[Build] Running is What I'm Interested in - Logan's Gun


Blast from the past, eh?

Some folks may recognize this unconventional gem from the Ye Olde forums. There’s been a whole lot going on since I’ve been away from Borderlands 2, including a plethora of information and builds that really nail down viability. However, I might as well contribute how I used to… with something strange!

This was conceptualized back when the level cap was still a measly 50, without all the fancy OP levels. An old buddy of mine, WHo iZ AsiaN, challenged me to make the Logan’s Gun work after brainstorming how I could counter his Hyperion Allegiance with my own. And, well, it worked, thanks to Sal being pretty damn strong.

And, for the record, this is just for fun.

With all that said, let’s get right into this unique weapon.

Running is What I’m Interested in.

This build uses the Salvador’s various bonuses to gun power, slight bonuses to grenade damage, and ability to dual wield to keep him self in the fight via Moxxi’s lifesteal bonuses.

The Build

It’s nothing truly spectacular; just your typical Rampage+Gunlust Salvador, but I’ll make a few points regarding skills and their relationship with various weapons.

Some insight on the skills.
  • Divergent Likeness: 5/5
    This skill is only worth taking if you plan on using Logan’s Gun with the Rubi or the Grog Nozzle. If you wish to be less scummy, you can use the Slow Hand and avoid putting 5 points into this skill. Asbestos would be a good alternative if you’re scared of DoTs.

  • Keep it Piping Hot: 5/5
    This is most likely known, since it’s been addressed by many of the Salvador masters (or Deputies ;)). This skill’s boosts activate when Get Some does, which pretty much give you the boosts while you’re Gunzerking. Cheap, I know, but more damage = more delicious. Logan’s Gun gets bonuses from Grenade Damage as well as Gun Damage, so it’s double-dipping the skill.

  • Money Shot: 5/5
    Ready to hear something depressing? Money Shot doesn’t work on the Logan’s Gun. OH, THE HUMANITY! It’s a real shame, I know, but I take it to boost my effectiveness against other targets, like armored targets.

  • Skills that boost Critical Hit Damage
    Like Lay Waste and Quick Draw. Their boosts to Critical Hit Damage also have no effect on the Logan’s Gun, since it cannot crit. But, like Money Shot, I use it with other weapons if I need to deal with some massive threats or armored targets.


There are little weapon choices since it focuses around the Logan’s Gun, but there are some things I want to point out for the few choices there are.

Check 'em out!
  • Logan’s Gun
    Duh! Main killing tool against anything that isn’t a boss, have stupid amounts of health, or are armored enemies. I’ll get into weapons you can use against those, but I’ll stick to this bad boy right now. The Logan’s Gun is an interesting weapon, normally only used to regeneration rocket ammunition thanks to its unique explosive effect. When fired directly onto a target, it will only apply a single proc of damage. However, when fired upon a surface, it will cause four explosions to occur after quick succession. The first and last explosion will be exactly double the damage of the two explosions between these. So, basically, Double Damage -> Normal -> Normal -> Double. One thing to note that it deals entirely Fire damage, despite the visuals being blatantly explosive. With timing, you can use this to your advantage. Since these explosions only occur on surfaces, you’re going to want to shoot at their feet like you’re making them dance. Oh, good luck killing flying enemies! The Logan’s Gun’s damage isn’t spectacular, but if the fool stands still, you have enough fire rate, and they’re slagged, they’ll go down just as quick as anything else. Even strong enough to take out shields all by itself at some point!

  • Grog Nozzle
    Slag, of course. I should point out that you can replace this with the Rubi if you want to avoid using this powerful alternative. Using either the Rubi or Grog Nozzle takes advantage of the damage boost from Divergent Likeness. Considering the Logan’s Gun gets no benefit from the Grog Nozzle’s hidden critical hit damage, I feel a little bit better using it. However, Grog Nozzle’s occasional drunk effect can really boost the Logan’s Gun’s damage. Normally, I despise this effect, but it’s actually saved me a number of times when using this silly weapon. If you want to avoid restricting yourself to pistols, the Slow Hand is an awesome choice and allows you to become a half-assed Hyperion Allegiance build!

