[BUILD] Recursion Moze casual mobbing (M4)

To start off on this one I have to say, Recursion is a weapon I’ve always thought to be a bit cheesy and wasn’t really a fan of. I’ve even talked some ■■■■ about it now and then. It’s the type of thing you can put on pretty much any build and it’s a bit ridiculous, sort of akin to Tediore chucking.

I recently got one drop that was Shock/Corrosive with +175% fire after Iron Bear anoint and it piqued my interest so I started messing around with it a bit. The damn thing grew on me and I’ve ended up setting up a build to take advantage of it for some casual laid back farming. Typically I use this in Slaughters for being able to farm in a relaxed way.

I’m going to show 2 versions of the build here. The first video is the main build/explanation and a full clear of Slaughter Shaft. This is the version I would use for almost all the mobbing in the game. The second video will show the tweaks I make to it in order to use it for the raid and will include a full raid run.

There are a lot of ways to use this weapon as I said it works well with pretty much anything but after quite a bit of experimenting this is what I settled on as my favorite setup.


  • Recursion with +175% fire after exiting Iron Bear.
  • Any ASE shield.
  • Any ASE nade.
  • Blast Master +splash/aoe/shotgun/grenade
  • Any artifact you like I prefer to use Last Stand +splash/aoe/shotgun/grenade.
  • Any preferred cleanup weapon.


  • Enter/Exit Iron Bear.
  • Shoot something in the face killng the bulk of initial spawns with 1-2 shots.
  • Clean up with nades/iron bear/cleanup weapon the last couple enemies.
  • Very casual and entertaining build to play.


Build explanation and full M4 SS clear:

Build Tweak and full M4 Takedown clear:


Yeah, recursion is pretty cheesy on every character. i’ve been experimenting with it aswell the past couple of days. @Prismatic soloed the takedown on MH4 pre-event with 0 skill point on amara with just fakegrasp, ASE Shield/granade and recursion life steal.

i ran the raid the other day on MH4 with moze with just 7 skill points (5 grizzled, 1 FitsD, 1 SV) and green monster. my life steal recursion keept me fully healed at all times and it blew up everything in sight. i did not finish off wotan though, died during the last 20% after the split due to lack of single target dps and did try a second time. it were a fun little challange though :slight_smile: