{Build} Quake Moze (lvl 72 Update)



I’ve been working on a ‘Mozified’ version of Thiccfila’s Zane Nukem build that looks a lot like this. Two pieces of advice from my experience:

– Don’t sleep on the Plaguebearer, especially for mobbing and flying enemies.

– 300v2 is a great anoint for launchers on this build as it allows you to chain together Overkill kills.


Gotcha, I’ll definitely add those to the gear

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This looks good, before I took a brief break I was trying to do something similar, but I was too focused on trying to keep Short Fuse, MOD, and PtHP.


I parked my BBs on Sanctuary for the Guardian Takedown and run a collection of Plaguebearers for the flying enemies. If it flies it dies with the Plaguebearer. It’s become my favorite launcher in the game.

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Have you tried using the alternate fire of the Dowsing Rod?

I actually haven’t…just primary fire

How good is it?

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It’s doable. Can’t really spam the alternate fire for too long, but it works.

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Are you on PC? And do you have a 150/50 version?

If not, I’ll farm and try out…been looking for new guns

I’m on PS4. I don’t have a 150/50 anoint and the version I have is x1. So it only shoots 3 grenades at a time. I feel like with both of those it would definitely be a step up.

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I’m on PC. I can hook you up with one. Steam or Epic?

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Thanks, SHIFT: WxnderBread

Update: Added video, and will upload save file on Youtube video for those who want to try it out (PC only until console gets conversions)

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-Added/Updated farm drops and locations added after 23-July patch
-Changed skill tree to be more efficient, but it still works the same
-Removed skills “Selfless Vengeance” and “Experimental Munitions”…without extra projectiles and no scaling, they suck now.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve this, don’t hesitate…its my first build guide.

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I’ve found one with 300/90 and it’s great, one/two shots mobs pretty consistently. With redistribution ammo refills quite quickly too. You cannot spam it but by making every trigger pull count it never runs out for me.

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I got one recently and I just couldn’t get into it just for its secondary fire. U try it’s primary?

I guess I’m just a Nukem person. :radioactive:

I am surprised you don’t have Flipper noted as one of the SMGs to use. Its the best SMG in the game right now and I would argue that it’s Moze’s best gun right now.

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12 Sep
+Adjusted for level 65.
+Added the Rebound AR, Prompt Critical pistol, BS Beast SMG, Major Kong RL, & Plus Ultra shield. Drop locations are updated for the new DLC in spreadsheet under links…I did not make the spreadsheet, just putting it up for FYI.

If you have suggestions, please let me know.

21 Sept:

+Just a PC save file update in the youtube video above :point_up:, enjoy…farming sucks :confused: (Sorry, no console save conversions yet, but soon I hope)


This build is definitely viable but won’t be able to do the most DPS going down the urad path. The highest damage Moze for the endgame meta is still blastmaster and consecutive hits with the Flipper imho.

Is that right? I couldn’t tell from that gameplay video :point_up: lol…

You don’t always have to play “meta” and what everybody else is playing to have fun…try it yourself, you may like it.