  • Anything to deal with flying enemies and armored targets
    Pretty concise, huh? But, really, you can use your favorite weapon when dealing with flying dudes, armored targets, or maybe tanky bosses if you have trouble with them. If you’re looking for other pistols to use, the Unkempt Harold can be very useful against larger targets or armored enemies. The Hornet could cover deal with armored targets as well, but its functionality is limited while 'Zerking. The Gub would be a good corrosive alternative to the Hornet. The Stinger, an Anarchist, or even the Infinity can help you rain bullets in the sky to take out pesky flying enemies. Stalker’s functionality against flying enemies is limited, strictly because of the low bullet velocity, but would be good against armored targets that aren’t skating around like a bunch of ballerinas. Of course, you can always get corrosive variants to these to deal with armored targets as well. If you’re not interested in limiting yourself to pistols, then the sky is the limit. Pimpernel, Conference Call, Interfacer, or the Butcher can help deal with big targets and flying enemies alike.

  • Rocket Launchers
    Every time I hear this, I just think of Metal Slug. Rocket Launchers are great. They’re cool, they’re powerful, they’re RAHOWCKET LAWUNCHAS! They can be especially useful in this build, because you’re using the Logan’s Gun. Why not slap on The Sham and walk into your explosions a bit? The Norfleet would be the obvious best choice, but the Nukem or Badaboom are great too. I prefer the Topneaa!

  • Your favorite shield
    PRETTY CONCISE, HUH? The Sham is pretty useful in close range encounters, because you can very well kill yourself with the Logan’s Gun’s explosions. An Adaptive shield, like the Evolution, can also be useful to help tone down the DoTs you might apply on yourself. However, if you’re looking to protect yourself from… yourself, The Sham would be the better option. However, if you’re not worried about running over your own explosions, you can use just about anything else Blockade, Antagonist, Rough Rider. Hell, even a white. You’re playing Salvador, after all.

  • Singularity Grenade Mods
    Really, you can use your favorite grenade mod if you wish. However, Singularities are definitely the best. Quasar in particular. Singularities will pull enemies into a tight group and leave them staggered. If you plan accordingly, or aim accordingly, they’ll be pulled right into a position for you to spam their feet with tiny, fiery pistol explosions. Neat, huh?

  • Sheriff’s Badge OR Bone of the Ancients
    Both awesome choices; I like the former personally because of the increased fire rate. MORE FLAKKING EXPLOSIONS! The latter scales super well and will help boost your individual explosions the best, though. However, the former would still retain its usefulness if you’re using a variety of other pistols to deal with other threats, too.

  • Legendary Gunzerker
    More Gunzerking. Need I say more? There are some other Class Mods you can use, but this is pretty much the go-to.


Only one right now, but maybe I’ll do other things. I love the weapon, so it’ll probably happen.

“Run, Runner!”
- Logan 5


Welcome back officially dude :slight_smile:


I usually recommend the sheriff’s badge over a bone, but this time, since the LG has among the highest DoT damage in the game, it’s worth boosting it too.

A Renegade COM might be a great choice too since very few things increase gun damage in Sal’s skills, give it a try.

Quasar = Strip shields and group your victims to maximize the explosion’s effects. It should probably be more than just a suggestion here

Adaptive shields are generally great with Sal, but they are especially great when your gun can set you on fire :slight_smile:

In the other gun section, you should recommend at least one rocket launcher since you effectively have infinite ammo with a Sham anyway :wink:
And since flying enemies are a real problem, a few weapon suggestion especially to deal with them might be a good idea (CC, Anarchists etc… )

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[quote=“Fartjoke, post:1, topic:1550037”] … challenged me to make the Logan’s Gun work[/quote]I use this gun regularly (with Maya), and I think it rocks. She’s rolling with Thoughtlock and Sub Sequence, which makes it “easy” to use; get the crowd started on themselves right before you climb to some elevated vantage point, and start laying fire down into the re-Converging crowd center (it’s much easier to place the ground-based detonations on target when you have some elevation on them).

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The Logan’s Gun is surprisingly viable in Normal and TVHM on characters other than Sal. The build makes the Logan’s gun viable for UVHM and above though, but I have two criticisms:

  1. Any enemies with armour are the equivalent of invincible, which brings me to numero dos
  2. As @Chuck80 said, a rocket launcher like a Nukem, Ahab or Norfleet would help tremendously in FFYL situations. And against loaders. And you have a Sham and Logan’s Gun, which give infinite launcher ammo.

Just my 2 cents on the build

I think it rocks, too! It can keep up with just about anything else if you know how to use it. Krieg is especially awesome with it! Back when I originally made this concept (what, like 3 years ago?! Man, I’m old.), the Logan’s Gun was pretty much avoided unless you wanted Rocket Ammo. Glad I came back to a time where people can respect such a wonky piece of equipment ;):+1:

Thanks, Sheriff. I’ll try and keep the peace!

Yes, they’re very good choices. As I said, I prefer the former personally because of more explosions. But, the latter is definitely the more viable option. Scales pretty well!

Never thought about it! I usually stick to the Legendary 'Zerker COM cause it covers, well, just about everything… But I’ll take a gander later tonight and post my findings!

Quasar, being the best singularity, it’s definitely the best option. But, really, any singularity will do! When the bastards are slagged, the Logan’s Gun can, surprisingly, make easy work of shields. :wink:

You can pretty much use whatever you want outside of the Logan’s Gun to deal with anything else, or get stuck in situations the Logan’s Gun won’t pellet feet with, but you and Chuck are right: I should have put a little bit more detail rather than let people’s imagination do the work!

Added some more info! Have fun running 'round :wink:

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[quote=“the_bat_turtle, post:4, topic:1550037”]1. Any enemies with armour are the equivalent of invincible, which brings me to numero dos[/quote]Yeah, but that’s not unique to this gun; that goes for any fire-based weapon, no?

[quote=“Fartjoke, post:5, topic:1550037”]Glad I came back to a time where people can respect such a wonky piece of equipment[/quote]I don’t get the impression that many people think the Logan’s Gun is very good (hence the challenge).

I wonder how well the Logan’s Gun would do against buzzards if you hit the pilot? He’s weak to fire, if you hit him, the subsequent explosions should detonate on the cabin wall behind him for more pilot damage. Depending on how congested the walls around the cabin are, even close calls might still throw some detonations in the cabin with the pilot? I’ma try this.

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Are buzzard crew week to fire then? I thought they were armoured like the vehicles (like bike riders, who don’t take elements like normal enemies)

Well, the thing is, when you directly hit someone with the Logan’s gun, it does one tic of damage that’s relative to what’s listed on the card. When fired upon a surface, like the ground at an enemy’s feet, there will be 4 explosions (two of which are double the damage of what’s listed on the card). Provided hitting the buzzard doesn’t trigger the additional explosions, you won’t be doing very much damage (relative to the character, of course. Axton, Krieg, and even Maya would get much more OOMPH out of these numbers than Salvador).

But, hey, it’s worth a try. Lemme know what you find out!

Just like armored psychos, they are armored but their crit point (pilot/head) are weak to fire instead.

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Thanks for that tidbit!

If anyone is friendly with the admins or wants to get proof the wiki will need to be updated on that point then.

[quote=“hattieinduni, post:8, topic:1550037, full:true”]Are buzzard crew week to fire then? I thought they were armoured like the vehicles (like bike riders, who don’t take elements like normal enemies)[/quote]The “slop” from the secondary explosions of the Logan’s Gun might make this easier. It’s how I kill them “easily” with the Contraband Sky Rocket; get that thing to pop in front of the pilot who’s generally moving forward, and the pilot will eat the fire damage of the grenade and go down. Is the pilot a separate entity within the buzzard that has way less health than the Buzzard itself, or is it just like a flying Armored Psycho?

[quote=“Fartjoke, post:9, topic:1550037”]But, hey, it’s worth a try. Lemme know what you find out!
[/quote]…pistol has more initial sway (even when scoped) to hit that guy easily. It kills buzzards, but through the “normal” damage mechanism (not by way of secondary explosions triggering within the cabin that I could see). Tore the ■■■■ out of the local Varkids though. :grin:

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With proper know-how, it can tear just about anything up as long as it has fleshy feet on the ground. :kissing_closed_eyes::ok_hand:


I know that all fire weapons are horrible against any armoured enemies. What I’m referring to is the elemen of the Logan’s Gun. Because it is exclusively fire, it is weak against loaders, armoured psychos, Saturn, BNK-3R and more