[Build] R4P1D-TP, the TRUE leader of the Robolution!

Have you ever wanted to leave many MANY bullet holes in those nasty scavs? Have you the need for highly accelerated fire rate and death? Well then, I present to you the very leader of the Robolution, R4P1D-Trap.

This build focuses on mostly Vladof weaponry and very high fire rate (fast enough to cause the barrel to blur). It is also level 50…

Drop the Hammer: 11/5
Killbot: 4/5

Best Buds 4 Life: 5/5
All The Things Are Awesome: 5/5
You’re… GOING TO LOVE ME!!: 1/1
It’s a Trap… Crap: 1/1
Pain Simulator is Painful: 5/5
Organized Guns are Happy Guns: 4/5

All the Guns: 1/1
Fuzzy Logic: 3/3
Safety First: 1/1
Surprised? Stabilize!: 5/5
Tripleclocked: 1/1
Death Machine: 10/5

Anarchist: I have a fire anarchist and with this build, the barrel stops moving because it goes so fast. It is very powerful in the hands of the R4P1D-TP. This is the main weapon.
Ice Scream: Also very good for freezing…just in case you get an assault rifle subroutine. A shock Shreddifier would be sublime!
Fatale: Works great with the high crits, fire rate, elemental effect chance.
Filler: Last spot is left for a favored weapon. I use the Rosie (cryo) because Surprised? Stabilize! stabilizes it. A badaboom would be great, but it just depends upon the subroutines…the Firestarta might work wonders!

Shield: I use the Prismatic Bulwark and a purple Tediore shield…they both do great.
Class Mod: Iron Fisted Loose Cannon (blue) for its universal usage of fire rate.
Oz Kit: Vladof fire rate oz kit (purple)
Grenade: Longbow Cryo Transfusion or Quasar work very well.

I haven’t tested on the raid boss, but I imagine it would work fine with a shock anarchist pistol. Thanks for viewing and I hope you enjoy it. I lost a lot of money trying to find my favorite build for Claptrap. :smile: Set your weapons according to how you want the subroutines to work out! Bye!