Build Queue UI Idea

Hello @Bitvenom, hope your day is faring well.

Is it possible to add in the ability to change build priorities within the build queue? Just being able to drag and rearrange build queues would be really helpful.

So if players could just drag the whole 5 frigates queue down for example, instead of just using the arrows to adjust them. Thanks.


Dragging? That’s actually a really good idea.

Nice idea. I’d also be satisfied if there were buttons to move the item just 1 slot above or below.

BTW, does the Shift (5 ships) work on the build order arrows?

No, I don’t think so. I went in and tried yesterday. I could’ve missed something though, but I’m pretty sure.

Well if it doesn’t it should.

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That and the drag option would be ideal.

I’d be happy if the damn thing didn’t move one slot down after the first click. I can count how many times I’ve started a queue then whet to put them all at the top, started clicking then destroyed my entire queue because of the was it moves. You have to remember to click onces, then scroll down to continue clicking. :imp:

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