[Build] Reaping Twister (Deputy Krieg)

This is a direct update to my much older Deputy Krieg build, which hasn’t really aged well. This build is MUCH more effective.

As the name might suggest, this build relies on the Legendary Reaper and the Twister. Since the Twister has Grenade-type splash damage, it’ll activate Blood Bath if it kills with the splash damage for a LOT of damage. Coupled with all of Krieg’s other skills, this build will crank up the Twister’s damage to insane levels, basically negating all of its weaknesses with massive Fire Rate, Reload Speed and Magazine Size boosts.


Here is the spec that I use for this build. As always, you can change some things based on your personal preference.

Blood Bath, Salt the Wound and Pain is Power are your Gun Damage skills. Together they can reach a whopping +675% Gun Damage, which is almost the equivalent of 400 Anarchy stacks but without the negatives !

Blood-Filled Guns, Nervous Blood, Embrace the Pain and Elemental Elation are your indirect damage skills. All of them combined can reach up to +150% Reload Speed, +350% Magazine Size and +95% Fire Rate ! These boosts all contribute massively to the Twister because of its lower Magazine Size, Fire Rate and Reload Speed.

Now keep in mind all of these boosts are either from Stacks or Kill Skills, so you have to deal damage and chain kills to keep your boosts up, which makes this build extremely fun !



    • Twister : obviously, this is gonna be your main weapon. You get this weapon from Omnd-Omnd-Ohk, so it’s not exactly the easiest farm out there. You don’t need a perfect one to make this build work though, even the worst possible one can work due to all the bonuses to make up for its flaws.
    • Grog Nozzle : 65% Life Steal and sky-high Slag chance ? Sign me up ! This is the best Slag tool for this build without the shadow of a doubt. Again, you can just use the one you get from the The Beard Makes The Man quest, parts really don’t matter.
    • Top Gear : to complement your build you can definitely use other weapons that are generally good with Krieg. I’d imagine the Conference Call would be amazing for airborne enemies and enemies that resist Grenade splash, or a Carnage to easily proc Blood Bath.

    • Legendary Reaper : the cornerstone of this build, boosting Blood Bath and doubling the Kill Skill timer. You can get it from Tubby enemies, and you can just keep a level 62 one. No need to farm an OP10 one, as the stats don’t change at all.

    • Rough Rider : I don’t think this one needs an introduction. It is a staple item for Krieg, best-in-slot Shield for most situations. You can get it from killing The Bulwark in Hunter’s Grotto.
    • Flame of the Firehawk : same for this one, it’s arguably the coolest Shield in the game. The Novas can proc Blood Bath and stack both Bloodlust and Elemental Elation, and they can heal you as well through Life Steal. You can get it by turning-in the Cult Following: The Enkindling quest.

    • Chain Lightning : amazing for Life Steal, setting yourself on fire and stacking. You can get it from one of the Ultimate Badass mages from Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep.
    • The Electric Chair : a Tesla on ultra-pure Pandoran steroïds. It’s easy to kill yourself with it if you’re not careful, but it’ll tear enemies apart while activating a bunch of Krieg’s skills. You can get it from Uranus in Helios Fallen.
    • Fastball : generally great offensive Grenade Mod, if you want some range or a reliable tool to proc Blood Bath if you’re having trouble with the Twister. You can get it from Boll in Three Horns Divide.
    • Low-level Pandemic : this one is pretty unpopular for how effective it is. It is the single best stacking tool in the entire game. You can get it from Mortar in Sawtooth Cauldron.
  • RELICS :

    • Bone of the Ancients : you’ll want a Shock-element one for the multiplicative boost. You can get one from Legendary Loot Midgets.
    • Blood of the Ancients : alternatively, you can go for the extra health and ammo since the Twister can be pretty ammo-hungry. You can get one from Legendary Loot Midgets as well.


The playstyle is very simple : Rip and Tear. Krieg unlocks his potential by brawling, so in on the enemies and try to get kills with the Twister’s splash damage to proc Blood Bath, then you’re set for 14 seconds.
Then all you need is to deal and take damage for the other skills to activate, and you should just be able to just run across the battlefield with everything dying left and right.
You might have issues activating Blood Bath because the Twister is only 40% Grenade-type splash, so make sure to use weapons or grenades that can help you with it if you’re having trouble with it.
Bloodsplosion won’t really do much but it can make some work sometimes, especially if you decide to use a Fastball for instance.

And there you have it. A really fun and effective build that’ll definitely melt through OP10 like butter. If you have suggestions to make this build better or simple questions about the playstyle, feel free to ask !


Note the Twister isn’t actually all that good at proccing BB on its own (only 40% splash), so if using the RR and not the FotF I’d recommend keeping a 100% BB weapon (like the Peak Opener) on the side if RNG is behaving poorly.


