[Build] R4P1D-TP, the TRUE leader of the Robolution!

(Tristen Reese Orahood) #1

Have you ever wanted to leave many MANY bullet holes in those nasty scavs? Have you the need for highly accelerated fire rate and death? Well then, I present to you the very leader of the Robolution, R4P1D-Trap.

This build focuses on mostly Vladof weaponry and very high fire rate (fast enough to cause the barrel to blur). It is also level 50…

Drop the Hammer: 11/5
Killbot: 4/5

Best Buds 4 Life: 5/5
All The Things Are Awesome: 5/5
You’re… GOING TO LOVE ME!!: 1/1
It’s a Trap… Crap: 1/1
Pain Simulator is Painful: 5/5
Organized Guns are Happy Guns: 4/5

All the Guns: 1/1
Fuzzy Logic: 3/3
Safety First: 1/1
Surprised? Stabilize!: 5/5
Tripleclocked: 1/1
Death Machine: 10/5

Anarchist: I have a fire anarchist and with this build, the barrel stops moving because it goes so fast. It is very powerful in the hands of the R4P1D-TP. This is the main weapon.
Ice Scream: Also very good for freezing…just in case you get an assault rifle subroutine. A shock Shreddifier would be sublime!
Fatale: Works great with the high crits, fire rate, elemental effect chance.
Filler: Last spot is left for a favored weapon. I use the Rosie (cryo) because Surprised? Stabilize! stabilizes it. A badaboom would be great, but it just depends upon the subroutines…the Firestarta might work wonders!

Shield: I use the Prismatic Bulwark and a purple Tediore shield…they both do great.
Class Mod: Iron Fisted Loose Cannon (blue) for its universal usage of fire rate.
Oz Kit: Vladof fire rate oz kit (purple)
Grenade: Longbow Cryo Transfusion or Quasar work very well.

I haven’t tested on the raid boss, but I imagine it would work fine with a shock anarchist pistol. Thanks for viewing and I hope you enjoy it. I lost a lot of money trying to find my favorite build for Claptrap. :smile: Set your weapons according to how you want the subroutines to work out! Bye!