[Build] Rocket Blast - FFYL Based Build

  • What’s Rocket Blast?
    Rocket Blast is FFYL based Rocket Launcher build that uses Claptrap’s FFYL skills to maximise damage dealt to enemies by going down on purpose.

Level 70 Elemental Build (main)
Level 70 Explosive Build (alternative)
Level 60 Build
Level 50 Build


  • Cryo Weapon Fridgia is low skill high reward choice,but a sharpshooter might prefer Excalibastard.If you also want some solid DPS from your freeze weapon,T4S-R is a great choice.
    Fridgia :snowflake:
    ~ Grip: Dahl
    ~ Stock: Dahl
    ~ Accessory: Fire Rate
    ~Element: Cryo Locked

  • Rocket Refiller This build uses a different way to refill rockets,but you need something in case you run out.Logan’s Gun is the classic choice here.
    Logan’s Gun :fire:
    ~ Grip: Any
    ~ Accessory: Any
    ~ Element: Fire Locked

  • Main Rocket Launcher We want something that fires multiple rockets per one ammo with good magazine size/reload speed ratio.Badaboom is the top choice.If you can’t get your hands on it Berrigan or glitched Bandit rocket launcher work fine too
    Badaboom :fire: or :boom:
    ~ Grip: Bandit
    ~ Exhaust: Torgue
    ~ Accessory: Damage/Fire Rate

  • Utility Rocket Launcher RL of your choice goes here: Kaneda’s Laser if you like crits,Mongol can tear up bosses,Glitched Torgue RL is amazing if you freeze the enemies first.
    Mongol :fire:
    ~ Grip: Vladof
    ~ Accessory: Damage/Fire Rate


  • Absorb Shield Boring but by far the best shield for any RL based build.Used with Logan’s Gun to refill our rocket ammunition.
    The Sham
    ~ Body: Maliwan
    ~ Battery: Maliwan
    ~ Capacitor: Hyperion

  • Singularity Grenade Useful for bunching enemies up and making use of the splash damage that our rockets have.Quasar or Purple Cryo Singularities are the alternatives.
    Vladof Meganede :zap: or :snowflake:
    ~ 0.0 Fuse

  • Class Mod Blue Shell is the best skill for a FFYL based build and there are two class mods that boost it: Celestial Fragtrap and Madtrap. Choice here is simple: Madtrap is easier to obtain, but Celestial is stronger.
    Celestial Fragtrap

1. The goal of this build is to go into FFYL as much as possible.Don’t worry: with all Claptrap’s skills you have plenty of time in FFYL. It’s important to note that the boosts that activate after getting out of FFYL also work while in it,so by getting back into FFYL immediately after getting out of it you get bonuses for both.

2. To refill your ammo, simply start shooting yourself with your RL. Remember : We want to be in FFYL, so you can shoot yourself in the middle of a gunfight.

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Haven’t seen one of these since BL1. Great build! I oughtta get a sham and try this…