I suppose in theory but Endo doesn’t really seem to have any issues in that run - the BB timer is up 90% of the time.

Still, as you say, there’s a couple spare slots for a backup.


The Flame of the Firehawk procs BB so one should have no problem keeping up BB with it (especially in flesh maps). My suggestion was if one were to use a RR (because some players dislike the Flame). :slightly_smiling_face:


When I did test runs with the RR in Washburne Refinery and Hero’s Pass I didn’t have any issues activating Blood Bath. I guess in 14 seconds you’re just bound to get at least one kill with the splash damage. And in case you got bad luck I recommended the Fastball, which is an easy BB proc.
I’ll add the 100% BB proc weapon suggestion to the recommended Top Gear though.


Last I tested the Twister on its own (nowadays I mostly use it as a sidearm to the Peak Opener) it was rather fickle with its procs. Might have to give it another try.

That was when the cap was 72/OP8 though- perhaps Bloodsplosion makes some difference.


How did you know this secret? I thought it’s me the only one.


I think I saw Demonite use it in the past so I started using it too. :smile:


That’s funny. I thought I was the only one :joy:


I would love to try this out but I gave up on the Twister.

I tried for exactly 120 times (yes I counted) in the spot where you always get 3 badass savages and a couple witch doctors, so that is 360 badass savages (or more as I think I had some random) that I waited patiently for them to upgrade to ultimate and then not upgrade anymore as the witch doctor was only healing them after that before I gave up.

I love the randomness of BL2 and I love farming, but this one really ruined the game for me for awhile.

I watched multiple videos to make sure I was doing it right and got to the same stage with no luck.

Might try it with a different weapon but I always wanted a Twister…

Saturn was bad but not this bad…I did Saturn 50 times and got 2 leg drops…


An alternative to the Twister here could be the Omen, but this one drops from the Dragons … :laughing:
If you can farm the Dragons, the Omen will tear through enemies as well. Plus it’s more ammo-efficient if you don’t press R too much.


I tried out both. Honestly I like my tried and true Omen.

I’m one of those who doesn’t like the Firehawk’s flash as @vanaria32 mentioned (apologies for not reading your post properly last night - late and very tired…) - so went back to the RR, which made reliable BB procs with the Twister less…reliable.

The Omen’s chances of proc-ing BB are extremely good. I normally run with the L Torch but it was great to crank it up with the Reaper for a change. I used your build exactly instead of my usual (although will go back and take some points from Fuel to put into Burn Baby Burn since I’m using a fire Omen).


Doing some testing I came to a simple conclusion : why not use both ? Having the Omen alongside the Twister works wonders, just kill with the Omen and slaughter the rest with the Twister. And if you couldn’t proc BB back with a Twister kill just swap back to the Omen. :man_shrugging:


A Reap the Whirlwind build. I like it.


The Thunderball Fist would work well here as well, it procs BB a lot and you can match Elements with the Bone. Just have to get a Twister first … Damn :slight_smile: I’d also move 4 point into StF, since I think 1 point in TotK is enough. But thanks a lot for the update on the build. I recently ran through the main game on OP8 with the Legendary Psycho and Maggie + Striker and the Baby Maker for really tough baddies. Got inspired to this setup on your old thread. Pretty challenging but fun and rewarding, if you like to go for critical hits!

Ok after some testing in the Pirate DLC I found my preferred setup with the Rough Rider instead of the Hawk because I kept dying to Ranged Enemies and I dislike that my shield kills half of the enemies, when I kinda wanna shoot them myself. (Note: I’m not using the Grog Nozzle. I think the gun is too strong, so I generally try to build without it and use the Rubi instead. Of course for Raids the Nozzle is kinda needed. Just posting my setup here as an alternative for people who dislike the FotFH as well.

Thunderball Fist
Conference Call (Shock)
Slag Rubi
Baby Maker (Explosive)

Rough Rider

Shock Bone

Stormfront (I would prefer a Chain Lightning, but I still have to farm a new one)


(I skipped PiP, because I dislike the Crit reduction.)


Recently got my own Twister drop and added the Kitten as my second weapon (Fire/Corrosive). I can finally use the Pimp again to slag, as the Rubi was just way too aggravating to use as a slag tool. I replaced some points to make Hellborn more consistent in order to avoid the need for a “healing gun” (Ruby/Grog). I’d imagine with a Quasar and a fast fire rate AR like the Sawbar, you wouldn’t even need the Kitten. Finally I dropped StW because was healing to full with every kill and lost stacks too quickly and I felt for that reason, I did not get enough value out of the skill. Build works beautiful now :slight_smile:

New Spec:


Sweet build. Gotta level up my krieg first tho. 100% trying this out

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