Build questions

So i am currently using a 1hp moze build. Here is my skill tree as well as class mod shield and artifact… does anyone know of a better build i can use for her?


I don’t know her very well, but you may try Re-Charger shield with 1HP build.

Ive thought about trying one out because of the recharge thing, just have not found one i like with good extras

What play style do you want? Are there any guns you really, really like? We can help but knowing what your goals are helps.

Ive fallen in love with fasiors and devils foursomes. I use flakkers as a backup mostly. Hex grandes are my go to. Overall I am happy with the build ijust feel there could be a few tweeks i could do

I was using this for a while once reached lvl 50 with Devastator, Flakker, Laser Sploder and Quasar smg. I don’t have a Devils Foursum on lvl 50, but it was very powerful on lvl 34 with blue tree.

How well did the build Stack Up in Slaughter shaft

I didn’t tested it there. As stated in my first post, I don’t know her very well, cause once I reached lvl 50 I cleared only some Story maps on Mayhem 3 and some side missions, but this build was fun to use. I used Bloodletter first, but didn’t liked reserved health, so I switched to Blast Master COM.

Your skill point allocation is pretty solid for the weapons you prefer. If you find an Ice Breaker or Atom Balm Deathless artifact, I’d suggest focusing on cryo or radiation weapons.

I will use improve re router as a shield