fire. U try it’s primary?

I guess I’m just a Nukem person. :radioactive:

I am surprised you don’t have Flipper noted as one of the SMGs to use. Its the best SMG in the game right now and I would argue that it’s Moze’s best gun right now.

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12 Sep
+Adjusted for level 65.
+Added the Rebound AR, Prompt Critical pistol, BS Beast SMG, Major Kong RL, & Plus Ultra shield. Drop locations are updated for the new DLC in spreadsheet under links…I did not make the spreadsheet, just putting it up for FYI.

If you have suggestions, please let me know.

21 Sept:

+Just a PC save file update in the youtube video above :point_up:, enjoy…farming sucks :confused: (Sorry, no console save conversions yet, but soon I hope)


This build is definitely viable but won’t be able to do the most DPS going down the urad path. The highest damage Moze for the endgame meta is still blastmaster and consecutive hits with the Flipper imho.

Is that right? I couldn’t tell from that gameplay video :point_up: lol…

You don’t always have to play “meta” and what everybody else is playing to have fun…try it yourself, you may like it.