[Build] Rootin' Tootin' Hip Shootin'

Build now updated for lvl 70 - Scroll down for the additions.

So I’m mostly a lurker but I figured it’s time I give something back to the community. This is the build I’ve ended up with having played Nisha from the start. It focuses around the revolver Maggie and the Celestial Lawbringer class mod, everything else is optional. Before I had the maggie I used whatever Jakobs revolver I could find along with a Desperado class mod which also worked nicely.

Level 50 Version


<a href="“http://thepresequel.com/Nisha/1100000000005551100005155500010051"”>http://thepresequel.com/Nisha/1100000000005551100005155500010051

This is a generalist DPS build; it’s not the best in specific situations but it is good in all of them.

Skill rundown:

Law & Order

Law 1/4 - This is for the extra shield capacity when combined with the Celestial Lawbringer Class Mod.

Order 1/1 - The heal chance is nice when showdown is on cooldown.

Fan the Hammer

Saddle Up 5/5 - Extra damage on kill.

Ruthless 5/5 - Makes showdown last longer. (why wouldn’t you pick this?)

Magnificent Six 5/5 - Since this build focuses around Maggie, a non-elemental revolver, this is a great skill to have.

Bottled Courage 1/5 - Celestial Lawbringer gives you a +5 bonus which adds nicely to survivability by increasing your shield restoration.

Short Fuse 1/1 - Extra damage.

High Noon 5/5 - More extra damage.

One for each of ya 1/1 - This will make sure you always have a gun to shoot with. Also makes you look like a badass.

The Riflewoman

Snap Shot 5/5 - Increased accuracy when firing from the hip. This is where the build gets its name from. I actually don’t know how effective this is but when you have “One for each of ya” it made sense to get this. Also I’m lazy and this makes me feel less bad about only pulling one trigger/clicking one button.

Bona Fide Grit 5/5 - Kill skill that increases crit damage -and- adds to your survivability.

Quick Shot 5/5 - It’s for the extra damage, we’re using a Jakobs so fire rate is unimportant.

Impatience 1/1 - Makes you reload faster, even though you reload pretty fast already. Faster = Better.

Tombstone 5/5 - If you fire from the hip, getting headshots is kinda butt at medium distance and beyond. This makes headshots obsolete.

The Unforgiven 1/1 - BOOM SQUISH YAY! Whatever is left standing after showdown ends gets an explosion as a reward.

Level 60 Version



Law & Order

Law 4/4 - Extra shield capacity and melee damage, and it allows us to move to the next tier for:

Wanted 1/5 - Celestial Lawbringer brings it up to 6/5 at which point it gives us some nice extra damage.

Rough Rider 1/1 - More slam damage and extra order stacks, yee-haw.

The Riflewoman

Hot Lead 5/5 - Extra damage in the form of fire.

Level 70 Version

Law & Order

Wanted 5/5 - More damage bonus per wanted stack. Lvl 10 with Celestial Lawbringer equipped.

Discipline 1/1 - Extra tankiness thanks to the shield restore. Not to mention the Damage and Shield Recovery bonus at 10 or more order stacks. Max order stack is now 20.

Blood of the Guilty 1/1 - Everytime you or a party member kills something you get 5% of your health back and an order stack. Neat. Max order stack is now 25.

Fan the Hammer

Bottled Courage 5/5 - Activating Showdown now completely restores your shields with Celestial Lawbringer equipped.

Main Weapon:

Maggie - I use a dastardly (+damage) version, but any version will work. That said, I only had limited success with the two-fer due to its inaccuracy and ammo munching. Given that you can get this from the grinder there’s no reason not to have it with this build. Before grinding a purple jakobs revolver will work nicely.

As a luneshine enhancement I’d go with either Piercing Rounds (30% chance to ignore shields) or Punisher (+10% Critical Hit Damage). Though a Maggie without luneshine is still awesome.

Backup Weapons:

Miss Moxxi’s Vibra Pulse - Laser rifles work great with showdown and shock damage just strips the shields right off the bigger enemies/raid boss. It is also the easiest shock laser to get at any level by entering Concordia through Moxxi’s Back Door.

Thorny Ol’ Rosie - The shock variant is a great upgrade over Miss Moxxi’s Vibra Pulse and the only reason I mention it.

Muckamuck - A Jakobs sniper for that single enemy far away that somehow didn’t die during showdown.

Striker - Legendary Jakobs shotgun which aspires to be a sniper. Good damage, high accuracy, and great critical damage bonus. For those times when the game refuses to give you pistol ammo or you just want to be a different kind of cowgirl.


Celestial Lawbringer - Great bonuses across the board, especially the % of damage healing. It reminds me of whatever gun + rubi setup on Salvador in BL2.

Reogenator or MORQ - They are the best versions of the adaptive shields. With the release of Claptastic Voyage MORQ is a guaranteed drop from a chest in Motherless Board.

Quasar - I love this grenade because it groups enemies together while stripping off their shields, but what grenade you pick is really up to your own preference.

Support Relay - I use this for the bonus gun damage, which increases if you have buddies who also use this.


When I started playing the game, and picked Nisha, I first went down the Fan the Hammer tree, then the Riflewoman tree. As for gear I always used jakobs revolvers and adaptive shields. All other gear is really up to your own preference.

I’ve also made some videos for those who want to judge the effectiveness for themselves. Note: These were made at lvl 50 before some balance changes/fixes. The build still works well at lvl 70 only a bit slower.



P.S. Thanks BL community for giving me lots of info (especially on BL2) through my years of lurking. I haven’t seen a generalist build like this on here (then again i only started lurking again a day or two ago) so I hope this is of use to some of you.

P.P.S. This is a repost from the older forums. To webdevs: Please give me back coloring codes and youtube inclusions, thanks in advance.


I use almost the same build at level 50 and it really is a great allround build.
I am not level 60 yet but the level 60 build also lokks like it’s a lot of fun.

It’s still a lot of fun, but not all that much has changed. The biggest change is that enemies scream a lot more now because they are on fire. :slight_smile:

Bump because of build update.